How to collect urine from a baby boy and girl correctly

Who among us did not collect urine for analysis? It would seem that there can be difficult in this procedure? Of course, everything is very simple when it comes to an adult person. Another thing - collecting urine from an infant. Those who have not encountered this, do not even realize how entertaining the procedure is. How to collect urine from a baby boy and girl?

General tips and tricks

How to collect urine from a baby boy

From the moment you returned home from the maternity hospital, having observed the child more carefully, you will understand that usually his bladder emptying happens almost immediately after feeding. This happens regardless of the type of feeding - breast or artificial with special milk formulas from the bottle. Everything happens during the first 10-20 minutes after feeding, so watch carefully to find out when the right moment comes.

Theoretically, everyone knows how to collect urine from a newborn, another thing is to put theory into practice. This knowledge will never be superfluous, because such a need may arise at any time. There are general rules that must be followed when collecting urine in infants:

  1. Clean your hands with a mild or antiseptic soap.
  2. Wash the perineum and the vulva area of ​​the girl or the foreskin and the head of the boy's genitals thoroughly. To wash away the child does not necessarily use a special baby soap. You can take a liquid or solid, as long as it does not cause allergies or irritation of the baby’s tender skin.
  3. After the hygienic procedures, it is not necessary to immediately treat the skin of the child with all available means - creams, emulsions, powders for diaper rash. All this is set aside until the time when you collect the analysis. Just use a damp cloth to remove excess water so that the skin remains dry after washing.
  4. It is advisable to collect urine for analysis in the morning. The best option would be the first morning urine or in the period between 8 and 10 o'clock in the morning. If your baby has a “wet case” a little earlier, it's okay: leave the urine container in the fridge, nothing will happen to it in a couple of hours.

Utensils for collecting urine must be sterile. It is best to use a special disposable plastic cup with a sealed lid in a sterile package, which can be purchased in the pharmacy chain. It is necessary to open such a container immediately before use.

How to collect urine from a baby boy

You can also use a special cellophane urinal for infants, which is attached to the perineum of the child with an absolutely safe velcro. The capacity of such a bag for collecting urine is 100 ml. It has a special hole, and the Velcro provides a secure fit, eliminating urine leakage. Acquire several of these urinals at once, because the procedure may have to be repeated due to the ingestion of feces or, due to inexperience, you simply spoil it.

How to collect urine from a baby boy?

How to collect urine from a representative of the stronger sex is more or less clear, since the features of the anatomical structure of the boy make it possible to do this in several ways.

Method number 1:

  1. After feeding, put the baby on the back.
  2. Prepare a sterile container in advance. Caution: Do not touch the edge of the container with your hands.
  3. You have to wait about 20 minutes before urinating. You can entrust this responsible event to the Pope. This is a great opportunity for him to talk with his son, and for you - to devote some time to yourself.
  4. When the child starts to write, you will see a small fountain. Its height is sufficient to substitute the container and collect urine.

This method is the most preferable, as this eliminates the possibility of contamination of urine with perineal flora.

Method number 2:

  1. Take the boy's garbage bag, separate and unscrew the central valve of the bag aside, remove the protective coating from the adhesive base, without touching the inside of the urinal, which is sterile.
  2. Attach the container to the perineum of the child, after inserting the genital organ into the opening of the collector.
  3. Well press the adhesive backing against the skin to ensure good adhesion. After the child has urinated, carefully remove the washing shed and, having folded the glue base, close the opening.

What is the difference between the process of collecting urine from a girl?

You can also use a sterile condom to collect urine from a baby boy. After collecting urine into it, carefully transfer it into a previously prepared sterile glass and tightly close the lid.

What is the difference between the process of collecting urine from a girl?

Collecting urine from little princesses is a bit more difficult, but nothing is impossible. You can just as the boy, wait for the appearance of a small fountain and try to collect urine directly into the container. But, most likely, you will not succeed in this, besides, there is a high risk of contamination of urine with extraneous microflora.

The safest way is to use a card collector:

  1. Mount the urine bag according to the enclosed instructions. Make sure that the adhesive base fits tightly against the skin - this will eliminate leakage.
  2. Fix the plastic container so that the opening of the collector is located on the upper half of the genitals.
  3. When the girl urinates, carefully remove the urinal collector, carefully seal it and sign.
  4. Bring a bag containing collected urine as soon as possible to the laboratory.

You can also use a small plate to collect urine. To do this, it must be well sterilized and put the baby on the warm surface of the plate. When the job is done, carefully transfer the collected urine to a sterile container.

For parents, it is important to master the skill of collecting urine in an infant. During the procedure, the baby needs to talk calmly and gently, smile at him - then this event will not cause him unpleasant emotions. Mom's nervousness and panic will necessarily affect the child and significantly complicate the procedure.

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