How to correct a bearing


Few of us can boast a good posture, especially children. Curvature of the spine, with all the ensuing consequences, is not uncommon in the practice of the doctor. Adults also do not differ in correct posture. The modern lifestyle is such that it often negatively affects the health of the back. Gradually, pain in the muscles, neck, stoop.

What is a correct posture?

According to medical dictionaries, posture is a person’s habitual posture at rest. There are also characteristics of the correct posture. Namely, only the one that meets all the requirements listed below can be called correct:

  1. Straight back;
  2. The head is raised;
  3. Shoulders freely separated;
  4. Belly picked up;
  5. The knees are straight.

Accurately determine the correct posture can only be a doctor who will carefully assess the condition of the spine and muscles, by special tests. Sometimes you may need to appoint radiography. Proper posture is not only an aesthetically beautiful back, it is one of the most important priorities in maintaining health.

How to correct a bearing?

The most characteristic signs of posture distortion can be called the following: round, sloping back, head protruding forward, oblique position of the pelvis and thighs, legs "wheel", 1 side higher than others (for example, the left shoulder is higher than the right, sometimes this pattern can also be seen with the hips ) and so on.

Among the huge number of reasons for poor posture, the following are the most frequent and frequently encountered: minimal physical exertion or lack of it, incorrect body position in a dream, habit of stooping, muscular and skeletal imbalances due to various diseases, untreated or untreated injuries, etc. d.

How to straighten a bearing: recommendations of experts

The recommendations of doctors extend to much. In the first place, you need to start to control your posture, and the sooner the better. This should be done constantly, and not only at the moment when they remembered.

Initially, it is important to constantly stand straight, spreading your weight on both legs. In this position, the load on the spine will be equally distributed, which will significantly reduce the risk of curvature. Shoulders should be straightened, with the shoulder blades close to each other as close as possible. We must try to keep the belly drawn. During walks, the head should be slightly raised, in which case the neck will take up a strict upright position. As a result, if you constantly comply with such recommendations, the body will get used to it, and you will no longer need to control yourself so strictly.

For women, a particularly relevant recommendation would be - not to wear high-heeled shoes often, but this is not a total ban. While wearing such shoes, the waist is in constant tension, which ultimately can provoke excessive fatigue, back pain, and as a long-term consequence - inflammation of the sciatic nerve. It is best to give preference to shoes with not high heels or high soles.

In addition, you need to pay attention to your workplace. In order to maintain good posture, it is important to choose the right chair / chair. The seat of the working chair must be correctly positioned. Namely, the hips should be strictly parallel to the floor. Knees and hips to be in the 1st horizontal plane. Feet must fully touch the floor. Ideally, the work chair should be as comfortable as possible, with a stable back and armrests. The same rules apply to the home computer chair.

But these recommendations cannot completely solve the problem, although they are included in the complex of corrective measures. You can achieve a positive effect in combination with performing certain exercises.

Exercises for correct posture

The main recommendation is not to be in the 1st and the same sitting position for a long time. It is necessary to try to move as much as possible, change the position of the body more often. Doctors recommend regularly to have a drink at the desk, and, the higher, the better.

There is also the so-called "office gymnastics". For its execution does not require anything special, most importantly the presence of a table and chair. It would seem that such simple objects, and how they will help relieve tension in the back?

  • The most elementary exercises for correcting posture are as follows: you need to link your hands in the lock, approximately at the waist level. And try to raise them as high as possible, at the same time, the shoulder blades should be brought together. This position must be held for a few seconds.
  • The second light exercise is to put the shoulder blades together, you can put your hands on the armrests or lower them down. After you need to strain your abdominal muscles and back, and throw back your head back. In this position, you need to be about 15 - 30 seconds.
  • Next, you need to get up from the table, draw in the stomach. Heels - together, socks - apart, while the muscles of the legs should be tight. On the toes you need to lift up, as if to stretch, hands, respectively, also stretch upwards. Stretching out, you need to hold your breath, and stay in this position until the breath. This exercise must be performed several times, 4-5 will suffice.
  • In a sitting position, you need to lift your shoulders up, move them back and forth. Repeat this exercise must be 10 - 15 times. You can use the techniques of models that will help develop a truly royal posture. Moreover, such exercises can even correct the shape of the face. And just for everything you need to put the book on your head and walk around the apartment, smoothly balancing your hands.

