How to quickly and effectively clean the lungs of nicotine

Smoking is a destructive habit that causes great damage to the whole body. Its consequences are the most deplorable, even if a person refuses cigarettes in the future. To reduce the risk of diseases arising from tobacco addiction, urgent measures need to be taken, since it is still possible to clear the lungs of nicotine.

What is it for? The fact is that cigarettes are harmful even with periodical and moderate smoking, when a person does not consume nicotine every day or 1-2 cigarettes per day. Harmful compounds and gums still settle in the lungs and gradually accumulate there, causing chronic bronchitis, difficulty breathing, asthma and even cancer of the respiratory organs. The opinion that the action of three cigarettes per day is neutralized by the body is wrong. But smokers are mostly not limited to small doses.

How to clean the lungs of nicotine

Each cigarette contains a huge amount of harmful substances, including butane, cadmium, carbon monoxide, methanol, arsenic, formaldehyde, etc. This “bouquet” is removed from the body from the body, since it is impossible to quickly clean the lungs from nicotine. more than a couple of days, according to many. From what has been accumulating for months and even decades, so quickly not to get rid of. A month or even two months will be required for complete purification, especially if the smoker’s experience is several years. However, this process requires not only time, but also an integrated approach.

Breathing exercises

Proper breathing is the most important step to the health and cleanliness of the lungs. This can be learned, but this requires special exercises that will strengthen the breathing apparatus and increase its vitality. The ability to breathe properly will increase the resistance of the lung tissue to harmful effects, prevent many diseases and help clean the lungs after smoking.

In the respiratory gymnastics there are "lower", "middle" and "upper" breathing. To master the "lower" breath:

  • hands cling to the stomach and inhale deeply;
  • bulge belly due to the diaphragm;
  • for exhalation, the stomach is picked up;
  • chest should not move.

"Average" breathing is carried out at the expense of the sternum:

  • hands are located in the abdomen, and elbows pressed to the thighs;
  • inhale the air and place the elbows to the sides so that the chest can be heard on the sides;
  • stomach does not move during exercise;
  • chest does not protrude.

"Top" breath:

clean the nicotine lungs in a relatively short time

  • palms lie on the shoulders, elbows look down;
  • while inhaling, elbows are set apart and raised;
  • shoulders raise;
  • air filled the lungs;
  • stomach after inhaling;
  • exhale, lowering the chest and shoulders.

These simple exercises work wonders, as they help to clean the lungs of nicotine in a relatively short time. If you do this gymnastics daily, the result will be impressive. And it is useful not only for the respiratory system, but also for the whole organism.

Lifestyle for lung health

To clear the lungs after smoking, you need to revise your leisure time. Rest can be different, and everyone has their own understanding of the word. To free time brought joy and health, you need to properly use it.

  1. First, you need to increase your stay in the fresh air. It is necessary to get out to nature more often, and without additional attributes - a brazier and alcohol. Of foreign objects allowed bike, ball, badminton, ski, snow scooter or sled. Active games on the air - the most powerful cleansing agent for the lungs, and for the circulatory system, and for the brain. But even the usual walk will be extremely useful.
  2. Secondly, it is necessary to reduce the time of communication with the TV, home appliances and computers. The invisible radiation emanating from them adversely affects the respiratory system. This is a proven fact.
  3. Dry and stale air irritates the lungs and causes allergic reactions. To avoid this, the room must be ventilated in any weather. The dryness of the atmosphere can be fought with the help of special technical systems or you can sprinkle water yourself from a small atomizer.
  4. During sports exercises are important lungs. Deep and frequent breathing helps cleanse the respiratory system and restore it.

Helper Products

To clear the nicotine lungs, you need to revise your menu.

Of great importance in restoring the lungs is a set of daily products. Unfortunately, the food consumed by the majority, not only does not cure, but in every possible way harms. To clear the lungs of nicotine, you need to revise your menu and include in it:

  • vegetables,
  • fruits,
  • garden and wild berries,
  • lemon,
  • honey,
  • herbal tea,
  • water

These products have a powerful neutralizing effect and remove harmful compounds from the body, including from the respiratory system.

Milk also cleanses the lungs of nicotine and harmful tar. The use of this product at times increases the possibility of recovery of lung tissue.

Aromatherapy and Inhalation

It is proved that the inhalation of certain aromas can cure many diseases. Lung disease is no exception. The respiratory organs can be cleaned with the help of smells of wormwood, sage, mint, juniper, tea tree, currant, birch and oak.

For the procedure, you can purchase essential oils and inhale the vapors by dropping liquid on a scarf. This should be done carefully and for a short time.

Inhalations are arranged with the same oil that is added to hot water, or with natural herbs. After a few procedures, the lungs will become much cleaner, and the body's immune forces will increase.

To preserve your health and prevent many diseases, it is not necessary to contact medical centers. It is quite easy and does not require large cash costs. But before you clear the lungs of nicotine and tar, it is very important to defeat the habit itself. Not for a while, but forever - otherwise any actions will be useless.

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