How and how in home conditions to raise the immunity of an

Wherever there is a person - at home, at work or on the street, it is always surrounded by pathogens. Modern virology knows up to 5,000 viruses! How do people manage to survive in such a company? Immunity stands guard over their health. But under the influence of various factors, this defender weakens. How to raise the immunity of an adult, to prevent diseases to destroy his health and shorten life?

Body Security - Immunity

The immune system is a barrier that prevents bacteria and viruses from harming human health. It works around the clock without holidays and weekends, protecting the body from alien microorganisms.

Today, there are hundreds of drugs and vaccines in the arsenal of medicine that can cure many diseases or prevent their occurrence. Perhaps immunity is not so important?

Without immunity, living organisms would not have lived a day, getting sick with all known and undescribed diseases. No innovative drugs can not alone, without the support of the immune system, to defeat the ills. Thanks to her, the body quickly recognizes "saboteurs" who provoke diseases, and destroys them.

If the immunity is weakened, then the invasions go unnoticed or the body can not effectively resist the enemy. Therefore, a person begins to get sick all the time of infectious and colds. It is proved that people with reduced immunity are at risk and according to the likelihood of somatic diseases (including cancer).

Is it possible to increase immunity by eating garlic, lemons or patented food additives? Hardly. Stimulate the immune system can only those substances that go directly into the blood (and not in the stomach) by means of droppers and injections. But natural medicines will reduce the likelihood of infection, that is, indirectly help the immune system. And yogurt will improve digestion, which will also contribute to the overall improvement of the body.

It is possible to strengthen the immune system through hardening and a healthy lifestyle.

Restorative therapy: how to raise the immunity of an adult folk remedies?

Strengthening immunity by natural means actually means that their use will lead to an improvement in the work of all organs. This will support the body's defenses.

What methods of alternative medicine will help strengthen the "security system"? We list the most effective folk remedies that will make you forget about illnesses and discomforts:

  • drink from the leaves of walnut. For its preparation it is necessary to take 2 tbsp. l nut leaves, brew them in a thermos 1 tbsp. boiling water, insist 12 hours. Consume according to ¼ Art. daily. To improve the effect, it is also useful to eat 5 pcs. kernels of the nuts themselves;
  • infusion of onions and honey. Ingredients for this medicinal drink: onion - 250 g (finely chopped), sugar - 200 g. Mix, add ½ l of water, boil the composition for 1.5 hours. Cool, add 2 tbsp. l honey Insist filter, pour into glass dish. Drink 1 tbsp. l 3 times a day;
  • Vitamin drink from 2 tbsp. l needles (it is pre-washed in cold water) and 1 liter of boiling water. Boil for 20 minutes. Insist about half an hour, strain. To improve the taste of the drink, when you use it, you can flavor it with honey or sugar. Drink 1 tbsp. daily. You can divide this portion into 3 doses;
  • vitamin compote. If you drink 500 ml of such a drink per day, this will allow you to survive seasonal outbreaks of infections, avoiding infection. To prepare you will need the following components: mint, lemon balm, a plant willow-tea (it can be found in the pharmacy), chestnut flowers. Each ingredient should be taken on 5 st. l They are mixed and poured 1 liter of boiling water, kept on the fire for 2 hours. Separately, you should cook 2 liters of ordinary berry compote. Both composition mix. It will turn out tasty and useful for immunity;
  • healing mixture of aloevera and honey. It will take 500 grams of aloe leaves (its “age” should be more than 3 years). Before you remove them from the plant, you need to cancel watering (for 14 days). The leaves should lie for a week in the fridge. Then they scroll through the meat grinder. Add 1/3 of Art. honey and 1.5 tbsp. Cahors. Drink 1 tbsp. l before meals three times a day;
  • therapeutic mixture of radish and carrots. Each vegetable take on ½ tbsp. Grate, add 1 tbsp. l honey and the same amount of lemon juice, to take in preventive purposes against the infection of ARVI twice a day, 1 tbsp. l .;
  • if you want to safely strengthen the immune system of a pregnant or nursing mother, you can use ginger root, garlic or echinacea.

The skin is the first defender on the path of infection, it is an important element of physiological protection. Therefore, a vitamin bath can also serve as a means of its safe strengthening. How does it help increase the immunity of an adult?

In a large saucepan, brew raspberries, currants, sea buckthorn, wild rose, rowan, lingonberries (if there is no component, it does not matter) Pour all these ingredients with boiling water. Insist 15 minutes, fill the bath with water, pour the prepared composition, add 2 drops of eucalyptus oil. Such a water procedure (its duration should be 20 minutes) is a great way to resist catarrhal diseases.

Unlike the gifts of nature, medicines are quite expensive and contain chemical components. As for efficacy, the drugs are more "fast" compared with decoction and infusions.

Where to look for immunity?

The answer to the question of how to raise the immunity of an adult is hidden in a cookbook. There is a whole list of products attributed to the ability to strengthen the protective properties of the body. Like it or not, our grandmothers rarely got sick and lived a long time without antiviral and immunomodulating drugs.

What products will help to become stronger and not get sick with an acute respiratory disease (or recover quickly and without complications)?

  • Green tea. It contains antioxidants and vitamins, which has a positive effect on the immune system. To enhance these abilities, you can drink green tea with lemon.
  • Garlic and onions. Excellent natural probiotics, thanks to which the growth of beneficial bacteria increases.
  • Citruses. Equip the body with vitamin C, which is necessary to prevent infections.
  • Dairy products. Beneficial effect on the intestines.
  • Raw carrots. Eat it every day - and forget about the diseases caused by infections.
  • Berries. Cranberries, blueberries, currants are an essential element of the diet during colds.

Need a "shield" for the body? Do not lie on the couch!

How to raise the immunity of an adult at home without drugs and herbal infusions? This is possible if you make an effort. The first thing to do is get up from the couch and help your immunity. How? Change the mode and pay attention to the legs.

One of the most reliable ways to improve immunity - a bath or sauna. Fans of bath procedures, as a rule, do not complain about health. It should be noted.

For the immune system to work like a clock, you need to walk in the air and move more. Hour walk (especially in the green zone) will be very useful for immunity.

Often the cold begins with hypothermia of the legs, so they should be given special attention. Once a week, do a 15-minute massage using this composition: eucalyptus, lemon and tea tree oil (2 drops each), cinnamon oil - 1 drop, plus your favorite oil, which will become the base.

If catarrhal diseases simply do not allow you to live, then you can go to extreme measures - to become a "walrus". Naturally, you should not immediately dive into the ice hole. The hardening process should begin with douches with a gradual decrease in water temperature.

To what extent does immunity need to be raised? In fact, too high immunity is a pathological condition. He will even fight with such harmless substances as dust, pet hair, or plant pollen. Immunity can form so many protective proteins that it will cause anaphylactic shock. Therefore, saving oneself from diseases, one should not live on immunomodulating drugs. It is better to eat right and give up bad habits.

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