Features of classes with children

How to correct a bearing?

Children and their posture - a separate issue. During the period of active growth, the formation of bone support occurs. And parents during this period should be extremely attentive to the child’s carriage, workplace organization and even sleep. You can not ignore the question of sports activities, only in this case, the muscles of the baby will be able to fully work. It is these activities that are pledge medical and prophylactic at the same time in achieving the goal.

In order to choose the right and effective set of exercises, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Depending on the clinical picture, the one that fits in each case will be selected.

The simplest exercises for children, which are necessary in any case, is a simple complex that they perform in school physical education classes. Turns neck, head tilted in all directions, circular movements with his hands, body tilts in different directions ,.

You can use additional equipment - hoops, sticks, with which you need to squat, lift it up and down, and the arms should be straight. Do not overlook the abdominals.

For children with a tendency to slouch, body bending is especially indicated, with the main movement being in the thoracic part of the spine. Also shown are circular motions with the arms and their retraction. The development of correct posture contributes to exercise and balance, for example, classes on the balance beam, gymnastics bench.

Corset for correcting posture: types and their features

How to correct a bearing?

With weak supporting skeletal muscles, it is shown the use of orthopedic corsets for correcting posture. There are 3 types of corsets:

  1. Warming corsets. Promotes warming and improved blood supply in the lower back due to the massage effect.
  2. Protective corsets. Such models have a high degree of rigidity, and in their design inserts made of metal or plastic. They can only be recommended for straightening the back for spinal diseases.
  3. Supporting models that are shown in the presence of a curvature in the frontal plane.

For children, a warming corset is worn on the head, since it is able to stimulate reflex points. Protective corsets are not recommended to wear for a long time, because of their rigidity. Otherwise, normal muscle function may be impaired. Wearing such corsets, recommended only during the period of stress. During the rest period, they must be removed. Such models are manufactured and customized by an individual doctor.

For serious diseases of the spine, posture corrector should be appointed by the doctor. This will take into account many factors, in the first place, what kind of model is needed - fixing or corrective. Fixatives are used to reduce the load in case of severe pain or in the postoperative period. Corrective corset is used to correct and align the spine.

Buy a corset is best in the specialized stores of medical equipment. When buying, you need to pay attention to the rigidity, the material of manufacture and what it is intended for. Moreover, before buying a corset, you need to figure out how much and how to wear it. Only in this case, you can achieve the effect of its use.

How to correct posture at home?

How to correct a bearing?

The key to a smooth, beautiful back at home are regular, ideally, daily exercises to strengthen the muscular system and the abdominal muscles. The lessons themselves are not complicated, and the most important thing is to do them regularly.

It is necessary to begin with breathing exercises. Lying on your back, you need to bend your knees, 1 hand should lie on the chest, 2nd hand on the stomach. Initially, it is necessary to breathe with the abdomen, while exhaling and inhaling should be fixed with a small breath. Then go to the chest breathing. Next, continuing to perform breathing exercises, you need to raise your arms up at each breath, lower and place your arms along the body at the exit.

After you must proceed directly to the exercises. To perform the 1st load, weighing about 1 kg. You can use bulk foods - sugar, buckwheat, etc. The bag must be fixed on the head and, without holding it with your hands, stand with your back to the wall to fix the posture. Hands should be extended along the body.

The 2nd exercise is called the boat. Lying on your stomach, you need to tear off your arms, legs, head and hold them without touching the floor. Being in the same position, lying on your stomach, you must take a stick and gradually raise it, and then gradually lower it to the buttocks.

The next exercise is the many well-known "scissors" and "bicycle". In addition, it is necessary to give the load on the back muscles. To do this, it is important to take a lying position, legs bent at the knees, feet placed on the floor, hands at the seams. In this position, you need to raise and lower the pelvis.

All exercises to correct posture, it is possible to perform at home. But, as practice shows, many do not have enough self-discipline and perseverance for this. Even if any results were achieved, you should not stop, let alone throw, because without a load, everything will return to normal. Therefore, it is better, nevertheless, to carry out measures for posture correction under the supervision of a physician.