Fruitarian eugene


Eugene - fruktorianets. He began his way to a healthy life with raw food, looking for a way to increase energy. In his plans - a gradual transition to the sun.



How did you find out about a new type of food for yourself, when and why did you decide to switch to it?

Once in Russia a financial crisis began. It was at the end of 2008. My wife left me with a child. I lost my job. I was kicked out of a rented apartment for non-payment. And I met one person who gave me to listen to Vadim Zelanda’s audio book “Transurfing of Reality”. My life began to improve. I listened to all the books. And in the last of them the author spoke about the method of increasing energy. This food is a living plant food without heat and any other processing (raw foods). Without thinking, I became a syroed. This was on April 27, 2009. At first I ate salads. But this did not last long. I started using the Internet. Search for information on this topic. I learned about monotrophic nutrition. Switched to monotrophic raw foods. Further more.

Are you a raw food eater or have you switched to fruit only? Are you planning to continue eating like this?

Now i fruit badger. I'm currently on the second bottom of the dry fasting. What after fasting? I think. At a minimum, reduce fruit intake. As a maximum - eat fruit juices with a further transition to sun-study. How easy was the transition (immediately or abruptly)? I switched to raw foods at once, abruptly, in an instant. Have you had side effects from the transition? Due to the sharp transition, I had a terrible rash on my hands, all my fingers looked terrible. This caused some discomfort, but at most cosmetic. Decreased body weight, how much - I do not know, not weighed. In general, I have little interest. It lasted four months. Imperceptibly, the skin on the hands returned to normal. Weight returned to normal. How did you fight public opinion?

At first, I didn't tell anyone. Vegan friends supported and didn’t believe that I could. Over time, relatives learned. They were against and did not take me seriously, because I was trying to explain something to them, to prove it. However, I do not care about their opinion, life is mine. Were there moments when you returned to the previous steps and allowed yourself to eat something that you refused? There were also breakdowns. I remember, for the first time, after half a year, I ate a piece of cake, and felt intoxicated, akin to alcoholic. It was unusual, unusual. How has your life changed due to the transition to raw food eating, and then to fruit feeding? The increased level of energy, vitality. I began to do exercises in the morning, to run. I did not know where to put it, in the sense of energy. It's great. Clarity of mind, thinking. Increased awareness. I looked at the world from a different angle, from a different point of view. Reality is perceived objectively. What do you advise those who are just going to start eating the same way as you? Subscribe to the newsletter. Management of reality. Http:// This is a very good newsletter. There we are talking about a living kitchen, and methods of increasing energy, and about many, many interesting things that relate directly raw foods and fruit-eating! Successes!

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