Expectorants for bronchitis for adults and children.

Everyone knows the disease called bronchitis, in which the inflammatory process in the human respiratory system affects the bronchi. A dry cough at the onset of the disease, which interferes with nights, turns into a wet one and lasts from several weeks to months. What will help coughing up painful sputum? Consider expectorants for bronchitis.

When are prescribed expectorants?

expectorants for bronchitis

Bronchitis is one of the most common causes of seeking medical help. According to the classification, it is divided into acute and chronic, and the second may develop as a complication of the first or as a result of prolonged exposure to adverse factors, such as dust and smoke.

Acute bronchitis is the result of exposure to an infection on the human body, which causes inflammation of the mucosa of the tracheobronchial tree, followed by coughing and sputum production. In the case of a chronic course of the disease, changes occur in the accompanying inflammatory process, sputum hypersecretion and impaired protective function.

In normal health, up to 100 ml of secretion is produced in the airways within 24 hours. When a pathological condition occurs, an increased amount of viscous sputum disrupts gas exchange processes, stimulates the multiplication of microbes.

Difficulties with coughing come to the fore. That is why, first of all, drugs are needed that can dilute the consistency of sputum, help its progress and stimulate the early elimination by expectoration. According to the principle of action, expectorants can be divided into the following categories:

  • expectorant stimulants;
  • a means of diluting the sputum and reduce its consistency.

After ingestion, stimulating expectoration affects the gastric mucosa, which causes a brain center that controls vomiting and cough reflexes. This activity contributes to increased production of fluid secretion in the bronchi. Mucolytics, this is one of the names of phlegal diluents, affecting mucus, reduces its consistency.

Nuances of mucolytic administration

Nuances of mucolytic administration

One of the nuances of using stimulants for expectoration is the short duration of their action. The increase in the amount of the drug taken, along with the center of the brain that regulates coughing, also activates the emetic. The consequence of this will be severe nausea, vomiting, as well as heartburn. Therefore, in this case, the frequency and regularity of medication.

The increase in fluid intake contributes to the strengthening of the action of funds As a side reaction to the reception of mucolytics may be the manifestation of allergic reactions. Precautions need to take expectorant during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester.

Acceptance of expectorant drugs together with antibiotics entails an increase in the concentration of the latter in the tissues of the lungs. In addition, the simultaneous use of mucolytics with drugs that inhibit the cough reflex, leads to the stagnation of sputum in the bronchi, which aggravates the course of the disease.

The best expectorant for bronchitis: a review of drugs

The drug market is quite saturated with drugs that ensure the removal of bronchial secretions from the respiratory tract. To choose an effective expectorant for bronchitis, we will review them. We will consider only the most famous and common ones.

The desired effect is inherent in drugs produced in such forms as:

  • syrups;
  • tablets or lozenges for sucking;
  • powders and effervescent tablets;
  • herbal fees.

We list the most effective drugs:

Means on the basis of an extract of Altea root medicinal - tablets "Mukaltin" and syrup "Alteyka".

Preparations with herb thermopsis lanceolate:

  • "Thermopsol" - tablets from the extract;
  • grass powders;
  • "Codelac Broncho" - tablets with dry grass extract, ambroxol, sodium bicarbonate.
  • Pertussin syrup;
  • "Bronkhostop" - pastilles and syrup with an extract of thyme and althea.

Means on the basis of the plantain - Herbion syrup.

Preparations of thyme extract:

  • Combined preparations that include extracts of several herbs - Linkas, Expectorant, Kofol syrups.
  • Complex herbal preparations - syrup and lollipops "Travisil".
  • Bromhexine drugs - Bromhexine in syrup and tablets.

Bromhexine Drugs -

  • Preparations of Bromhexine and herbs - oral drops "Bronkhosan".
  • Ambroxol preparations - tablets, syrup and solution for inhalation "Ambroxol", "Lasolvan".
  • Acetylcysteine ​​preparations - effervescent tablets and powders "ACC".
  • Medicinal fees - chest №1, №2, №3.
  • Preparations from dried and ground rhizomes - "Licorice root", "Althea root".

Expectorants for bronchitis for children are presented in almost every category, and most of them are syrups. When prescribing the drug, the baby should take into account its age and weight. Manufacturers often provide dimensional containers with the necessary gradation.

Drugs that have a strong expectorant effect and are prescribed for bronchitis are Bromhexine, Ambroxol, Acetylcysteine ​​mucolytic drugs.

Folk remedies

A lot of information about expectorant means for bronchitis is offered by traditional medicine:

  • 1 tbsp. l collection of birch leaves, wild rosemary, birch buds, oregano, nettle leaf should be poured into 500 ml of water and boiled over low heat. After settling for hours, you should drink a decoction 3 times a day in a stack.
  • Milled leaves of the plantain (4 tbsp. L.) brew in 500 ml of boiling water. Having given 4 hours, we take on ½ Art. up to 4 times a day.
  • 1 tbsp. l Without a hill finely ground sage leaf fall asleep in 1 tbsp. milk Stir and boil in an enamel container. After boiling the broth must be drained. We drink warm milk before bedtime.
  • In a glass of warm milk, add ½ tsp. butter, ½ tsp food soda, 1/3 of Art. "Borjomi". Sugar or honey put to taste. We drink healing broth before night rest.

When selecting an expectorant for bronchitis, first of all, you need to adhere to the drugs prescribed by the doctor. In the event of a negative effect or a weak effect of the prescribed drug, you should, together with your doctor, select a new medicine. The same applies to additional means of traditional medicine. Be healthy!

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