How to force yourself to play sports

In the minds of many of us, sooner or later the thought is born that we need to keep ourselves in good physical shape. We firmly decide to go in for sports, we buy sportswear for ourselves, we download music for training. However, we do not suspect that the most difficult is yet to come. The first day or two, we clearly perform the exercises, we get vigor from sports and positive emotions. But when we wake up on the third day, we understand that we are absolutely not ready to start charging again. What happened? In fact, everything is in the order of things. It is very difficult for any person to set himself up properly for playing sports, especially if they are not accustomed to the body.

Time for sports

Highlight a fixed time for sports in your schedule.. And try never to deviate from it. Because as soon as our system gets off, we start to be lazy, put it off until later.

If you work out in a fitness club, everything is easier. There you have a clearly defined time to which you must come to the workout. At home, many allow themselves to relax. But this is fundamentally wrong. Time for classes should be strictly defined, and no circumstances should influence it. First, it will help you not to be lazy, and secondly, your body will already know that it will have loads right now and will not receive an unexpected overstrain. Time must be chosen according to your daily schedule and your personal preferences. There are no restrictions on this indicator in sports.

Collective sports

Another help you can serve as a collective workout. So you will bear more responsibility, because canceling the training, you leave out of work not only yourself but your friend, and of course you don’t want to do that. Group training helps to combine sports and communication.. It's so nice to run through the park in the evening with a friend, and at the same time discuss all the most important events of the day. However, one should not forget that sport is in the first place.

Do not compare yourself with others.

It is not necessary during sports to constantly compare the result on the scales. Forget about them for a month, for example. If you are weighed every day, you will not see any pronounced changes, and your desire for classes will evaporate as suddenly as you had. Better follow the systematic training. Also, stop comparing yourself to others. Remember that each person is individual and has its own characteristics, including physical ones. Some can train more and achieve faster results, others can not afford such a level of load. And to exaggerate it is not in any case impossible. The consequences can be very deplorable. So be patient, soon you will be in shape.

Choose a sport of your liking

Do not try to do what you are absolutely not interested. Choose the sport from which you will get real pleasure. If you prefer to watch sports on TV, buy yourself a simulator. Engage and watch. And nice and helpful!

Set the goal of playing sports correctly.

Think about what you want from training. Perhaps you only need to correct the posture, strengthen the muscles of the abdomen or thighs, or maybe you want to correct the entire relief of the figure. From your goal depends on a set of exercises and the frequency and intensity of training. To achieve this goal, use a pre-planned plan. It is best to ask a professional trainer to do this. Of course, you will have to make some financial expenses, but you will be sure that these exercises will help you and you have not wasted time.

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Sport is a unique opportunity to keep yourself in good physical shape. This maintenance contributes to the improvement of health and the state of the body as a whole. So do not be lazy to do any exercises and do not regret time for yourself and your health!

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