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In search of miracle cures for terrible ailments, for example, oncology, people are ready to go as far as they wish. Since medicine has come up with little traditional medicine, this niche has definitely been taken up by unconventional practice. Plants are used as drugs, but there is a separate branch - insect therapy, which implies treatment with insects. A popular medicine has recently become a medicine beetle, contraindications for treatment are unknown, since their value and benefits have not been scientifically proven, but this does not stop those who are interested in this technique and are simply curious.

Vitamins with paws

Recommendations for the treatment of the beetle healer is found on the Web quite often

Recommendations for the treatment of beetle healer found on the Web quite often. There are many stories about how people were cured of terrible diseases - cancer, diabetes, psoriasis, ulcers, and even AIDS.

The black black beetle is called the panacea for all diseases. Alternative medicine recommends taking the "medicine" alive, dead bugs lose their effectiveness. But if the death of an insect occurs in the human stomach, then it is accompanied by the release of enzymes that increase immunity, cure diseases and return youth. It is necessary to begin treatment with one insect per day, each day increasing the quantity by one. When the "dosage" is 70 bugs a day, you need to move in the reverse order, reducing the number of bugs.

Those who advertise the treatment with a medicine man-beetle argue that it is not at all disgusting to swallow living insects, although for most people only a mention of such treatment clumps up the throat. In order to more easily overcome the psychological barrier, bugs can be wrapped in a bread crumb, stirred in kefir (just so that they are not sunk), mixed in porridge.

It is not difficult to buy a medicine man’s beetle, numerous sellers testifying to their own miraculous healing sell the beetles cheaply, but if you take into account that the dosage is constantly increasing and you need to take medicine for the rest of your life, then the acquisition is expensive.

What do the doctor's say?

What do the doctor's say?

Reviews of doctors about the medicine beetle, as a rule, converge to one thing: there is no official statistics confirming the effectiveness of this treatment. Since there are no official studies and documented tests conducted on volunteers, the method may pose a threat to the health and lives of people. Allergic reactions may occur, especially if there are a large number of insects in the body at the same time. The protein secreted by beetles is destroyed by gastric acid, but, nevertheless, it can cause serious damage to the mucous.

People tend to believe in miracles, especially when faced with trouble in the form of a serious illness, which traditional medicine cannot cope with, alas. Insectotherapy, including medicinal medicine beetles, guarantees quick healing for a small fee. People who are fascinated by the method themselves breed beetles, especially since it is easy to do this: beetles live in a glass jar and feed on bread and bran. (In nature, dark-brows are pests and cause great harm).

Believe it or not, be horrified at how people swallow live beetles, or go to extreme measures in search of salvation. There are many followers of this method of treatment. But it is very important not to substitute traditional medicine for treatment in ways like the medicine beetle.

Perhaps the beetles will not harm the body, and maybe the patient will really feel the improvement of the condition and the clinical picture, the recovery of strength - our body has incredible reserves and harbors many surprises. The placebo method also works if the patient truly believes in his help. But in the case when a person resorts to traditional medicine, abandoning doctors, precious time may be lost and it is too late to do something. "Reviews" on the Internet can only be an advertising campaign that is beneficial for businessmen who do not blindly believe everything. Take care of your health.