The prevalence numbers of allergic reactions are increasing year by year. Itching, runny nose, rashes, and others. The symptoms are more and more common, forcing patients to take antihistamines. At present, their choice is wide enough, many help to effectively get rid of any manifestations of allergies.

Claritin: release forms

Claritin belongs to the latest generation of antihistamines, which are able to effectively eliminate all allergy symptoms. The components of the medication relieve itching, nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing and tearing.

Antihistamine, i.e. antiallergic, the effect is achieved by a series of pharmacological changes of the active substance in the blood. Modern pharmacy is available in several dosage forms - tablets, most often they are prescribed for adults, syrup - for children.

There are ointments and nasal drops, based on the active ingredient - loratadine, the same as in claritin. But these pharmacological forms bear other proprietary names. And if the pharmacist offers "Klaritin-ointment", it is best to refuse such a purchase - it is a fake.

Claritin: reviews

Specialists reviews about the drug

Once in the stomach, the active substance is quickly absorbed by receptor cells and with a blood stream enters the nidus, which is exposed to the negative effects of the allergen and body processes. In the outbreak accumulates lymphatic fluid, which is saturated with mast cells that carry histamine.

It is histamine that contributes to an increase in intracellular pressure, causes a spasm of the smooth muscles of the vascular bed and the sweating of the intercellular fluid into the surrounding tissues. This is how the swelling of the affected mucous membranes and skin, rash, etc.

Claritin, according to the observations of doctors, immediately blocks the production of histamine. A pronounced effect is achieved after 1 - 3 hours, and the antihistamine effect persists throughout the day.

Claritin has a prolonged, i.e. long and cumulative action. The peak of efficacy falls on the 3rd day of the drug intake, and the duration of the antiallergic action can be maintained even for a week, after completing the course and taking the last pill.

Indications for use

Claritin is recommended for people who are prone to hay fever - allergic reactions caused by pollen of trees, grasses, shrubs, etc. Since the drug does not cause drowsiness, it can be recommended for people whose lifestyle and profession requires maximum concentration. Claritin is prescribed for prolonged use, it is not able to cause addiction and dependence.

Claritin: reviews

Among the main indications for use are the following:

  1. Long flowing allergic rhinitis;
  2. Allergic conjunctivitis that may be caused by seasonal effects;
  3. Quincke's edema and bronchospasm;
  4. The drug should be used in the case of a painful and long-lasting reaction to insect bites;
  5. Contact dermatitis, including reactions that are triggered by contact with grass;
  6. Eczema and psoriasis in the active phase.

Some doctors prescribe Claritin to reduce the negative effects of antibiotics. Due to the intake of antihistamines, it is possible to reduce the toxic effect on the cells of the liver and pancreas.

Claritin helps babies prevent allergic reactions that may occur during vaccination. For this purpose, the drug must be taken the night before.

Among the huge selection of antihistamines, it is necessary to find not the most popular or suitable for the price. Choose the one that really helps to get rid of the symptoms of allergies that can seriously interfere with a full-fledged lifestyle. This requires the advice of a specialist. Remember that on the recommendation of others. People or even a pharmacist in a pharmacy can not buy these drugs!