Cleaning lymph with licorice and enterosgel

Does your skin look bad? Do rashes, redness, food allergies appear? Do you often suffer from colds, swell, feel weakness? Most likely, your lymphatic system requires cleaning.

What is lymph and why is it needed? Lymph is a fluid of the body that removes infections and bacteria, and it should also enrich the organs and systems of the body with microelements. Its movement is carried out only with the help of muscle contractions and only from the bottom up. Therefore, people with a sedentary lifestyle are more prone to lymph contamination. Also, its outflow can be hampered by a dense state due to the lack of drinking plain water (note, not teas, soups, etc.).

Clean the lymph in hospitals, health centers and at home. Cleaning the lymph folk remedies at home, is not inferior to hospital procedures. But before starting this cleaning, you need to clean the intestines and kidneys. This is best done in the spring.

Cleansing lymph folk remedies can be done by many methods, but we consider the most common and proven.

Peeling lymph by folk methods

Licorice and enterosgel

Licorice and enterosgel

Licorice root is not only used to treat cough, but it is also an excellent lympho-stimulator. He brings all the bad substances in the stomach, and from there they need to be removed by some means and so as not to remove the beneficial. For these purposes, enterosgel is recommended. It acts so gently that after that it will not be necessary to restore the microflora of the stomach, as after other sorbents.

Step by step description of cleaning:

  1. In 1 tbsp. water body temperature (so the liquid is better absorbed) dissolve 1 tbsp. l licorice syrup and drink.
  2. After 1 h, drink warm water 1 tbsp. l enterosgelya.
  3. 2 hours can not eat.

Licorice and enterosgel

Cleaning course 2 weeks. Licorice can cause a reaction in the form of an upset stomach and redness of the skin, so check to start your body for allergies. It also lowers blood pressure. Be careful!

Activated carbon

Activated carbon

Activated carbon cleanses both the lymph and the entire body. But for a good result it is necessary to calculate the correct dosage. For every 10 kg of weight we take 1 tablet. That is, 90 kg need 9 tablets of coal every day on an empty stomach with a drink of warm water. So you need to clean the body for at least 3 weeks.

Vegetable oil

Vegetable oil

This method has long been familiar. Its convenience is that it uses a natural product, inexpensive and affordable. The procedure takes a little time, but at this time you can go about your business.

Immediately after sleep, take in the mouth under the tongue of the 1st st.l. vegetable unrefined oil. Rinse with your mouth until the oil thickens and changes its color (20 minutes). It is necessary to do this every morning for 3 weeks.

Sour fresh juice

Sour fresh juice

Fresh citrus juices contain a large amount of acid and therefore perfectly wash out the lymphatic system. This method works like this:

  • In the morning, prepare 1 liter of a mixture of grapefruit, lemon and orange juice.
  • Dilute drink 1l of water
  • Drink a mixture of 1 st every hour, until the prepared drink is over.

Lasts cleaning 3 days. Food is not accepted. And then we eat only vegetable food the first time.

Butakova method

Butakova OA - Doctor, Academician of the International Academy at the UN has developed its effective system of cleansing lymph. According to this system it is necessary:

  • 3 times a day, take the following drugs in this order: 1 tablet of licorice dissolved in warm water + 1 tbsp. coral water + after 3 hours 2 tablets of sorbent + drink 1 st. coral water
  • Also, for unloading the liver, take 3 times a day pills of artichoke, ultimate for getting vitamins, probiotics for restoring intestinal microflora, activin for removing toxic substances from the body.

Undoubtedly, cleaning of the lymph is very useful, but still consult with your doctor and observe him during the procedure. Since the first 3 days usually pass easily, and then the body begins to clear more actively and can poorly cope with the load.

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