How to improve eyesight at home


Poor vision is the scourge of modern humanity. This is especially true of people who spend most of their time at the computer. To solve the problem of myopia, astigmatism and farsightedness use glasses and contact lenses. However, they only facilitate the life of a person, but do not solve his problem. Modern medicine is not able to fully restore vision. But to noticeably improve the condition of your eyes is a completely solvable task.

Scientists have shown that visual impairment is associated not only with changes in the cornea or eyeball, but also with the muscles of the eye. To relieve tension or train the visual muscles, you need to do special exercises for vision.

Exercises for vision: description of the complex

How to improve vision at home?

Gymnastics for the eyes perfectly trains the muscles and restores their tone. This set of exercises is designed to ensure that your eyes are relaxed and properly rested.

Classes begin with a relaxing gymnastics -palming. During palming, tension is relieved and blood circulation in the organs of vision is improved, which is very useful both for recovery and for prevention of disorders. Gymnastics lasts 2 minutes, and during this time retina properties are fully restored.

Fold your palms and place them over your eyes so that the light does not penetrate. It is very important that during the exercise the hands are not strained. Immediately to achieve this will be quite difficult, so it is better to lean your elbows on the table. If you are doing the exercise while lying down, place a pillow under your arms. Relax, and most importantly - relax your eyes. Imagine a black screen in front of you. Hold this position for 2 minutes. Now you can proceed to the main set of exercises:

  • Keep your palms close to your face, fingers wide apart. Rotate your head and imagine your fingers as a fence. Do not pay attention to your fingers and look, as it were, through them. You must have the illusion that your fingers are moving. Make 3 turns with closed, and then - with open eyes. The total number of turns is 30.
  • Imagine a large sheet of paper in front of you, and mentally draw a square in the upper corner. Then "enter" a circle in it, and a ball next to it. After that, draw a rectangle with a long horizontal side. Such an exercise will help you relax, and your eyes - to relax. It needs to be performed several times a day, especially during breaks in work.
  • Buy or print a table with letters of different sizes (such as in the office of an ophthalmologist) and hang it on the wall. Go very close to the table and look at the letters. Then slowly move away from it, but concentrate on the letters. When you cannot see some of the letters, imagine them and try to guess.

How to improve vision at home?

  • Get straight, pull your arm forward. Look at the tip of the middle finger. Then slowly bring your finger closer, do not take your eyes off it until you notice that the finger seems to be double. Do this exercise 8 times.
  • Do your eyes a slow rotation in a circle: first - to the right, and then - to the left. Make 6 of these rotations.
  • Press three fingers of the right and left hand lightly on the upper eyelids of both eyes. Keep your fingers on each eye for 1-2 seconds. Do the exercise 4 times.
  • Very quickly, without interruption, blink for 20 seconds. Do this exercise several times a day, especially in the intervals between working at a computer.
  • To strengthen the muscles of the eyes, rotate the eyeballs up and down 30 times.

How to improve the vision of folk remedies?

To improve vision, it is recommended to drink a mixture of apple and nettle juice (1: 1 ratio). Daily should drink at least 1 tbsp. The course of treatment is 10 days. After that, you can take a short break and repeat the course.

Blueberry is famous for its beneficial properties, especially for vision. It does not lose its relevance today. To improve visual function, it is recommended to eat a handful of fresh berries daily and put blueberry juice in your eyes. Berries can be frozen for future use and thawed a few pieces each morning. Through a sterile gauze squeeze the juice from 4-6 blueberries and dilute it with distilled water in a ratio of 1: 2. With a clean pipette, bury your eyes, 1-2 drops in each eye. The duration of treatment may be different, but after 5 days you will notice the result.

How to improve vision at home?

To strengthen the eye muscles, you can use carrot juice, parsley and celery, chicory leaves. Take 30 g of each plant, put it in a blender and chop. The resulting gruel folded in cheesecloth and strain. Drink juice daily. After a few days of such treatment, you will notice that the vision has improved.

A decoction of mulberry leaves, with regular use, will help you restore vision. For this, 1 tsp. dried and crushed plants pour 1 tbsp. boiling water, cover and cook the infusion for 40 min. Make 2 small eye pads of gauze, moisten them in mulberry infusion and apply to closed eyes for 30 minutes.

Wine tincture of cornflowers and aloe is a great way to improve vision. You will need 200 g of aloe leaves (older than 3 years), as well as 50 g of dried and crushed eye grass and flowers of field cornflower. Crush aloe, add herbs to it. Pour all 600 ml of liquid honey and the same amount of dry red wine. Store under a closed lid in a cool and dark place. After 3 days, the medicine will be ready. Before use, infusion mix well and boil in a water bath for 1 hour. Consume 1 tbsp. l tincture 3 times a day for 20 minutes before meals.

Parsley root with honey is also a useful tool for the eyes. Clean and wash the small root. Then grind it in a meat grinder or blender (you can just rub it on the grater). Mix the resulting gruel with honey, add a little lemon juice. The ratio of parsley root and lemon juice is 1: 1. Mix well and take 1 tsp. drugs once a day one hour before the main meal.

Carrot juice with the addition of honey is rich in vitamins and nutrients that will help restore vision and heal the entire body. Every day, drink 1 tbsp. fresh carrot juice from 1 tsp. honey The duration of the treatment course is 1 month, but after a week you will experience noticeable improvements.

Nettle is very useful for the eyes, it is desirable to eat fresh. In winter, nettles can be frozen and cooked from it soups or broths. On the day it is recommended to eat 30-50 g of fresh plants.

Exercises for vision in combination with folk remedies are a powerful weapon in the fight against such illnesses as myopia and hyperopia. Following the simple and proven advice, you will soon forget about glasses! The main thing is to observe regularity when performing gymnastics and applying healing tinctures, decoctions and juices.