How to get rid of parasites in the body with medication and

Many well-known doctors believe that there are only two causes of all diseases - the presence of parasites in the body (in a scientific manner) or its general pollution. Most of us try not to think about it, considering that worms are a disease of the past, where unsanitary conditions reigned. Meanwhile, this phenomenon is much more common than it seems.

Why is it important to treat helminthiasis?

Why is it important to treat helminthiasis

Can we imagine that a third of the population of our planet is infected with worms? Nevertheless, this is true, and this applies not only to undeveloped countries, but also to civilized ones. Therefore, everyone should know how to get rid of parasites in the body, even if it seems that there is nothing to fear: in many cases the infection is asymptomatic.

If your family has children or pets, be sure to take tests for the possible presence of "illegal residents". Helminthiasis is very dangerous, it can be called a monstrous epidemic inside a person. Once in the body, parasites can never leave it, multiplying and poisoning the body more and more. They are trying to get more nutrients, instead giving the toxic waste of their life. In addition, along with the bloodstream, the worms enter other organs. Their presence leads to putrefactive processes, all sorts of diseases and the slow destruction of the whole organism.

Antiparasitic treatment

Infection with helminths occurs by the fecal-oral method, primarily due to non-compliance with hygiene, as well as the use of insufficiently processed foods. It is not always possible to clearly see the symptoms of their presence within us. However, signs such as a constant feeling of hunger, weight loss or, on the contrary, a sharp weight gain, problems with the stool, weakness, deterioration of the skin, hair can lead to thoughts of parasites. For a clearer diagnosis should be tested.

If the diagnosis is confirmed and eggs of worms were found in your intestines, urgent measures should be taken. But you need to understand that the process of complete recovery is very long and difficult. It is impossible to destroy all "illegal immigrants" at once, even with the help of strong drugs: this is a blow to the entire system of organs and the strongest poisoning by dead pests.

It is possible to get rid of parasites in the body both medicamentally and with the help of herbal remedies, but this will take time.

Synthetic anthelmintic drugs

Synthetic anthelmintic drugs

The most effective and quickly cope with worms will help special chemicals. Modern drugs, although they act gently, but still quite toxic and have many side effects. Therefore, their appointment should be carried out only by a specialist.

In addition, various pills have a narrow specificity, they are aimed at getting rid of certain types of parasites in the body - you need to know how to take them in accordance with their diagnosis and what are the contraindications.

For the treatment of the most common types of worms used drugs such as, for example:

  • Dekaris;
  • Pyrantel;
  • Helmintox;
  • Vermox;
  • Albendazole;
  • Nemozol.

Pregnant and lactating women can be treated with Piperazine. Such drugs have contraindications, you can not take them yourself in any case, the doctor prescribes the dosage. In most cases, in order to eliminate re-infection, the course is repeated after a while. In order to prevent the use of anthelmintic drugs impractical because they are very heavy load on the body. It is better to replace chemicals with homeopathic ones (these are Silicel, Sulfur, Qing and others)

For more effective removal of pests and their eggs from the intestines, in addition to tablets, enemas should be put in and herbal remedies used.

Folk remedies against worms

Folk remedies against worms

Traditional methods that use various herbal preparations are the safest, since they are not aimed at destroying the worms inside the body, but at their gradual expulsion from it. In addition, most recipes will help to simultaneously clean the blood, liver and remove traces of worms. However, without the use of synthetic drugs, recovery will be longer.

To get rid of parasites in the body of folk remedies, you need to take several measures at once.

  • Cleansing enemas

At first, you need to do an enema every day to completely clear the intestines of toxins, worms eggs and restore the microflora. For washing use warm water (about 2 liters), acidified with apple vinegar, or, better, with cranberry juice (1 tbsp. L.). And in order to prevent edema from frequent emptying, a teaspoon of salt is poured into the solution.

  • Bitter herbal infusions

The most common recipes for anthelmintic drugs - using bitter herbs: wormwood, tansy, cloves, elecampane, celandine, oak bark. These medicinal plants insist on water and take 100 ml in the morning and evening before meals. It is unreasonable to abuse these tinctures, especially wormwood: an overdose can cause a strong arousal of the nervous system, even hallucinations.

You can make an alcohol tincture of garlic or onion (chop the vegetable, pour with alcohol, leave for a day, take a few drops per day). Make decoctions of chicory root:

  1. Grate the chicory root, mix with yarrow leaves.
  2. Pour 1 tsp. the resulting mixture with 2 cups of water.
  3. Cook in a water bath for 15 minutes.
  4. Eat before meals for a quarter cup for 7 days.

Pumpkin seeds also help. They are eaten fresh or insist on water or alcohol and are taken in the same way.

Another effective tool is the so-called triad. This recipe includes three antimicrobial components that enhance the action of each other. For its preparation, you will need a strong tincture of walnut, wormwood and clove powder. Components are taken together 2 times a day before meals for two weeks, and then once a week (for children in smaller doses). It is contraindicated to drink this complex to pregnant and lactating women, as well as gastritis and stomach ulcers.

  • Herbal baths

This is also a common means of getting rid of worms. For broth will require herbs thyme, calamus, elecampane, wormwood, leaves of walnut, mint, chamomile, yarrow and cumin seeds. The ingredients are mixed, poured boiling water and insist about an hour. Baths should be taken at least two hours. Through the pores, the phytoncides of these plants will enter the body and expel the parasites. Children prepare a softer bath on the oatmeal broth.

What's next?

Cleaning the body of worms

Cleaning the body of worms is only the first stage of recovery. After that, you will need to restore damaged organs and immunity. In a healthy body, it will not allow parasites to multiply.

Having successfully completed the course of getting rid of unwanted guests, do not forget about preventive measures: keep personal hygiene, keep your house clean, regularly change linens and towels, arrange anthelmintic procedures for pets, do not consume food and water without heat treatment.

If you suspect the presence of parasites in your body, do not self-medicate, pass an examination to confirm the diagnosis and see how you can get rid of them in your case. To do this, there is a considerable arsenal of effective tools that require careful handling, but help to part with uninvited guests.

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