Faced with serious illnesses and no relief from the treatment prescribed by the doctor, many are beginning to look for other ways to become healthy. Among the methods of alternative medicine one of the widely used is hirudotherapy, the benefits and harms of which are still the subject of controversy of many doctors.

To a person who is not familiar with the principle of action of this method, leech therapy may seem to be something disgusting and dangerous. It is alarming that, despite the antiquity of this method, it has not been widely spread (for example, in comparison with massage). But how then can one explain the numerous positive reviews about hirudotherapy, which almost cures diseases of the blood vessels, the spine, joints, and even the nervous system?

Principle of operation and effect

Hirudotherapy: the benefits and harm

This medical procedure, which has become a salvation for many, is based on several effects. In the course of a session, leeches belonging to the class of annelids, release hirudin into the integuments and blood of a person. This component has a healing effect on the circulatory system, cleansing it, and a prophylactic effect, preventing the formation of blood clots.

Here are the three main factors of leech exposure:

  1. Reflex, underlying reflexology and acupuncture. The leech slightly bites through the skin at points that are distinguished by the greatest bioactivity (they are responsible for the work of specific organs or systems). That is, the effect is similar to acupressure and the effects of needles.
  2. Mechanical, based on the method of medical bleeding. Absorbing leeches contribute to the loss of a small volume of blood, thereby freeing blood vessels, normalizing pressure and improving blood circulation. The result is a more active supply of nutrients and oxygen to the center of stagnation (for example, in the case of osteochondrosis or arthrosis). Due to this, the swelling is removed, the pain goes away.
  3. Biological, which consists in the leech excretion of a mixture of useful substances, due to which the general tone of the body increases, its recovery takes place.

What do leeches treat?

Some experts say that hirudotherapy can cure almost all diseases. However, we must not forget that, like any method of traditional or alternative medicine, treatment with leeches has indications and contraindications.

What leeches treat

The most popular use of these living creatures in the treatment of:

  • diseases of blood vessels and blood vessels. This is especially true of hypertension. Conducting a course of hirudotherapy in conjunction with the normalization of lifestyle will prevent the development of the disease. By the way, none of the modern methods of traditional treatment to cure hypertension does not allow. Good leeches and help with varicose veins, strengthening the walls of blood vessels.
  • diseases of the joints and spine. Osteochondrosis, scoliosis, arthrosis are incurable - it is worth noting immediately. All methods of treatment of these diseases are aimed only at alleviating the symptoms (pain) and stopping their development. The leeches make the patient feel much better, especially in combination with a therapeutic massage (courses should be taken alternately, but not simultaneously). They improve the blood circulation of the spine, supplying the joints with nutrients, thereby stopping their destruction.
  • diseases of the genitourinary system. The effect of hirudotherapy in the treatment of prostatitis and other congestion, endometriosis, hormonal imbalance and inflammatory processes in the female genital area has been proven.
  • for the prevention of diseases of the nervous system, the development of pathologies of hearing, vision. This is a good tool in the composition of rehabilitation measures after strokes.


The harm of hirudotherapy, contraindications

Before you conduct a session of hirudotherapy, you must familiarize yourself not only with the indications, but also with contraindications to this procedure.

It is necessary to calm everyone at once: leeches do not pose any danger to human life (in the absence of contraindications). The fact that the procedure is authorized by the Ministry of Health (subject to its implementation by a qualified specialist) suggests that leeches do not suck blood and do not breed within the human body, which many fear. Harm their use can bring only in the presence of contraindications. These include:

  • chronic hypotension. Hirudotherapy lowers blood pressure, which makes it a prohibited procedure for hypotonia. For people with low blood pressure, this method will bring nothing but harm: even dizziness and fainting are possible. Before the procedure, the specialist should always ask the patient about his average pressure, measure it.
  • low levels of hemoglobin in the blood. With hirudotherapy, a certain amount of blood is sucked out, which aggravates anemia;
  • poor blood clotting. If in a healthy person small blood loss causes a positive effect, then with weak hemocoagulation, bleeding may open;
  • malignant tumors, HIV;
  • monthly bleeding, as well as two days before and after;
  • pregnancy and feeding.

The last two contraindications are explained by the fact that the body is already in a state of stress, and external influences can lead to a breakdown.

The harm of hirudotherapy, contraindications

It turns out that there are not so many limitations in using this method, and the positive effect is quite impressive. However, in the treatment of leeches, the benefits and harms may change places depending on the presence of contraindications.

Reviews of "communication" with leeches

Reviews of patients practicing treatment with leeches, mostly positive. Many people pay attention to the significant relief of pain in the back and joints after the course. Some women write with delight that after a course of treatment they managed to get pregnant.

Very often, negative feedback on this method is a consequence of the fact that people go to the procedure without knowing the contraindications. Most often in negative responses complain of weakness, dizziness, apathy. Such symptoms should not really be. They mean that a person has low blood pressure or low blood hemoglobin. Those who do not have such problems, after leeches, have improved their state of health and increased efficiency.

Should I try hirudotherapy? If there are problems with the spine, varicose veins, nervous stress, muscle pain, the answer is unequivocal - "yes." In order to get only one result of hirudotherapy - benefit, and to completely eliminate the harm from the procedure, it is necessary to have a preliminary examination and consultation of the therapist.

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