Fructorian larisa

Larissa - fruktoed for five months, and before that there were 12 years of disability ...

Before and after:

How did you find out about the new type of food, when and why did you decide to switch to it? Do you plan to continue eating like this?

I was a desperate "dish". In spite of the fact that I, due to the "balanced" and "irreplaceable" nutrition, by the age of 50 was already disabled by the second group with a twelve-year "experience" of disability diagnosed with fecal fistula in the large intestine, nine difficult operations and regular pus cleansing operations (which came out not only from the abdominal, but also from the lumbar region, formed a through channel for the withdrawal of pus and "in front" and "behind") I still decided to go to raw food, not thinking about any calories , not listening to friends, rostovennik, authoritative, merit trained doctors who themselves were ill. Poisonous daughter, who was already a year and a half fruktoedom.

How easy was the transition?

I confess, my raw food diet was a couple of days, and the next time it was fruit food - I ate and eat only fruit this time (sometimes there was only freshly squeezed carrot juice from vegetables), I drank freshly squeezed fruit juices, I hungry for 24 hours regularly and once every three days on dry starvation (without water and food). I switched to fruit-eating in August - the season of watermelons, which I loved very much, while I was always, so it was easy. It is very easy to start raw food eating in the summer or early autumn, when there is an incredible abundance of fruits and vegetables. Later, in the absence of seasonal fruit, it fed on imported fruits. Many people are afraid that they are "stuffed" with chemistry and will not bring any benefit to the body, but it’s not a fact that all types of fruit are processed enough to lie on the shelves for months. If our country is cold, it does not mean that it is cold all over the planet. A new crop is harvested in different countries all year round, so there will be some seasonality even with imported fruit. In addition, starting to eat right, everyone understands that it is better to eat imported processed banana than boiled rice or meat, even doctors know that these are very mucus-forming foods.

Were there you side effects?

Two to three weeks after switching to raw foods the body begins to be intensively cleansed, it usually happens in everyone through the intestines, simply through the process we are used to. In most cases, people try to weaken the effect of raw plant nutrition by using foods that are not quite raw, and eventually return to their usual destructive food, without actually being on proper nutrition. Do not be afraid to lose weight on this diet! The organism will be intensively cleaned only during the first months. All that before you considered your muscles, will be liquid, mucus, slag, fat. All that remains is your real muscles. After complete cleaning of the body, there is a set of lean muscle mass in a live diet! You change not only yourself, but also many people who are in your environment.

I had an intensive cleansing of pus and mucus through the fistula canal, which I think contributed to a three-day dry fasting. There was a lot of pus. Since I was disabled, slags that had accumulated over the years of perverted food with boiled food came out of the affected place. Now my illness has passed completely! And the 30-year-old allergy has passed in the first two months of fructology, chronic bronchitis has passed! I threw the disability certificate in the trash and I’m not going to go to the hospital now! I look, as you can see, and I feel great! Therefore, anyone who wants to be healthy and give birth to healthy children, and especially for people with chronic diseases and other diseases of internal organs and systems, and simply those who want to live without diseases, being in good health and clear consciousness need to switch to such human food with fresh fruit.

How to fight public opinion?

At first, all my friends, my two brothers, relatives were “in shock,” explained that they were “on a diet,” they persuaded them to eat boiled, roasted meat, and I quietly ate my favorite watermelons and did not listen, now everyone understood that fruit is my favorite food.

As it turned out, relatives and friends do not really have enough knowledge, and this “emptiness”, “gap” in a certain area is usually filled with fears, prejudices, stereotypes and consumer society. In fact, it is terrible that our consciousness is so distorted, and if a person does not eat his usual "food", then most often his relatives label him "crazy." It is very sad and painful to realize this, but it so happened that the necessary, important concern for the physical and spiritual in a person is hung from ignorance of the “labels” - “sectarianism” or “selfishness”, and everything from the fact that those who say so simply don’t ready for this stage of her life to abandon the “charms” of life. The fact is that from a healthy diet, there is a sea of ​​energy, positive, love for neighbors and interest in Life, new opportunities are opening up, but there are always people who are not indifferent not only your inner and inner her condition, but also the society in which they will live (and I confess ... I want to see this society healthy not only physically, but also morally). They are sad to see statuses in social networks, in which they are detuned for their diseases, they are afraid to watch people who, in the prime of their years, are already turning into ruins, overgrown with fat (believe more) and a bunch of diseases. When relatives study deeper, not superficially, the theme of raw food, they understand that they were convinced that it is normal to get sick and die in diseases, I also convinced myself of this.

How has your life changed due to the transitionto fruit feeding?

My transition to fruiting made not only external, visible changes by all, but also internal. From the first days of fruit-learning I know and realize myself and my body. Lightness, self-confidence and even wisdom appeared, which completely replace the "culinary passion". I began to learn foreign languages ​​and memorize easily, although I could not understand two words before and it was difficult to remember, now everything is given simply, with ease. Significantly improved memory. Well, the aesthetic (natural beauty) and economic aspects are also present, they are many times more positive than in the setting. And in general, all life is changing ... I look after my daughter, how she changed before our eyes in two years of raw food diet, and I only have it in the first 5 months of such a lifestyle, and then how much more beautiful!

Daily physical and mental pain has now been replaced by joy. The preferences have changed, a lot of things from what I read before were not clear, now the thoughts are clear, everything is easy. I don’t watch TV at all, it’s very important to remove it for a healthy and successful life.

In general, loved ones do not know, they say that I am another person - joyful, healthy, glowing!

It is difficult to exchange these new pseudo-taste “dish-like” pleasures that turned me into a wreck with teeth beginning to deteriorate and physical ailments by the age of 26 and a wreck with a “bunch” of serious illnesses, complex operations, and disability by 50 years ... I note, without too much exaggeration, that something similar is waiting for everyone, if they do not switch to the species of human raw vegetable food.

Were there moments when you allowed yourself to eat something that you refused?

I will not return to the "balanced" nutrition - boiled vegetables, potatoes, kefir, and even more so to cutlets, boiled meat and cakes because what the body and spirit experience on the diet with exclusively raw vegetable products (in particular, only fresh fruits, as in my case) to indispensable non-refined cooking, to which my and your body, by the way, have not adapted for many years, as evidenced by the human illness and illness, from childhood to mature.

What advise those who are just going to start eating the same way as you?

I made sure that raw foods- it is a conscious choice to live life brighter, happier, more energetic, more successful, more fun, without pain and suffering. It is more pleasing that the internal state has changed along with the external one. Truly our body and spirit are one. Enjoy every minute of life! And I wish you all good luck, goodness, health and light! And most importantly - be one, strive to become whole! You have everything for this! Now you know my experience, if you have questions - ask, I will definitely answer and help. Here are the coordinates of my page on the Vkontakte network, write: and e-mail: [email protected]

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