How to make the injection itself

In some diseases, a course of intramuscular injections may be prescribed, which will have to be punctured at home. In our rhythm of life, not everyone will have time to sit off the queues in medical offices in order to do this procedure. It is quite possible to make an injection yourself, the most important thing is to follow a number of rules on the preparation and conduct of the manipulation.

How to put an injection to yourself: preparation

In order to safely make yourself an injection, you must follow a number of rules. They will consist in the correct preparation of the syringe with the medicine, the treatment of the injection site and the posture for the injection.

In the first place it is worth remembering that, in principle, any muscle of the body is suitable for an injection, but it is most acceptable to use the gluteal and femoral muscles that are best suited for these purposes. In the case of an injection into the gluteus muscle, the least chance of getting any complications. But this option is most acceptable if someone else makes an injection.

Before performing the injection, it is necessary to practice in front of the mirror and take the most comfortable position. Sometimes it is easier to prick an injection without standing in front of a mirror in a half-turn, but lying on the floor or sofa. The main condition is that the surface is tough.

If it is decided to prick an injection into the thigh, then it is necessary to choose the right place for injection. It is best to use the front of the thigh. Place vcol should be up to 1 palm from the knee. When you inject it is necessary to view the place of the intended entry of the needle in order not to fall into the vessel. With the introduction of the injection in the thigh, it is best to take a sitting position, and the leg should be relaxed, you can not lean on it.

How to make the injection itself?

After determining the posture, you can proceed to the preparation of all necessary. For the injection, you need alcohol wipes soaked in 96 percent alcohol, a syringe, the volume of which will depend on the volume of the drug, and of course, the ampoule with the medicine.

Before you take the solution into the syringe, you must thoroughly wash your hands under running water. Before opening the ampoule should be treated with an alcohol wipe, only after that it can be opened. After opening the ampoule, it is necessary to charge the syringe and take the medication into it. It is important that no air bubbles remain in the syringe and needle.

Before injecting the drug, it is necessary to release a certain amount of the drug from the needle of the syringe. The place of vcol should be wiped with an alcohol wipe, with movements in one direction. Wiping from side to side is not allowed. At this preparatory stage is completed, you can proceed directly to the injection.

How to make a shot intramuscularly?

The most important thing in the process of self-injection is the absence of fear, no matter how hard it is. When frightened, many hands are shaking, which is fraught with the formation of bruises. The worst thing that needs to be overcome when performing an injection is the fear of piercing through your own skin. But it is not as painful as it seems, and it will take only a moment to suffer.

The syringe must be taken in the right hand, and the injection is respectively carried out in the left buttock, and vice versa. It is necessary to visually divide the buttock into 4 equal squares, having drawn 2 intersecting straight lines. The injection should be in the upper right square. And it is precisely into it that with a decisive movement it is necessary to introduce the length of the needle. Even if the needle is fully inserted, there is nothing to worry about.

While holding the syringe, it is necessary to intercept it so that it is convenient to press on the piston and inject the medicine. It is necessary to press on the plunger of the syringe with the thumb of the right hand. It is necessary to inject the medication slowly, it is important for it to be better absorbed. Also this condition is the prevention of the formation of hematomas and seals after injections.

After the medication has been injected, it is necessary to take a spirit napkin and press down the place of the injection with the left hand, and gently but quickly pull out the syringe with the right hand at right angles.

Features of injection and subcutaneous injection

In some cases and with the use of certain drugs, it is necessary to deliver a subcutaneous injection. The method of its execution on the one hand is simple, with others. Responsible. If you prick an injection to someone, then it is best to do it in your hand, but if you need to do it to yourself, then it is best to prick it in the stomach.

How to make the injection itself?

Some manage to successfully make their own injection in the arm. To perform this procedure, it is necessary to bend the arm at the elbow, and from the outside at 2/3 from the shoulder to the elbow to perform an injection. The rules for the preparation and processing of vcol places remain the same.

Before injection, it is necessary to form a skin fold, it is worth remembering that it is necessary to capture the skin, not the muscle. The fold should be parallel to the line of the arm. It is necessary to make an injection into it, the needle should enter at an angle of 45 degrees. And only after a puncture, you need to slowly introduce medicine.

To conduct an injection in the abdomen it is necessary to carry out the same preparatory activities. Inject the needle should be at a distance of 2 - 3 cm from the navel, to the right or left. For the injection it is also necessary to form a perpendicular crease on the body, with the capture of only the skin. The needle is inserted at an angle of 30 - 40 degrees.

Safety regulations:

  • In any case, before using the drug should be familiar with the instructions for the formation of possible allergies or contraindications.
  • It is necessary to strictly monitor the sterility of the injection, otherwise it is fraught with many complications.
  • If it is necessary to make several injections, then alternate the buttocks daily in order to give them rest.
  • It is best to use imported syringes, since their needles are the thinnest and sharpest. It is also worth remembering that the 2-nd syringe needles are much thinner, in comparison with 5-cc.
  • In no case can not use the syringe again! It needs to be thrown out, having previously tightly closed the needle with a safety cap.

Prick injections on their own, albeit difficult and scary, but still possible. The most important thing is to follow with accuracy all the rules of the procedure and overcome the fear of puncturing the skin. If you have ever given an injection to another person, it will be easier for you to carry out this manipulation on yourself.

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