Enhance immunity folk remedies

The immune system helps the human body to cope with various diseases. Therefore, it is very important to keep her in good condition. It is especially important to increase immunity in the cold season and in the offseason, when our body is most susceptible to the appearance of various kinds of infections.

Folk remedies to improve immunity will help you restore the supply of vitamins in the body, enrich it with various beneficial substances. These funds due to its action on the immune system can heal the entire body, increasing its resistance.

Folk remedies to improve immunity

Walnut to increase immunity

You will need walnut leaves. They need to grind and take two tablespoons. Crushed leaves pour half a liter of boiling water and leave in a thermos overnight. It is necessary to drink the received drug on one fourth of a glass a day. A simpler variation of the same recipe is to eat five to six walnuts each day. You will need to eat nuts to increase immunity for a month.

To prepare a balm to increase immunity, you will need a pound of walnuts. They must be crushed beforehand. To the nuts, add 300 g of honey, juice of four lemons, aloe juice (100 g) and a glass of vodka. All components need to be mixed and left in a dark place for a day. It is necessary to use balm thirty minutes before meals three times a day, one tablespoon.

Needles for increased immunity

You can prepare a drink from the needles of spruce, which is saturated with vitamins. In order to prepare such a drink, you will need 2 tablespoons of spruce needles. It must be thoroughly rinsed in cold water and placed in a bowl (for example, a saucepan). After that, needles need to pour boiling water. Boiling need about a glass. The contents of the pan must be boiled for twenty minutes.

Then the broth must insist about half an hour. After the tool is infused, it must be drained. Before you use a healing drink, you must add sugar, honey or cabbage pickle. It is necessary to accept means within a day (in two-three receptions) on one glass. This drink should be taken as a means of preventing scurvy and to increase the body's resistance to various infections.

Bow to enhance immunity

For the preparation of the next remedy you will need onions. It is necessary to finely chop 250 g of onions. Sliced ​​onions should be mixed with 200 g of sugar. Then add half a liter of water to the mix. All this must be cooked over low heat for one and a half hours.

When the cooking process is finished, the tool must be cooled. When the whole mass cools, add 2 tbsp. honey Then the tool must be drained and placed in a glass container. It is necessary to accept the received means three to five times a day, one tablespoon.

Vitamin compote to improve immunity

You will need 5 tablespoons of mint, lemon balm, chestnut flowers and ivan tea. All these ingredients must be brewed in a liter of boiling water. The tool must be infused for two hours. In addition to herbs, you will need a variety of berries. An essential element among them is cranberries. The rest of the berries can take at will. Boil the berry mixture should be in two liters of water. The number of berries can be any. Berry compote and herbal infusion must be mixed. Every day, drink half a liter of such compote.

Cranberries to increase immunity

To prepare another means to improve immunity, you will need a pound of cranberries. Berries need to knead. Then take the walnut kernels (one glass) and green apples, which need two or three pieces. Apples must be cut into cubes. Peel off them do not need to cut. To all listed ingredients add half a glass of water, and also a pound of sugar.

The resulting mixture should be cooked over low heat until boiling. Then the prepared mass must be placed in a glass container. It is necessary to eat the received means in the morning and in the evening together with tea on one tablespoon.

Herbal collection to improve immunity

Prepare a herbal collection of lemon balm, hop cones, linden flowers, coriander seeds, motherwort, oregano grass, valerian root, and dried grass grass. All herbs must be mixed together in equal proportions. The resulting collection must be brewed in a kettle, which must first be scalded with boiling water. The collection will need one tablespoon of a heap for half a liter of boiling water. You need to wrap the teapot as tightly as possible. Brewing need to be about one and a half to two hours. The resulting infusion must be drunk per day. This should be done in two or three steps.

Such a collection not only enhances immunity, but also has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

Aloe to increase immunity

Take a pound of aloe leaves and rinse them thoroughly. Then the leaves should be allowed to dry, then put them in the refrigerator, where they will have to stay for five days. Make sure that your aloe is not older than three years. Before you cut it, do not water the flower for two weeks. Cooked aloe leaves must be twisted in a meat grinder. You should have three quarters of a glass of mass.

The resulting mass of leaves must be mixed with one and a half cups of Cahors and equal in the amount of aloe honey. This mixture should be consumed before meals three times a day, one tablespoon.

Vitamin bath to enhance immunity

To strengthen the immune system, you can use a vitamin bath. To prepare such a miraculous bath, it is necessary to take leaves or sprigs of raspberry, lingonberry, currant, sea buckthorn, mountain ash or wild rose. If something is missing, do not be discouraged. Take a bath with those components that are in stock. The percentage of components in the broth should be equal.

The mixture must be poured boiling water and insist for five to ten minutes. When the decoction is ready, add it to the bath. Take this bath should be about fifteen minutes. If desired, there you can add a few more drops of cedar or eucalyptus oil. Such a bath will be good not only for prevention, but also in the fight against colds and flu.

Folk remedies are very good for strengthening the immune system. Improving immunity is very important for the body. Indeed, with the immunity grows and the body's ability to resist various infections.

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