Canned corn


Everyone knows that corn is called the queen of the fields, and among the cereals it takes the 3rd place after wheat and rice. And it is no coincidence, because corn not only has a special taste, but also contains many useful substances.

The history of maize grains begins with 4250 BC. e. - They were the main constituent component of the diet of the ancient Mayan and Aztec peoples. In Russia, corn appeared in the XVII century, and during this time, fell in love with almost everyone. Today, a wide assortment of canned corn. It should be noted that even after canning, this amazing product does not lose its nutritional properties. What kind of benefits does maize bring to the human body? Can harm health? Let's look at these issues.

The composition of the product: nutritional value and calorie

The composition of canned corn: nutritional value and calorie

The nutritional composition of maize is surprisingly rich. Just think: the cereal contains 26 elements of the periodic table! Of course, in processing and preserving corn loses some of its beneficial properties, however, all the same, many minerals and vitamins remain in it, and the content of sodium necessary for the body grows several times.

Vitamins that canned corn contains:

  • Vitamin C - strengthens the immune system;
  • Vitamin E - improves the condition of the skin;
  • B vitamins - normalize metabolism, increase human performance.

Also, canned corn contains a large amount of minerals:

  • phosphorus;
  • zinc;
  • calcium;
  • magnesium;
  • iron;
  • manganese and others

Beneficial effects on the human body have mono - and disaccharides, which is rich in corn. And of course, it is worthwhile to dwell separately on the caloric content of maize grains, because many women who are trying to lose weight, believe that canned corn contains a large number of calories and is not suitable for a diet.

Indeed, corn is high in calories: 100 g of the product contains 67 g of carbohydrates, 10.2 g of proteins, and 4.7 g of fat. Nevertheless, it is considered a dietary product and can be safely included in the diet. The secret is simple: if you use canned corn as a side dish, that is, replace some dishes with it, the product will quite effectively promote weight loss. By the way, corn is a source of proteins and amino acids, therefore it is ideal for the diet of athletes.

What is useful canned corn?

First of all, canned corn is useful for people suffering from diabetes, because it helps to normalize blood sugar levels. Eating maize kernels also has a beneficial effect on almost all systems of vital activity, namely:

  • promotes immunity;
  • has diuretic and choleretic properties, so corn is useful for people with hypertension and increased swelling;
  • reduces cholesterol levels;
  • normalizes the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract;
  • improves the body's metabolism.

As already mentioned, canned corn can be safely included in the diet for weight loss.

Who is it contraindicated?

Who is contraindicated canned corn?

As such, the harmful properties of canned corn does not possess. However, like any other product, it has some contraindications to use.

So, maize grains are not recommended to be used in such cases:

  • if you have poor blood clotting;
  • with obesity;
  • with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
  • in case of individual intolerance.

Also, corn should not be included in the diet of people who are lightweight, because it helps reduce appetite. Small children (up to two or three years old) should not be given preserved corn. Yes, and you yourself need to skillfully include this product in the diet, because, despite the almost complete absence of fats in corn, it contains a lot of carbohydrates, and their excessive use can, as is known, adversely affect human health. In order for the product to benefit, not harm, nutrition must be properly balanced and, of course, healthy.

How to choose the right product?

Any product with valuable nutrients can be harmful to health if it is of poor quality or expired. Therefore, canned corn must be able to choose. Of course, many of us always check the expiration date. But at the date of manufacture, few people pay attention. But in vain - this is very important information. If the corn was made in the winter, and not in the early autumn or summer, then it means that the grains were not fresh, but recovered. That is, they were first dried, then soaked, boiled, and only then canned. Maybe the corn preserved in this way will not cause harm, but there will be very little benefit from it.

Also of no small importance is the bank in which the corn is preserved. It is advisable to buy the product in a glass jar, and not in a tin. So you will see the grains, you can determine if they are whole, what color they are. By the way, do not forget that an open jar can be stored no more than two days.

Be sure to ensure that products are manufactured according to GOST - this should be indicated on the bank, and does not contain GMOs and harmful food additives.

Options for canned corn

It is known that a large number of dishes can be prepared with canned corn. Many use it only for salads, but there are many recipes for both the first and second courses.

First meal:

  • corn chowder;
  • chicken wing and corn soup;
  • Mexican chicken soup with bananas and vegetables.

Second courses:

  • jellied carp with shrimp and corn;
  • canned corn burgers;
  • French fries with chicken and corn;
  • zucchini and corn ragout;
  • Mexican beef;
  • Stuffed pepper.

And, of course, we use canned corn for preparing many salads, such as "Crab", "Bean", "March 8", etc. Corn is combined with many products, so you can experiment and invent your own recipe.

As you can see, canned corn is very useful for the body. The main thing - to include it in the diet. Prepare delicious and healthy dishes and stay healthy!