Carrot juice


Natural carrot juice can truly be called the elixir of youth. It has a very large amount of vitamins E and A, carotene, iron, magnesium, and trace elements. Carrot juice improves digestion, vision, strengthens teeth, bones, blood vessels, nervous system, immunity, improves tone, normalizes the activity of the thyroid gland, has a positive effect on the skin, nails, hair, cleanses the body of toxins and toxins. But in order for him to help, you need to use it regularly.

The benefits of carrot juice

  • Carrot juice helps with constipation and physical exhaustion of a person, has excellent cleansing properties.
  • Due to the fact that there is a large amount of keratin in carrots, the juice of this vegetable has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-aging properties.

  • Juice can be used for insect bites, it relieves pain and discomfort, does not develop edema.
  • Carrot juice is an excellent remedy for treating kidneys and many chronic diseases.
  • In juice, a very large amount of vitamin E and beta-carotene - if this component is insufficient, a woman can develop infertility, cancerous tumors.
  • Carrot juice has the property of slowing the development of cancer cells and tumors.
  • With an acute shortage of vitamin A in the body, a person’s vision begins to fall - the so-called “night blindness”. Infectious diseases of the kidneys, bladder, oral cavity, digestive tract, eyes, mucous ducts, ear canal, diarrhea, loss of strength, slow tissue growth, poor development of teeth, kidney stones can also occur. Especially important is vitamin A for pregnant women. Replenish the supply of this vitamin carrot juice!
  • Very often, carrot juice is used in the treatment of stomach ulcers, but under the supervision of a physician, this juice can cause side effects.

  • Carrot juice promotes blood purification, removes bad breath.
  • Since the composition of carrot juice is very rich in various vitamins and trace elements, it is necessary to drink it not only adults but also children. It can be drunk both in pure form and with other juices in order to enhance the effect of recovery.

Confirmed that if you drink a glass of carrot juice every morning on an empty stomach, you can forget about vitamins in a synthetic form.

Carrot juice: contraindications

In addition to the positive properties of carrot juice, there are contraindications.. If you have a stomach ulcer, colitis or gastritis with high acidity, carrot juice should not be consumed. You can not use it with diabetes. It is generally very dangerous, but if you drink it, you should remember that it should be taken in very small doses, as it has a lot of natural sugar.

With a large use of carrot juice may appear drowsiness, headaches, fever, the skin will begin to turn yellow. If you abruptly stop drinking carrot juice, all the symptoms will disappear, but still the skin will turn yellowish due to the fact that the body is quickly cleared. The liver, kidneys and stomach simply do not cope with the natural elimination of toxins from the body, which allows slags to escape through the skin.

Carrot juice is a natural medicine for our body. As with any medicine, you need to know when to stop.. And before you start to use carrot juice, it is best to contact your doctor.

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