One of the most popular condiments on our table is dill. This fragrant herb has conquered many with its spicy taste and special aroma. Among other things, this seasoning captivates with its versatility. Dill can be added to a variety of dishes: meat, fish, soups, as well as canning products in the winter.

Along with excellent taste, dill has many beneficial properties. It has the most beneficial effect on the digestive system.

Dill: useful properties

Dill: useful properties

Dill became famous for its useful properties in ancient times. However, its scientific ability to have a beneficial effect on the human body has been confirmed quite recently. Studies in the laboratory showed that this plant contains many vitamins: A, C, P, B1 and B2. In addition, an impressive amount of not less important trace elements was found, such as carotene, phosphorus, folic acid, potassium, calcium and various iron salts. Dill is also rich in essential oils.

It is quite natural that a plant with such a set of useful properties can have a healing effect on the human body.

  • Eating raw dill every day helps to normalize the work of the digestive system.Its shoots are an excellent way to cleanse the stomach and intestines. Dill helps to remove fat from the body. The juice of this plant will help the body in digesting even the heaviest food.
  • In addition, this spicy grass helps to normalize blood pressure and cope with insomnia.
  • The increasing popularity is gaining dill decoction. This tool helps the body to clear slags, is an excellent expectorant, helps to increase appetite and restores the functions of the pancreas, liver and kidneys. In addition, a decoction of dill will help in the treatment of various skin diseases. With this tool you can even cure psoriasis. Broth must be wiped areas of the skin, which focus on damage or neoplasm. Also for this purpose, you can use warm compresses, which must be left on the skin for 30-40 minutes. Will help the decoction of dill and with problems with vision. With the help of the tool you can get rid of the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eyes and redness.
  • Do not forget about such an important property of dill as an antiseptic effect. The mixture prepared from young shoots of the plant will help get rid of skin inflammations and tumors. The dill gruel applied to the old wound helps to remove pus from it.
  • With success, this plant is used in cosmetology.. Here the scope of the use of dill is quite extensive. You can use the plant in the fight against freckles and age spots as a bleaching agent. Dill also helps to smooth and give freshness to the skin of the face.

Dill: contraindications

Dill: contraindications

Along with useful properties, dill has some contraindications. It is not worth to use it for people with low blood pressure. In this case, the use of spices can lead to weakness, nausea, dizziness, and even temporary loss of vision. In addition, dill is an allergen, so people who often suffer from allergies should use the plant with caution in food and as therapeutic or cosmetic products. To determine the reaction of your body to dill, you should pass a simple test. Take a little gruel from the twigs of the plant, apply to the back of the wrist and leave for 10-15 minutes. If any changes are found on the skin, dill should be stopped.

Growing dill at home

  • The next rule is mandatory watering. Especially often watering should be done during the emergence of the first young shoots, as well as when the seeds germinate. Dill is also needed in top dressing, which needs to be done about once every 2 weeks. It is recommended to nourish the soil of the plant with the help of complex mineral fertilizers.
  • The most successful temperature for growing dill is +18 degrees. However, as soon as sprouts appear (within 1 week), the temperature in the room should be lowered, opening the window.
  • The most favorable time for growing dill on the window - from May to August. During this period, the plant does not require additional lighting. You can grow spice at home at any time of the year. The only difference will be how much this plant will require attention.

Dill is an incredibly tasty and healthy plant that can help you cope with various ailments. If the spice is not contraindicated to you, feel free to grow it on the windowsill. Thus, at your disposal will be a wonderful seasoning to your favorite dishes all year round.