How to pump up your hands


Strong hands are necessary not only for professional athletes. Poor grip can complicate strength training. In addition, exercises for the hands are simply necessary for people who have experienced a serious injury. In all these cases, the same methods are used, thanks to which the muscles are strengthened and the joints become more elastic.

Sports trainers use not only special exercises to strengthen the wrists. You can achieve a good result with the help of reflexology, yoga. Over the centuries of their existence, martial arts have accumulated a lot of practical experience in strengthening the grip. Before you choose a specific set of exercises, you should assess your condition.

For people who are trying to recover from injuries, training should be more benign. If you have no health problems, and your wrists are weak, then you need to be guided by sensations. A healthy person should strengthen the brush in several cases:

  • With active exercises strength exercises. Often they are built on lifting various weights. With the help of dumbbells, for example, shake biceps and triceps. So that your hands do not get tired, you should pump your wrists. Otherwise, progress will be less rapid.
  • Professional boxers, martial art lovers. Strong cysts are needed in many sports. Without them you will not knock the knife out of the hands of the enemy and you will strike it with a verified blow.
  • With a feeling of weakness in the wrists. Some exercises not only strengthen, but also make the joints more elastic. They should be performed not only by athletes, but also by ordinary people to improve their health.

How to pump up your hands?

How to pump your wrists?

During training can not do without special tools and simulators. The most popular is considered to be an expander. With the choice of this simulator can be mistaken. There are many varieties aimed at training different muscle groups.

For brushes it is worth stopping on a round expander. It is a compact ring with a hole in the middle. For training, you do not need to choose a very hard expander. For those who have just started to train, it is best to use a ring of medium hardness. So you do not hurt the brush.

During the workout, you should use 2 types of rubber expanders. Soft to warm up and hard when performing basic exercises. Professional bodybuilders prefer spring models of expanders. In some of them it is possible to regulate the applied force. The spherical powerball simulators acting on the principle of counteraction are considered to be less successful. They begin to rotate, and your hand is trying to make a movement in the opposite direction.

If you are constantly training, then the expander should not be chosen on the day of training. Muscles must be rested. Only in this way you can try several copies and find the right one. To restore the work of the brush is to choose a rubber ring, and for serious workouts - spring simulator.

Exercises for hands with an expander are extremely simple:

  1. Do the workout. To do this, make about 8-10 compressions on the smallest hardness.
  2. Go to basic replays. Increase stiffness and make 10 compressions. Relax 3-4 minutes. Make 2 more approaches.
  3. Completion of a workout with an expander - the use of maximum values. Change the expander mode, putting the most weight. Hold the simulator 2 hands, squeezing it alone.

With daily classes for 10-15 minutes. The first signs of hands strengthening will appear in 2 weeks. The advantage of such exercises is that you can do them anywhere. The expander is compact enough. In addition, it does not require any skills to use.

Hand exercises: tricks

How to pump up your hands?

There are other exercises. For most of them you can use handy objects like sticks with a large diameter. You can pump up your hands with the help of exercises based on lifting your own weight.

In many martial arts exercises with a stick are popular. It should be wrapped with 2 hands close to one of the ends. Thus, in the air you need to draw various shapes or letters. This exercise helps to train both hands simultaneously. You can also train with other handy objects. Some do exercises with a sledgehammer. She is held by the handle with both hands, thrown over the head. Next, make a swing from this position forward. Many athletes know how to pump up their hands with the help of aggravating pancakes from the barbell. They need to take in both hands. At the same time, the edge of the disk is clamped with fingers. The correctness of the grip can be determined by the reaction of the muscles. You will feel your wrists tighten. Then the discs on outstretched arms push forward. You can make and other movements. For example, lift them along the body on the sides.

To strengthen use the following exercises:

  • Set a low, long bench in front of you. Starting position - on the knees. Hold the dumbbells in your hands and place them parallel with your fingers up on the bench. Wrists should protrude over the edge of the bench at 25-35 cm. Tighten your wrists and try to lift the dumbbells. The movement is performed on itself.
  • Try pushing up your fists. The easier way is on the arms. If your hands are very weak, then modify the exercise. Go to the wall. Bend your elbows. Rest against the wall. Try to pull over her body and move away with the help of hands.
  • Standing in front of a chair. Hold it by the back of your hands. Try to lift up. The wrist should be tight. Repeat approaches, do between them a short break.
  • Take a small neck with small pancakes. Sit on a chair or sofa. Body tilt forward. Take the barbell with both hands. Put them on your knees so that your fists protrude slightly for them. Start lifting the barbell up, straining your wrist.
  • Also strengthen the hands help ordinary household chores. You can engage in chopping wood, digging the garden, mowing grass. At this time, the wrist will exercise.

Hand shake at home

How to pump up your hands?

To strengthen the wrists, you can use exercises from yoga.

Extend your arms forward and clench into fists. Lower them down and up, straining your wrists as much as possible. Perform several approaches 5 times. It is better if the fists are closer to the forearms. This exercise can be done a little differently. Bend your elbows. Spread them apart. Squeeze fists. Like last time, start lowering them and raising them. The wrist should be tight.

Some doctors advise to improve the elasticity of the wrists with the help of acupressure. So in reflexology it is advised to massage the groove, which is called the "anatomical snuffbox". Find it easy enough. Take your thumb to the side. At the base of the palm, on top, between 2 bones, you will grope. It should be massaged with the index finger 2-3 times a day.

Very often, with intensive training of weak wrists, microtraumas occur. Therefore, it is better to stock up on special ointments. Painful sensations quickly remove Traksevazin and rescuer.

In order to understand how to pump up your hands, you should determine the level of your condition. If you have injuries and you need to recover, then you can use a rubber expander. If you want to improve performance with the help of sports, then you should choose pushups from the floor, exercise with dumbbells. Also wrists can strengthen acupressure and some types of yoga.