How to quickly remove the bruise under the eye at home

Unfortunately, none of us are immune from the formation of bruising. And if the bruise appeared on the face, then we begin to take active steps to get rid of such a "decoration." Today we will talk about how to quickly remove the bruise under the eye. In our article you will find only effective ways to get rid of bruises.

Getting rid of hematomas: a variety of ways

How to quickly remove the bruise under the eye

Optional bruising is a consequence of injury. Weakened vascular walls can deform even after a slight pressure. And if the bruises on the body can be hidden under the clothes, then the bruise on the face that appears is very difficult to disguise. Typically, the fair sex wonders how to quickly remove the bruise on the face in 1 day. Regardless of the reasons for his appearance, you need to get rid of the bruise on his face immediately.

So, today there are three main ways to get rid of hematomas:

  • applying compresses;
  • the use of pharmacological drugs that have a vasoconstrictor effect;
  • treatment with traditional medicine;
  • cosmetological masking.

If the hematoma has already formed, and you did not have time to take all measures to prevent the appearance of a large bruise, then you can get rid of it no earlier than in a week. In such cases, you need to use only masking cosmetic tools.

Of course, completely hide from outsiders the presence of a hematoma under the eye will not succeed. But you can veil a bright purple or bluish color. Girls will have to be more difficult, because you will need to use kilograms of foundation and tons of crumbly powder. If the weather permits, you can hide the hematoma under sunglasses.

About compresses in detail

how to quickly remove the swelling and bruise under the eye

So, if you do not know how to quickly remove the tumor and bruise under the eye, then you need to familiarize yourself with a number of tips. First of all, immediately after getting an injury or bruise, a cold compress should be applied to the damaged areas. To do this, you can use the ice, and if it was not at hand, then take any cold object: a metal figurine, a coin, a bottle of water. Remember that any ointments that have a vasoconstrictor and a warming effect can be used only after the removal of puffiness.

Edema usually appears 2-3 minutes after injury. A cold compress in its pure form can not be applied to the eye area, otherwise you can injure sensitive skin. It is best to wrap the ice or other cold object with a handkerchief or gauze cut. Such a compress helps not only to stop the hemorrhage from bursting vessels, but also to eliminate pain.

If the bruise was severe and the pain syndrome does not go away, it is allowed to take pharmacological agents that have analgesic effects, for example, "No-shpu", "Paracetamol", "Spazmalgon", etc. It is not recommended to take aspirin to eliminate the pain, since this particular drug promotes blood thinning, which is undesirable during the treatment of hematoma.

Keep the compress in the affected area need an average of 15 minutes. After you have coped with the edema that has appeared, you can begin to get rid of the bruise.

Choosing an effective pharmacological drug

range of products that help to deal with bruises

To date, leading pharmaceutical companies offer a wide range of products that help to deal with bruises. Without treatment, the bruise under the eye will disappear after about 6-7 days. With a timely, and most importantly, the right approach to business, you can get rid of the bruise that gives you a lot of inconvenience in 24-48 hours. Let's look at the list of effective pharmacological drugs that are most often used to get rid of bruises.


For the treatment of a bruise at home, it is best to use those tools that have a strengthening effect on the vascular walls, as well as prevent the development of inflammatory processes. The drug "Bruise-Off" is available in the form of ointment. Its component composition includes leech extract. Due to this, the bruise resolves much faster. In addition, the ointment has a light tinting shade, so you can also mask the hematoma.

"Bruise-Off" will help get rid of hematomas under the eyes for 2-3 days, provided that the ointment is applied to the affected area of ​​the skin at least 5 times a day.


Not less popular in the treatment of bruises is a pharmacological agent in the form of ointment "Troxevasin". Due to the component composition of the ointment, when in contact with the skin, it penetrates deep into and promotes the rapid resorption of hematoma. In addition, Troxevasin has a positive effect on the vascular walls and strengthens them.

Using this pharmaceutical agent, you can get rid of bruising within 1 day. To do this, it is necessary to apply ointment to the damaged areas of the skin every hour.


As has been said many times, bruises are formed due to rupture of the vascular walls and the outpouring of blood under the skin. To prevent the development of inflammation after injury, you can use the pharmacological agent "Lioton". This ointment strengthens the vascular walls and prevents the development of inflammatory processes. It is possible to get rid of a hematoma on the face with the help of Lioton ointment in 1-2 days provided that the product is applied to the damaged areas of skin three times a day.

An affordable and inexpensive pharmaceutical is Heparin Ointment. It is also often used to get rid of bruises at home. The composition of this ointment includes anesthetics, which have an analgesic effect on the injured areas.

Means of traditional medicine in the fight against bruises

Means of traditional medicine in the fight against bruises

If you are interested in how to quickly remove the Fingal under the eye at home without the use of pharmacological agents, then this information is for you. You can purchase dried algae in the pharmacy, better known in everyday life as “Badyaga”.

This tool is sold as a powder and is excellent for resorption of the bruise. To dissolve the powder "Badi" you need with warm filtered water in a 1: 2 ratio. Use this tool should be at least 2-3 days and at least three times a day. So bruise will resolve faster. While applying the compress from "Badyagi" you should avoid getting the mixture in your eyes. These dried algae have an irritating effect and can cause a strong burning sensation in contact with the mucous membrane.

Also for the treatment of hematomas at home, you can use a variety of dried herbal. The most effective among them are the following herbs:

  • coltsfoot;
  • celandine;
  • linden flowers;
  • pharmacy chamomile;
  • wild rosemary

From the above plants is a decoction, which is then used for applying compresses on the damaged areas of the skin. Cabbage leaves are also considered to be one of the most effective and effective means in the treatment of hematomas. Fresh leaves of white cabbage must be crushed to a porridge state. Apply cabbage gruel on the hematoma area and hold for 20 minutes.

Anti-inflammatory and absorbable effect has potato starch. Potato tubers can be crushed to a mushy state and used as compresses.

To get rid of a big hematoma, you can use a honey-based compress. The composition of this drug, in addition to honey, includes sifted flour, egg yolk, vegetable oil. This mixture is applied to the damaged area and covered with polyethylene. It is necessary to maintain a compress for at least 2-3 hours.

Hematomas, especially on the face, do not decorate anyone. The purple-blue spots rivet the eyes of others, as well as deliver a lot of discomfort and pain. Today you learned how to get rid of an unaesthetic bruise at home in 1-2 days. If bruises are formed spontaneously, especially after slight contact with the skin, contact your doctor and undergo a comprehensive examination. Such a phenomenon may indicate the development of pathology of the organs of the cardiovascular system. Be healthy!

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