How many grams of vegetable oil in a tablespoon and calories


Every person at least once in his life, but was a cook, that is, the situation in the kitchen evolved when the choice and taste of the food being prepared depended on it. Previously, cookbooks were good helpers, now the Internet. But the puzzling questions have always been and will be. For example, how many grams of vegetable oil in a tablespoon? Let's try to figure it out.

A tablespoon - what kind of measure is that?

How many grams of vegetable oil in a tablespoon?

Cooking is a responsible, multi-level, in a word, complicated process, especially if the amateur in the culinary world is engaged in this business. Often in recipes of dishes and various diets, the amount of the necessary ingredient, for example, vegetable oil, is indicated in grams or milliliters from the known to us from the school bench and the lessons of physics of the International System of Units. However, even advanced cooks do not always have special measuring scales on hand, let alone an ordinary person.

At first glance, this is a problem, on the solution of which the correctness and taste of the prepared dish depend, and as a result, the expected effect rests on these grams and milliliters. You should not get upset, and there is practically no time for it, since the process of cooking is often quite regulated. A wand in such a difficult situation would be an ordinary tablespoon.

Of course, the objectivity of the data in the case of transferring the number of grams in spoons will suffer, since the high error will do its job. Different forms of spoons, despite approximately the same size, will not allow them to fill the same. In this regard, the balance of incompletely drained oil in the case of measuring the amount in excess of one spoon, will add inaccuracies.

That is why, if it is necessary to calculate a very accurate value, it is best to use measuring containers or scales. But with all its flaws, this method is still considered quite effective and simple. How many grams of vegetable oil in a tablespoon can be seen in the table below.

The product's name



The number of milliliters

The number of calories, Kcal

Vegetable oil

1 tablespoon




How to measure the right amount of vegetable oil, if there are no scales?

How many grams of vegetable oil in a tablespoon?

In a situation where you need to take the exact amount of oil, but there is no scale, the measured containers on hand, up to a tablespoon, will help. Just look at the label of the bottle with oil. There we will see the following information:

  • information about the volume of the product - 1 l;
  • net weight - 920 g;
  • 100 g calorie - 899 Kcal.

To calculate the specified amount of the fat component of this will be enough. Knowing how much vegetable oil there is in 1 tablespoon will allow us, using simple arithmetic calculations, to determine how many spoons will be needed to achieve the value given in the recipe. But experienced kitchen servants are advised to use measuring spoons or cups. In these vessels, the filling line is clearly visible, and the concepts of "with a slide" or "without a slide" will be unacceptable, which will add accuracy to the measurements. And this, of course, will affect the quality of the prepared product in a positive direction.

Determine the calorie content of the product

Calorie vegetable oil

People who monitor their weight can likewise determine how many calories a tablespoon of vegetable oil will give to the body, using information provided by the manufacturer on the packaging label and mathematical calculations known to each student. Although the quality of measurements and there will make their own adjustments. A little underfilling or overflow can, after all, blur the final picture of the consumption of the planned number of calories per day.

You can count the calories yourself or look at the above label. Probably, it is nevertheless more convenient, and even more accurate, if you measure the required amount of oil in the tank in accordance with the estimated conditions of calorie consumption and use it without fear during the day. Knowledge of the number of milliliters in a tablespoon of vegetable oil can also help. This is also the information in the table above.

Probably, chefs and housewives with great experience intuitively feel how much vegetable oil should be poured, without resorting to different tables and measuring vessels, to obtain as a result of the proper taste or composition of a prepared dish that does not exceed the required number of kilocalories. And for culinary amateurs, whose kitchen is not yet equipped with scales, the use of spoons of all kinds for glasses, products, glasses and glasses is just a salvation.

In principle, measuring ingredients with spoons, especially in fairly large quantities, vaguely resembles loading oranges in barrels. This is a well-known method invented by humorists Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov and voiced by the great combinator Ostap Bender. Good luck to you!