How to increase your height


We all strive for the ideal, including it is important for us to have perfect growth. Someone lacks a couple of centimeters to his ideal, someone lacks much more, but still small growth poisons the lives of its owners, and they look with envy at taller people.

Growth is very difficult, especially in adulthood. But if you apply maximum effort to this, then increasing your height to a certain age is quite a real thing. In general, the human body has a reserve to grow by 5-8 cm and various techniques stimulate growth zones. Also responsible in our body for the growth of hormones somatropin and somatomedin, the presence of which is normally an important factor for bone growth.

Before proceeding with the implementation of all methods of increasing growth, it is necessary to determine how active the growth zones are in the body. When a person is still growing, soft connective tissue in the bones has not yet hardened and growth in the body is still possible. They usually harden to the age of 22-25, someone earlier, someone later, but if they are completely solidified, then growth is no longer possible. To determine the status of these zones, you can use an x-ray, often do an x-ray of the hands. If the growth zones are already closed, then, unfortunately, their growth, except for surgical operations, will not be able to increase.

Growth through surgery

Our height depends on the length of the spine and legs. Spinal manipulation is very dangerous, so modern medicine offers an operation to increase leg growth. This is a serious operation that you should first think about a hundred times before embarking on it. In this method, an apparatus developed according to the Ilizarov principle is used, the increase in height in patients sometimes reached 50 cm, but usually the bone grew 1 mm per day. You have to be a very courageous person to decide on this — first, the operation is performed on one leg, the bones in it are broken, then fastened with a device that stretches the leg, then they start the other leg.

You can do the operation on both legs at the same time, but the movement will be quite problematic, since all the legs will be constrained by the device. Another huge minus of such an operation is that a person is not capable of any activity and for a year and a half just falls out of his life, forced to lead a sedentary and sedentary lifestyle. But for those who have the problem of growth turned into a huge complex, and causes a lot of suffering, this is probably the only way out.

Taking drugs to increase growth

Sometimes the reason for short stature is the lack of growth hormones. In this case, it is advisable to drink a course of drugs. Of course, you should not self-medicate, and you can start taking medication only after consulting with your doctor. The decision on the appointment of drugs will be made only after tests are received for the content in your body of the hormone somatomedin and somatropin.

  1. Production of somatropin is carried out in the pituitary gland, somatropin in turn produces the hormone somatomedin, which already acts directly on the cells and stimulates growth. Most of the somatropin is destroyed and is not used for its intended purpose.
  2. Somatomedin is produced in the liver and is largely dependent on the amount of zinc in the body. Even if there is food rich in zinc, still this amount will not be enough to increase growth, therefore, it is necessary to take vitamin supplements to food with zinc, or simply buy this mineral in a pharmacy and use according to the instructions.
  3. Now about somatropin: you can increase this hormone if you eat a lot of low-fat foods rich in protein, beef or any other lean meat, cottage cheese will do. Flour, sweet and fatty, on the contrary, slows down the production of somatropin and, as a result, growth is inhibited.
  4. You can also try drinking ActiGrol as an increase in growth, but keep in mind that it is possible to increase all the other tissues of the body - hands, nose, ears, and even the skull.

Vitamins for growth

Vitamins E and C increase the level of growth hormones in the body. If you use them daily, the concentration of hormones increases to 25%. Vitamin C should be consumed at 150 mg per day - this is 3 vitamins. For vitamin E, the rate is the same - 150 mg, which is equal to one capsule. It is possible to add to the use of these vitamins and vitamin P (in a different way nicotinic acid).

Exercises to increase growth

There are many different complexes that are designed specifically for growth. It is better, of course, if you consult with a specialist, and he will select a program that will take into account the characteristics of your body.

The complex to increase growth should be performed every day in the morning and in the evening for a long period of time, at least six months, when the first results are noticeable, then you can do it 2 times a week. Each lesson should be about 20 minutes. Usually with this technique, growth begins to increase after 3 months, and after 8 months, you can add growth to 8 cm.

Set of exercises

  • Combine any growth exercises with visualization, imagine yourself with a new high growth. Feel how your cartilage and muscles stretch upward, every day you get closer to your goal.
  • The main thing in the exercises for growth is to focus your attention on stretching the spine. A very good exercise is hanging on the bar. The main thing here is to hold tight to the turnstile and hang a little longer, trying to relax in such moments. Over time, you can begin to hang a small load at the feet. But what is important in this exercise is not to overdo it with hanging, it is harmful to stay for more than a few hours a day on the horizontal bar, since the vertebral cartilage can only ossify from such loads and the spine will become even more dense and squeezed, not susceptible to stretching.
  • Now we will pull the upper part of the spine. This part of the body is stretched due to flexion and extension of the shoulder muscles. First, press your chin to your chest, and then your shoulders. Now bend forward, then bend back, as if you are stretching a bow and are about to shoot. In each bend and bend, linger for 7-8 seconds. For each side, do it 20 times.

  • Now stand up straight, your legs are at shoulder level, hands pressed to your body. Begin at a fast pace to lean to the left and to the right, trying to reach the foot as low as possible. Repeat for each side 18-20 times. A very good growth exercise is a half-bridge. Starting position while sitting on the floor, keep your back straight. Lean forward so that the nose to get to your own press. Then pull back, trying to reach the back of the head to the tailbone. In each tilt linger for 7-8 seconds. Tilts in two sides are counted at a time, repeat the exercise 12-14 times.
  • The last exercise of the complex is turns. They can be performed standing or sitting. Keep your head and back in a straight line. Turn to the left all the way to the stop and make 5 elastic wiggles to the left, as if you want to twist further, then all the same in the right direction. Repeat 16-20 times for each side.
  • Of course, any complexes for growth should be combined with running, walking and swimming, eat fully, sleep at least 7-8 hours a day and be sure to believe that you will succeed. Human capabilities are endless!

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