Complex exercises for legs and buttocks

Beautiful legs - the dream of any woman, because nothing adorns the lady as slender legs and rounded bottom. But even if nature was not generous to you, correctly selected leg exercises in the gym will help to give the body the desired curves. In addition, devices for them, if desired, can be purchased for home workouts.

The Magnificent Seven

Beautiful legs

Many ladies are unhappy with their legs and coming to the gym is associated with a cherished desire to purchase:

  • elastic hips without stretch marks;
  • relief muscles;
  • tightened buttocks;
  • beautiful gait.

All these tasks solves correctly selected set of exercises for the legs. But for this you need sports equipment. In order to work out the muscles of the legs, thighs and buttocks, it will be necessary to work on 7 simulators using dumbbells, a barbell and weights. So, in the process of training you will have to get acquainted with:

  • block frame for pumping legs and buttocks;
  • simulator for flexion-extension of the legs from the prone position, aimed at working on the thigh biceps;
  • a projectile for flexion-extension of the legs from a sitting position for the purpose of training the quadriceps;
  • a back-to-back kick machine that allows you to adjust the shape of the thigh and buttocks;
  • Smith's device that pumps the inside of the thigh;
  • platform to work on all the muscles of the legs and buttocks;
  • projectile for hyperextension, tightening the buttocks and improving posture.

Leg trainers

If you wish, you can purchase simulators for legs and buttocks for the home. It is quite expensive, besides, they occupy a lot of space in the room. Therefore, experts recommend stopping on projectiles that perform several training tasks at once, for example, Smith simulator or projectile for hyperextension.

Universal training

If you came to the gym for the first time and do not know where to start, then use our recommendations. This program, which affects all muscle groups, can be adopted and discussed with the trainer which exercises on the legs in the gym suit you more than others. An exemplary program of physical activity is as follows.

  • Swing your feet back from standing up at the block frame

Block frame

  1. We become smooth, legs at shoulder level.
  2. Lean forward, hands hold the frame.
  3. Do alternate swing feet.
  4. We perform in 2 sets 15 times.
  • Traction back from the frame
  1. We become back to the frame, between the legs we miss the amplifier.
  2. Stretch your arms, trying to straighten your back.
  3. We perform 3 sets 10 times.
  • Mahi on the simulator

Mahi on the simulator

  1. We sit on the simulator for flexion-extension of the legs while sitting.
  2. Fix the legs behind the roller.
  3. Raise and lower the legs, resting his hands on the seat.
  4. Change legs.
  5. Perform 10 repetitions in 3 sets.

  • Frame Squat
  1. We become the face of the simulator.
  2. We take in the hands of gum and pull forward, while trying to sit down.
  • Mahi (this is one of the main exercises for losing weight in the gym, as it allows you to shake all the muscles, including the calf)

  1. We lay face down on the simulator for flexing the extension of the legs from a prone position.
  2. Put the cushion on the Achilles tendon.
  3. We begin to slowly raise the legs until the angle of 90 degrees is formed in the joint.
  4. Perform 15 repetitions for 3 sets.
  • Bridge on the buttocks
  1. We lay back on the roller for the simulator for flexion-extension of the arms.
  2. The whole foot rests on the floor.
  3. We bend the body so that the bridge turned out.
  4. We carry out 10 times for 3-4 approaches.
  • Lunges with Smith Projectile
  1. We take the bar capture by the back.
  2. Omit the weight, while exposing one leg forward.
  3. Raise and return to the starting point.
  4. We perform 3 sets 10 times.
  • Bending the legs on the platform (is one of the most favorite exercises for the legs in the gym for girls, as well as pumps the press).

Bending the legs on the platform

  1. We lay down on our back, we throw our feet on the upper platform.
  2. We put our feet in a narrow rack and begin to move the support away from us to the greatest possible distance.
  3. We do 3 times in 2 approaches.
  • Smith's Squat

Smith's Squat

  1. We become between the frames.
  2. We spread legs to shoulder level.
  3. Take the barbell and slowly crouch until the angle of 90 degrees is formed in the knee joint.
  4. Perform 10 repetitions in 3 sets.
  • Bench press

Bench press

  1. We sit on Smith's simulator.
  2. With one foot we rest against the platform. The second leg on the floor.
  3. We push off from the platform, slowly return to the starting position.
  4. Repeat for the second leg.
  5. We perform 8 times in 3 sets for each leg.
  • Hyperextension, or exercises on the back muscles

Hyperextension, or exercises on the back muscles

  1. Put your feet on the platform.
  2. Hands clasp the upper part of the simulator.
  3. We start the movement to the left, then we change the direction.
  4. We do 5-6 times in 4 sets.
  • Exercise with a simulator for breeding-leg information

Exercise with a simulator for breeding-leg information

  1. Sit on the chair.
  2. The legs are wound behind the moving parts of the bike.
  3. We lean our hands behind our backs, we fold and spread our legs.
  4. Perform 15 times in 2 sets.
  • Swing back
  1. In a fly-back simulator, we fix the waist with a cable, kneel down, and wrap one foot in a special moving platform.
  2. We straighten the fixed leg, at the same time taking the simulator back.
  3. Change legs.
  4. Perform 15 repetitions in 2 sets.

Exercises for the legs in the gym not only allow limbs and buttocks to be brought into proper shape, but also have a positive effect on other muscles, in particular, the abs. If you prefer to work alone, without an instructor, then a set of exercises that involves all muscle groups will be most appropriate. And after 2-3 weeks your legs will beat everyone with their grace.

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