How many drops in a teaspoon of water


The traditional unit of measure for liquids is liter. However, in the kitchen, we often use glasses or spoons to measure the necessary liquid. And the smallest unit of measurement of liquid substances is a drop. As a penny saves the ruble, there will be no liter without a drop. But first things first. Consider how many drops in a teaspoon.

Drip me a teaspoon of water

How many drops of liquid in a teaspoon?

We need to start with the fact that a drop of a drop is different. Its volume depends on what or what to drip from. For example, drops from a tap are the same size, but if you drop from a pipette, they will be smaller. The same can be observed when using dispensers on bottles with drugs or essential oils.

Size or, more correctly, the volume of a drop depends, firstly, on the type of liquid, and secondly, on the diameter of the hole in the tool from which we extract it. Nevertheless, the liquid plays a more decisive role in the size of a drop, namely, its viscosity, density, and surface tension force.

What to do if you urgently need to drop a few drops, and there is nothing at hand that can be adapted to mine? Only one thing remains: to find out the equivalent of the required volume and use something more or less traditional, for example, a teaspoon.

True, this measurement is not so simple, because, for example, the size of a teaspoon in America is not at all the same as in England. And the English spoons, in turn, do not coincide in volume with ours. Our teaspoons are the deepest, and they contain 5 ml, while the English barely make up to 3.55 ml. Therefore, we will measure the drops with the help of a spoon of domestic producers. And the economy, so to speak, support, and import substitution.

There are two ways to measure a drip equivalent in a teaspoon. Consider them.

Experienced way:

  1. We need to equip the most traditional tool for the production of drops - a pipette and an empty teaspoon.
  2. Then everything is simple: we collect water in a pipette and drip it into a spoon, while not forgetting to count the drops.
  3. Once the spoon is filled to the brim, you will achieve the desired result.
  4. The result is carefully recorded in a notebook, which should always be at hand.
  1. Further, in the same way you can make measurements of other popular liquids - vinegar, alcohol, syrup, aromatic essence. The results must be recorded in a notebook for memory.

Logical way

Of course, if you are a busy person and such nonsense you don’t have time to do, and it’s very interesting to find out how many drops of water in one teaspoon you can discuss with us logically. The encyclopedia of unnecessary knowledge claims that a teaspoon for distilled water is 5 ml, while a drop of this water is approximately in the range from 0.03 to 0.05 ml. We will not waste time on trifles and for further calculations we take the maximum value of the drop volume, that is, 0.05 ml.

To find out how many drops of water with a volume of 0.05 ml are contained in 5 ml, you need 5 / 0.04 = 100. It turns out that one teaspoon is equivalent to 100 drops. Please note that these calculations are considered approximate.

In the same simple way, you can calculate any equivalent of water in drops relative to a teaspoon:

  • For example, how many in a teaspoon will take 30 drops? To do this, the number of drops of interest to us must be multiplied by the volume of one drop: 30 * 0.05 = 1.5 ml. Thus, 30 drops is a little more than ⅕ tsp.
  • Similarly, we calculate how much water in a teaspoon takes 20 drops: 20 * 0.05 = 1 ml. It turns out exactly one fifth of a teaspoon.

Drip equivalent of a teaspoon of alcohol tincture

How many drops in a teaspoon of alcohol tincture?

One of the most common applications of drops as a measure of the volume of a liquid is pharmacology, or rather, the dosage of drugs for treatment. There are situations when you buy a bottle of medicine in a pharmacy, and a prescription is prescribed to take this drug a few drops. You bring the cherished remedy home and only you are going to undergo treatment, as it turns out that the bottle does not have a dispenser. It is like a man with a broken jaw to offer to click the nuts.

Now, thoughts about how to measure the right amount of medicine were also added to the sore head. As in the previous section, you can use the pipette. If there is no such house, and there is no power to return to the pharmacy, only a good old measure of volume remains - a teaspoon.

How many drops of alcohol tincture in a teaspoon? As we mentioned above, the volume of a drop depends on the type of liquid. Since medication bottles in most cases contain alcohol solutions of certain products, in this situation we will be interested in the size of a drop of alcohol.

Again we open the encyclopedia of unnecessary knowledge and find out that the volume of one drop of 96% alcohol is almost two times less than water and is 0.02 ml. We connect math and count. If we assume that the volume of a teaspoon of alcohol is also equal to 5 ml, then 5 / 0.02 = 250. Thus, it turns out that 250 drops of alcoholic medicinal tincture can be dripped into a teaspoon to the brim.

You should understand that these calculations are also quite approximate, since the density of pure alcohol, like its surface tension, in reality will differ from the volume of tincture containing impurities of other substances.

Drops of juice and oil

How many drops in a teaspoon of oil?

We believe that today rather curious people have gathered with us. Because only an inquisitive person may be interested in the question of the volume of one drop of liquid substance. And to satisfy your curiosity, we offer information about the drip equivalent of a teaspoon for the most popular ingredients.

That juice is quite often part of the recipes. Fruit juice is heavier than water, which means its density is higher and surface tension is greater. Therefore, drops of juice are formed larger and larger than that of water. Consequently, in a teaspoon drops of juice will be less.

Knowledgeable people claim that the volume of one drop of juice is 0.055 ml. Thus, one teaspoon will contain 5 / 0.055 = 90.9 drops. Since all our calculations are approximate, we will assume that there are 91 drops of juice in a teaspoon.

And how many teaspoons of oil drops? We make a start from the volume of the oil drop, which is considered to be equal to 0.06 ml. Then a teaspoon is equivalent to 83-84 drops of oil.

If you type in a teaspoon of the desired liquid in the appropriate drop-equivalent, the result will be very approximate. But if your pedantry cannot allow such recklessness, do not spoil your nerves, but buy a measuring spoon and hang it in your kitchen.