How to cure tonsillitis plugs at home


On the tonsils may appear purulent accumulations (traffic jams), and this disease is called tonsillitis. There is a fundamentally wrong opinion that traffic jams can not be cured. But, if you do not get rid of them, the consequences can be unpredictable. So, what do tonzilitnye traffic jams look like? Why appear, what are the symptoms of this disease?

Signs of

what tonsillitis plugs look like

Too obvious and obvious symptoms of congestion do not cause, if they are small.

Factors contributing to the formation of chronic forms:

  • failure to follow basic hygiene rules;
  • the occurrence of caries on the teeth;
  • systematic sore throat;
  • running sinusitis.

At the medical examination visible violations in the tissues of the tonsils.

  • in the chronic form, the lymph nodes are enlarged;
  • sore throat, tickling occurs;
  • migraine, dizziness, irritability, insomnia;
  • at the moments of complications, disturbances in the functioning of the kidneys and the cardiovascular system occur;
  • painful swallow, body temperature rises.

The danger of the disease is that if it is not treated, then from the tonsils, where inflammation occurs, the infection along with the bloodstream spreads throughout the body, which leads to a serious condition of the patient.

Tonsilith plugs: causes occurrence

The culprits of the disease are infectious microorganisms, such as chlamydia, staphylococcus, streptococcus, candida fungi. They all exist for a long time and multiply in the air. If the tonsils can not cope with their influx, the process of inflammation begins.

This happens in situations where the human body is weakened.

How to cure tonsillitis plugs at home?

How to cure tonsillitis plugs at home

You can get rid of the disease in the home, even from the chronic form of the disease. However, conducting treatment at home, it is strictly forbidden to squeeze the purulent mass with a finger. Such moments will not lead to recovery, but only strengthen the infectious process. At home, the most popular methods are rinsing and smearing of the tonsils:

  1. Apply fir oil on a cotton swab and lubricate the abscesses with it;
  2. With the help of sanguiritric alcohol, lubricate the glands twice a day, morning and evening;
  3. During the day, every hour to chew on the sea buckthorn berries. Before the procedure, rinse the throat well with boiled water.
  4. It has long been known that in essence propolis is also a natural antibiotic drug, which is widely used when inflammatory processes occur. In the pharmacy, you can purchase a tincture from it or prepare it yourself (insist on propolis on alcohol (2 to 10) for three days and only at room temperature). About 20 drops dissolve in 1 tbsp. water and rinse thrice a day.
  5. Every day, dissolve a spoonful of natural honey, preferably several times a day.
  6. During the day, keep a small piece of propolis in your mouth.
  7. Gargle with saline (in a glass of warm water add a spoonful of soda, salt and a couple of drops of iodine).

It should be noted that tonsillitis belongs to the category of diseases that are easier to prevent than to cure. Therefore, watch your diet, follow all the rules of hygiene, avoid hypothermia, treat throat diseases in a timely manner. From time to time, prophylactic measures can gargle with herbal solutions.