Essliver forte or essentiale forte

Hepatoprotectors should be in each first-aid kit, since the blows to the liver are constantly carried out: from antibiotic treatment to ecology and stress. All this leads not only to slight disruptions in her work, but also to serious disruptions in functioning. Among relatively natural preparations of this type, Essentiale Forte and Essliver Forte are the most popular. What is better and what is the difference between them? Is it worth overpaying, or can you trust more budget funds?

General characteristics of Essentiale Forte

Essentiale Forte is a classic representative of hepatoprotectors working with phospholipids. Until 2014, it also included vitamins, but after updating the drug, they were excluded. In addition to the active component, whose proportion is 300 mg, the composition contains oils (soybeans and castor oil), solid fat, ethanol. In capsules, in addition to gelatin, dyes E171 and E172 are observed. The drug is available in the form of capsules, in packs of 30 and 100 pcs. Indications for use "Essentiale Forte" are:

  • Toxic liver damage (from the effects of antibiotics to drug intoxication);
  • Hepatitis and hepatosis of any genesis and in a chronic form;
  • Cirrhosis and psoriasis;
  • Toxicosis during pregnancy and total slagging of the liver;
  • Fatty degeneration of the liver;
  • Irradiation of the liver;

Also, the drug can be used as a means to prevent the occurrence of stones in the bile ducts and gall bladder.

  • In addition to the main action, Essentiale Forte has a choleretic effect, as a result of which side effects such as increased severity in the right hypochondrium and lower, as well as diarrhea are possible in the admission process. But they are saved only the first 2-3 days. In connection with a similar effect of the drug, it is recommended to combine it with a diet.
  • The maximum concentration of the active substance is reached at the 4th hour from the moment of administration, it lasts for 18-20 hours.
  • Capsules are consumed with food, must be washed down with liquid in sufficient quantities. With a body weight of more than 43 kg, 2 capsules are used, with a frequency of up to 3 times per day.

Essentiale Forte is undesirable for children under 12 years old, but the harm of the drug at this age has not been proven. Pregnant women in the first trimester is allowed, during lactation allowed with caution. It is advisable to wean the child at the time of reception.

Essentiale Forte: consumer reviews

The ratings of this drug on all sites with reviews are impressive - they almost unconditionally put "excellent": the tool justifies its high cost.

Kristina: "Daughters (2g) put on hepatosis, and I had to urgently look for the most benign drug allowed to a small child. The choice fell on Essentiale Forte - the instruction says nothing about child use, so I decided at my own risk. I used first / 3 capsules, and in order to divide it, softened the shell in water - otherwise it did not work out. The child took the medicine well, switched to a full capsule, drank a month. The drug worked perfectly, there was no trace of the diagnosis. "

Yana: “As it turned out, Essentiale is not omnipotent: I read positive reviews, I decided to try it myself, after consulting with a doctor, I suffer from cholecystitis in a chronic form, which sometimes worsens. nausea. However, a week after discontinuation of the drug, all sensations returned, blood biochemistry also showed no changes. "

Olga: “The drug is good, even very: it drank during toxicosis, because there was no strength every morning to part with the entire contents of the stomach and react to odors during the day. A natural reaction, of course, but not much.” Essentiale Forte worked perfectly, 3 days I was able to eat normally (not heavy food), without fear for further hours and minutes. The only thing I don’t think is worth justifying is that the price for a natural product is too high. "

Let's talk about the drug "Essliver Forte"

According to its characteristics - pharmacokinetics and pharmacological action - "Essliver Forte" is a full-fledged analogue of "Essentiale Forte", but their composition, identical at first glance, is slightly different.

  • The active substance - phospholipid - also goes to 300 mg per 1 capsule. However, choline in it is 29%, against 76% indicated in Essentiale Forte. The vitamins of group B are added to them. There are no oils in the auxiliary substances - instead of them there are several forms of sodium, talc, magnesium stearate. The capsule itself is on gelatin, with glycerin and the same dyes.

Among the indications for use are absolutely the same violations as for the more expensive option, but in addition, the following points are added:

  • Disruption of lipid metabolism;

For children under 12 years old, the drug is permitted when observed by a doctor, the same applies to pregnant and lactating women. Side effects for "Essliver Forte" were not identified, excluding the possible unpleasant symptoms in the right hypochondrium and individual allergic reactions. Such a “softness” of the action is due to the reduced choline content in the composition.

  • The dosage of the drug "Essliver Forte" depends only on the age: up to 3 capsules are recommended for adults, 3 times a day, together with food, with the obligatory addition of liquid. Children - 1 capsule, with the same frequency of admission. The course lasts 2-3 months.

What do people say about him?

Vera: “Liver restoration remedies in my first-aid kit are updated more often with activated carbon — constantly have to be treated with antibiotics, then the whole body needs support. I can safely say that for Essentiale Forte, the best budget equivalent is Essliver Forte: at a cost cheaper than 3 times, the effect is just as good. They even have the same composition, what about the rest? "

Elina: “After a serious infection and a severe course of antibiotics and simply strong drugs, the most enduring liver failed completely, and the tests allowed to diagnose toxic hepatitis.” Essliver Forte was taken on a personal initiative, although I was following “Essentiale”, which I The pharmacy wasn’t. Honestly, I didn’t pin my hopes, because the drug cost much less than what I had been prescribed, but the next day I had a desire to touch the food, even though I couldn’t eat much. um he recovered after 15 days to complete the course and went to a new survey -. Hepatitis disappeared. "

Pauline: “I started taking the drug for reasons of liver recovery due to its overload - an excess of junk food manifested as a rash on the face, and it became clear that the liver could not cope. Only the diet was not enough, so I bought Essliver Forte. I took exactly 2 weeks , but the prolonged effect - acne disappeared completely only by the end of the 3rd, but the general state of health began to improve already on the 4th day. "

Is it possible to determine which is better, "Essliver Forte" or "Essentiale Forte", based on the above material? Their main difference is cost, release form, lack of vitamins in Essentiale Forte, but a higher concentration of phospholipids. This should lead to the fact that the efficiency of the Essentiale Forte is higher, but, as consumer reviews show, Essliver Forte is not inferior to it.

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