Caucasian hellebore


Caucasian hellebore is a perennial plant of the ranunculus family with a creeping, branched and many-headed rhizome of brown color. The roots of hellebore are very poisonous and contain cardiac glycosides. Plant-based drugs are used exclusively on prescription in strict dosages.

The use of Caucasian hellebore is justified in violation of blood circulation, in chronic heart failure and severe forms of obesity. This plant is listed as endangered in the Red Book.

Caucasian hellebore: healing properties

This is a unique medicinal plant that helps cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, healing many ailments. One of the main properties of hellebore is full cleansing of the body, restoring the work of metabolism, therefore, it contributes to a significant weight loss.

According to the ancient healers, the Caucasian hellebore for healing properties is on the 2nd place after ginseng. In folk medicine, the plant is used very widely. However, if you believe modern research, hellebore should be used with caution because of its toxic composition.

Caucasian hellebore: reviews

The main healing properties of plants include:

  • Cleansing and cell renewal of the body;
  • The withdrawal of bile, slag, toxins, radioactive substances, heavy metals, etc .;
  • Normalization of mineral metabolism and metabolism;
  • Increased immunity;
  • Antiviral properties;
  • Crushing stones and removing sand from the body;
  • Getting rid of worms;
  • Improving the work of the heart and blood vessels;
  • Help with bronchopulmonary diseases;
  • Efficacy in diseases of the liver and kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, gastric and duodenal ulcers;
  • Healing of fibroids, cysts, polyps, fibroids, mastopathy, inflammation of the ovaries;
  • Treatment of gynecological diseases, chronic prostatitis, prostate adenoma, hemorrhoids;
  • Improving the state of epilepsy, melancholia, migraine and dementia;
  • Relieving headaches;
  • Relief from paralysis, joint pain;
  • Increased hair growth and reduced bleeding gums.

Caucasian hellebore: reviews

Caucasian hellebore for weight loss

Caucasian hellebore is an excellent means for losing weight, improving metabolism, preventing the onset of overweight and treating obesity. Slimming occurs due to the complete cleansing of the body from harmful substances and the restoration of water-salt balance. The plant has a strong diuretic effect, due to which, puffiness is removed, sand and salts are removed from the body, and blood circulation is also activated.

If you believe the reviews, then with the normalization of body weight with the help of a freezer, the skin does not lose elasticity, so the folds are not formed. This favorably distinguishes Caucasian hellebore against the background of other means for weight loss. During the application of the plant, it is not necessary to use additional methods of losing weight and dieting.

When taking Caucasian hellebore for weight loss is not recommended to take laxatives in the hope of quickly achieving the desired results. Otherwise, you can greatly harm your health.

Caucasian hellebore: reviews of doctors

Doctors find hellebore especially valuable plant. Having tested the tool in practice, having studied the scientific literature, many representatives of official medicine came to the conclusion that the plant is in fact not able to save those extra pounds. The secret of efficiency lies mainly in the advertising of distributors. Doctors claim that hellebore degrades intestinal absorption, which not only leads to weight loss, but also removes beneficial substances from the body.

Thus, the doctors were united in the opinion that the Caucasian hellebore does not have weight loss properties and, if it helped someone, these cases can hardly be called legitimate. In addition, to use the hellebore in any form, without consulting previously with experts, is dangerous to health.

Caucasian hellebore is a poisonous plant of the ranunculus family. Until the end, the beneficial and harmful properties of the plant have not yet been studied. Overdose or misuse can lead to negative health effects and even death.