Calorie persimmon


Persimmon - an amazing berry, brought to us from China, kills staphylococcus and prevents aging. And for some reason, our countrymen takes only 14 place in the ranking of fruit preferences. But this berry contains a large amount of glucose and sucrose, beta - carotene, vitamin C, iron, cobalt, copper, manganese and potassium.

Calorie raw and dried persimmon

In 100 grams of this fruit only53 kcal. Not so much, but be careful with the carbohydrate content - there are as many as 17. But calorie dried fruit is 245 kcal, so that as a dietary product can only use raw persimmon. It also has excellent tonic properties, is used as a prophylactic agent for atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, urolithiasis, it cleans the blood vessels of the brain, fights anemia.

Persimmon - an excellent remedy for depression. It is enough to use one persimmon a day and your body will receive a sufficient amount of magnesium, which calms the nerves and drives off insomnia. Cautiously with persimmon should be treated by people with overweight and diabetes.

Persimmon and diet

It is not recommended to arrange long monodiets for yourself, because you will gain even more than you have lost. It is better to combine diet products and lose weight gradually, without harming the body.Persimmon is a sweet berry, which means it should be consumed separately from the rest of the food., For example, a persimmon can become a wonderful afternoon snack. After eating, do not eat persimmons in order to avoid fermentation in the stomach. It is better to combine it with cream, greens, half-sour and sour fruits, such as apples, for example, but not bananas.

Pregnancy and persimmon

The benefits of persimmon during pregnancy is obvious. Berries - a rich source of carotene, for skin, eyesight; Vitamin C, which supports immunity. Potassium maintains water balance, reduces swelling; Vitamin PP fights insomnia and stress, and magnesium is responsible for the good condition of the teeth, relieves the tone of the uterus.

Cosmetic properties of persimmon

Modern masks, creams and lotions contain persimmon extract, but can this really replace a natural product?

For your skin is better to use fresh persimmon..

For dry skin a nourishing mask will do: mix 1 tablespoon of pulp with a teaspoon of honey, egg yolk and a tablespoon of sunflower oil. 15-20 minutes - your skin is moisturized.

But for oily skin better to mix protein and a spoonful of persimmon pulp. With regular use of this mask, the pores narrow. Persimmon also helps fading skin: Mix two tablespoons of pulp with two tablespoons of milk, add a spoonful of heavy cream and leave for 20 minutes.

To cook dry skin lotion It is necessary to mix the filtered juice of one berry with half a glass of non-carbonated mineral water, plus a teaspoon of olive oil. And do not forget about the tips of the elbows - they need to be plentifully lubricated with overripe berries, then rinsed with warm water and lubricated with nourishing cream.

The right choice of persimmon

But in order to taste the beautiful fruit and help your skin and the body as a whole, you need to learn how to choose it correctly. You have a choice of 2 types of persimmon: Sharon and Kinglet. Sharon elastic orange, without green spots when ripe. Kinglet, on the contrary, persimmon is more juicy and soft. A ripe persimmon always has a shiny surface. Never take a berry with damaged skin. Well, if you want to eat not immediately, then choose strong berries so that they ripen.

Recipe for cheesecakes with persimmon

This is one of the tasty, healthy, low-calorie and nutritious dishes. You will need 800 g of persimmon, 500 g of cottage cheese, sugar and half a cup of flour. It is necessary to peel the fruit, chop it. Next, pound sugar with cottage cheese until smooth, add flour, persimmon, salt. After that, knead thoroughly. Next, make cheesecakes, you can roll in breadcrumbs, and serve the dish better with sour cream.

Enjoy your meal!