How to make a shot in the buttock of a child correctly


Parents are always very worried when their crumb gets sick even with the most common cold. In any case, it is necessary to consult a pediatrician so that he can examine the child and prescribe the appropriate treatment course. Often in practice there are situations when even babies need to be given injections. Few parents know how to do a shot in the buttock of a child. To master the rules and technique of such manipulation is simply necessary, because parents sometimes have to do injections on their own.

How to make shots for children?

pharmacological preparations intended for intramuscular administration can be prescribed only by the attending specialist.

Do not forget that pharmacological preparations intended for intramuscular administration can be prescribed only by the attending specialist. In no case do not choose drugs for injection yourself, because the wrong choice of means or inaccurate dosage can only harm your child.

A pediatrician after a full-scale examination will prescribe a treatment course. If intramuscular injections are to be included in it, then he will certainly tell in detail about the dosage and frequency of such manipulations.

What is needed for the injection?

First of all, get the necessary pharmacological drugs. If you get ready-made injections in liquid form, then you do not need additional funds. There are a number of drugs that are sold in ampoules in powder form. For such injections, you need to purchase a special liquid, for example, lidocaine or novocaine. Do not select the solution for injection yourself; it is best to consult with your doctor.

In order to perform manipulations at home, you need the following materials and objects:

  • flat horizontal surface (bed, couch, sofa);
  • antiseptic to disinfect hands or soap;
  • alcohol or solution;
  • cotton pads;
  • special nail file for opening the ampoule;
  • medicine;
  • sealed syringes.

In order to make an injection, it is necessary to purchase syringes in a sealed package. Remember that you can only use the syringe once and then dispose of it. The volume of the syringe should correspond to the nominal volume of the injected medication. As a rule, injections can be given to children with insulin syringes or with a nominal 2 dice. They have a short and thin needle.

How to prepare for the injection?

The basis of safe and correct treatment by intramuscular injection is disinfection.

The basis of safe and correct treatment by intramuscular injection is disinfection. Before you give your child an injection, you have to complete a series of preparatory actions:

  1. Prepare all the necessary tools and materials.
  2. The alcohol solution should be at room temperature so that the child is not afraid of touching with a cotton swab dipped in cold liquid.
  3. If the pharmacological drug has an oil base, then it should be slightly heated. For this, it is enough for one of the parents to hold the vial in his hand for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Both parents or someone from outsiders should participate in such a manipulation, since one of them will have to hold the child so that he does not break out and does not pull his leg.
  5. Before the procedure, you must thoroughly wash your hands and treat them with an antiseptic substance.
  6. Both the syringe and the vial with injection should be treated with an antiseptic or alcohol solution.

How to set up a baby for an injection?

A young child is very difficult to adjust for an injection, since each procedure will be associated with painful sensations. Some babies do not even cry during the procedure, although most of the children still scream and try to escape from the hands of their parents.

In order for your baby to be ready for an injection, you will have to perform several actions:

  1. Do not lie to your child that the procedure is absolutely painless. Tell him that you will give an injection quickly, and he will soon recover.
  2. Explain to the baby that the injection should be done so that he could play with friends in kindergarten or, for example, at the weekend you will go to your grandmother, who will prepare his favorite sweets.
  3. It is not recommended to encourage the child after the injection to purchase a new toy or thing. It is best to praise the child in words so that he understands that he is very brave and brave.
  4. Before the procedure, it is best to place the baby next to your dad or mom, let them stroke him and tell you how much they love.
  5. The one who will perform the manipulation, must first warm up the hands well and massage the baby's buttock.
  6. Massage can be performed until the child calms down. The gluteal muscle should be as relaxed as possible.
  7. After the injection, take the baby in your arms, kiss him and tell something nice.

How to make a shot in the buttock of a child?

How to make a shot in the buttock of a child?

After you have completed all the necessary preparatory actions, you can proceed directly to the manipulation. All actions should be performed smoothly and consistently.

Let's take a look step by step how to make an injection of a tiny crumb:

  1. Lay the baby on a horizontal surface. Next to him, be sure to leave one of the parents or another close person who can distract him.
  2. Wash your hands with soap and warm water with warm water and then treat them with an antiseptic substance. If you want to protect your baby from infections, you can wear medical rubber gloves.
  3. Take an ampoule with an injection and process it with an alcohol solution.
  4. Scratch the marked line on the ampoule with a nail file and remove the tip with your hands. Perform these steps carefully so as not to split the ampoule.
  5. Then remove the syringe from the packaging and treat the surface with an alcohol solution. Dial an injection.
  6. Turn the syringe with the needle up and tap the flask.
  7. Gently push the plunger to remove the air bubbles so that the drug drops appear at the end of the needle.
  8. Treat the surface of the gluteus muscle of a child with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol solution.
  9. Divide the buttock conditionally into 4 parts, drawing two intersecting perpendicular lines.
  10. It is necessary to make an injection in the upper rightmost part.
  11. In this part, squeeze the skin with the fingers of your free hand, and insert the needle at right angles with your second hand.
  12. Introduce the needle should be quickly, but smoothly, at least 2/3 of the length. It is best to insert the needle completely.
  13. The drug should be injected into the gluteus maximus by pressing the plunger on the syringe. Do this slowly and smoothly.
  14. After you have completely inserted the medicine, sharply remove the needle at a right angle.
  15. The injection site should be treated with an alcohol solution and gently massaged so that a hematoma or inflammation does not form.
  16. Perform the following injection is best in another buttock.

The child is allowed to make an injection from the temperature only with the consent of the attending specialist and when establishing the exact dosage of the antipyretic.

What not to do?

Remember a few simple rules

Remember a few simple rules, which in no case can not be done during the injection of the baby:

  • shout at the baby and scold for crying and fear;
  • to give shots to other people before his eyes;
  • deceive that this procedure is painless;
  • give the child access to syringes, especially those used.

Parents for us is a small universe. Every child thinks that parents can do absolutely everything. Learn the technique of performing injections to the baby and carry out such manipulations at home without assistance. Give your baby a healthy and happy life!