Candles viburkol for children


Most consumers still have an ambiguous attitude to homeopathy: sometimes it is much easier to believe in the effectiveness of a strong antibiotic or other medication with an impressive list of adverse reactions than in the effectiveness of a drug that is considered safe and mild. Candles "Viburkol", recommended for any viral infections - from mild colds to flu, have spread among young parents who want to not harm the treatment of a child.

Is the drug really that good and has no contraindications? How to use it correctly?

Candles "Viburkol" for children: the main characteristics of the drug


The composition of "Viburkola" is completely natural and a person who is not familiar with homeopathy may be completely incomprehensible: in equal parts this includes belladonna, dulcamara, hamomilla, and plantago. The proportion of each component is 1.1 mg per candle. Pulsatilla (2.2 mg) and konkhe (4.4 mg) are present in larger quantities. An auxiliary substance that determines the consistency of the suppository is solid fat.

  • The main indications for the use of "Viburcola" in children are teething, accompanied by fever and pain, and prevention or treatment of respiratory diseases: ARVI, ORZ, etc. In this case, in the case of treatment, "Viburcol" is included in the complex therapy, since it will not give the desired effect solo.

The drug works cumulatively, because most often its use is preventive in nature. The immediate action of suppositories is short-lived, and also does not have sufficient force to relieve all the symptoms of severe viral infection. Despite the relative safety of the drug, it is important to know that if an exacerbation of the disease is noticed in the first days of the use of Viburcol, the course should be interrupted and corrected with the help of a doctor. Otherwise, the tool has no contraindications and side effects (except for the individual allergic reaction) and can be used simultaneously with any medications, as well as in pregnant women and newborns.

Instructions for use

As for the direct treatment with this drug, there are no particular difficulties, you do not even have to try to calculate the dosage: it depends on the age of the child, and for the most part only the number of suppositories allowed per day changes.

  • Children under 6 months. It is recommended to put 1 candle no more than 2 times per day during respiratory disease for treatment and 1 time per day for prevention.
  • Children older than 6 months. the frequency of use for the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections and acute respiratory infections is increased up to 6 times a day with fever (from 38 degrees) and up to 4 times a day with a less severe course of the disease. For prophylaxis and the initial stage of the disease, it is recommended to put candles on them no more than 2 times a day.
  • After the acute stage of the blowjob, it is recommended that over the next 4 days, put 1-2 candles for children older than half a year and 1 candle for children up to six months.
  • To alleviate the condition of the child during teething, “Viburkol” is used in the same way as prophylactic measures depending on age: once a day for newborns and up to 2 times a day - for babies from 6 months.

Reviews of experts about candles

the result of this drug - the result of human faith

The attitude of doctors to homeopathic remedies in general and to Viburcol suppositories in particular is highly controversial: someone claims that there is not a single really helpful component in them, and the whole result is a placebo effect, someone, on the contrary, believes that the only possible way to safe treatment.

  • In particular, Dr. Komarovsky, in reviews about the candles "Viburkol" for children (and in his article on homeopathy), says that the result of this drug is the result of the faith of the person who uses it (in this case, the parents). He explains that homeopathy is built on the principle of inoculating the body with resistance to what kills him, by acting not on the disease, but on the person himself. From the point of view of Dr. Komarovsky, this approach is not scientifically proven, and the usefulness of the therapy being carried out is controversial.
  • Some doctors explain that the "Viburkol" candles act if they are correctly recommended: i.e. will be sent to the right goal, and not just discharged as a medicine for everything. In their opinion, the effectiveness of treatment depends on the literacy of the person who makes up the therapy and determines the diagnosis.

But what almost all experts agree on is that it is impossible to recover immediately with homeopathy. And for it to work, you need to find a professional in your business, which is often not applicable to ordinary general practitioners. However, it is impossible not to notice that the candles "Viburkol" because of their natural basis in any case prove to be safer than other medicines.

What do parents say about the drug?

children are very well tolerated

Comments of young parents confirm all the words of doctors that homeopathy cannot be an instant reaction drug for severe cases and requires a long wait. On the other hand, the fact that children are very well tolerated is repeatedly emphasized, and if used for its intended purpose — not for treatment, but for prevention — it is no longer necessary to resort to “heavy artillery”.

Antonina: "Vibrucol" advised the mother-in-law when her son (1.5 g) started to cut teeth: the child gnawed on everything he could reach, including his own clothes, and constantly cried, and the temperature also kept up. I knew with my mind that this would all go away by itself, but I felt sorry for my son, so we decided to resort to drugs. Morally I was ready for the fact that 2-3 weeks would have to put up 2 candles every day so that the child's condition improved, but in fact it turned out that after the 1st candle the temperature had returned to normal. The next day, the son was less capricious, was much calmer. However, by the 4th day allergy started - a small red rash appeared on the hands, which did not disappear until the drug was discontinued.

Irina: Of the existing drugs that can be used by a child when teething, “Viburcol” ​​candles can be considered the safest, but far from the most convenient: it is much easier for a young child to drink syrup than to tolerate while the suppository is injected. The manufacturer should have thought about this, since the chemical composition is excellent and the demand for the drug will only grow. I took "Viburkol" first to alleviate the condition of my daughter during teething, then to prevent viral infection after vaccination. In the latter case, put 1 candle daily for 3 days. And when they suffered with their teeth, they had to first bring down the temperature (over 38 degrees) - they administered suppositories every 6 hours; then 2 more days were put on 1 candle to keep a normal state. Then used only when urgently needed, one-time: candles act quickly, so there is no need to take a long course.

Alyona: For the prevention of the virus during the epidemic, Viburkol has been a favorite remedy for 4 years: it protects both the little daughter (9 months) and the eldest son (5 years). Candles set for 4-5 days, 1 pc. everyday. Usually this is enough to calmly experience a further period with a maximum cold, and not with a temperature that has been the eternal companion of the son since birth. However, he, unlike his daughter, has a difficult time tolerating the process of administering a suppository: he constantly complains of pain. If you give the candle to melt in hot water, it becomes a little easier, but still unpleasant. But for the treatment of "Viburkol" we did not fit - we could not bring the temperature down, the pain could not be removed either: we again got "Nurofen" and paracetamol.

Summarizing the above, it is worth saying that homeopathy still has to be a rather controversial section in medicine, especially given the fact that modern man is used to solving problems after the fact, and not preparing for them, conducting preventive measures. Therefore, to get rid of the problem urgently (in this case, a serious condition), the "Viburcol" candles are completely useless, or they affect only a sensitive organism. But for the purpose of prevention, as well as during periods of teething in babies, this is a great helper that does not require subsequent treatment.