Business dress for girls. business dress for obese women


Clothing plays a big role in our lives. For a modern girl, it is important to be able to competently select your wardrobe - it depends on how you will be perceived in society. In fashion, there are many different styles of clothing: sports, casual, military, retro, glamor, business, etc. Business style will always be in trend, regardless of the era and time of year.

Business dress for women

Business dress for girls

In the business style there are many nuances and patterns that must be observed. It is based on classic clothes, discreet accessories and conservative makeup. This style is distinguished by its conciseness, functionality and comfort. He does not tolerate the demonstration of new fashion and a combination of bright colors. These elegant clothes should be an indicator of good taste, restraint and femininity.

  • You can wear a strict dress, complementing it with a jacket, a blouse with a skirt or a classic pantsuit. Blouse color may not be limited to white. Today, the classic recognized blue, beige, gray, pale pink, light brown and chocolate color. When choosing a business jacket, pay attention to the fact that it must be at least 10 cm below the waistline. Another sign of business style is the quality of the fabric, the severity of the silhouette, inconspicuous colors and perfect tailoring.
  • The predominant range of office outfits are dark (black, cherry, brown, gray, blue, olive, etc.) and light (beige, ivory, white, sand, pink, blue, herbal, etc.). As a rule, dark ones wear mainly in autumn and winter, and light ones - in summer and spring. In a business style, it is impossible to combine more than 3 colors at the same time.
  • Skirt and trousers should be exclusively straight cut. The most suitable length of the skirt - on the palm above the knee. Lovers of long skirts can afford long models, optimally - to the middle of the calf.

Business dress for girls

  • According to the rules of etiquette, regardless of the season, business style involves wearing bodysuit or neutral tights. Pants should be as comfortable as possible, have a belt and sit on the figure.
  • As for shoes, office fashion dictates wearing closed shoes with a steady heel, preferably from natural materials. Colors should be neutral, preferably black. The height of the heel is not more than 7 cm. The most optimal variant of business shoes is boat shoes.
  • Not the last role in the style of playing accessories. They are matched to the color of clothing and should not be bright, large and catchy. The classic options are a small brooch, neat earrings, pearl thread, a watch, a scarf, a strict bag and a small bracelet. Do not forget about the rules of wearing accessories. Remember that at the same time you can wear no more than 3, this number includes a wedding ring. Complementary make-up and neatly arranged hair will help to complement the business style.

Business dress for obese women

Currently, overweight women do not have big problems in choosing clothes. There are special shops that sell extremely large clothes. Business style for obese women will help not only emphasize the dignity of the figure, but also look stylish.

Large ladies look favorably in clothes of dark colors, preferably in black, dark brown and dark blue. Light colors can be added using light tops, shirts and blouses.

Choosing a suit style, pay attention to some simple rules:

Business dress for obese women

  • Pants should be straight cut, with an arrow. She visually makes legs longer and slimmer.
  • Full girls are not forbidden to wear classic dresses. One of these models should definitely be in your wardrobe. Fullness perfectly hides a sheath dress. Upstairs you can wear a neat jacket or a dark-colored jacket. This will hide the figure flaws and highlight the merits.
  • One of the most popular elements of business style is a pencil skirt. For obese women, it will be particularly relevant, because it tightens the abdomen and hips.
  • The jacket should not be too long, otherwise, you only emphasize your fullness and bulkiness. The ideal length is before the onset of the thigh, and the cut may be slightly fitted.
  • Blouses choose the type of shirt, without ruffles, bows, embroidery and jabot. It is better to get things simple cut in a thin longitudinal strip, which visually pulls the silhouette and smoothes full arms and massive shoulders. Clothing size should not be too loose.
  • Choose shoes with heels, so you add a few centimeters to height and visually lengthen the silhouette.

Business dresscode: features

Almost every company has its own rules, as well as dresscode. In some organizations, employees have strict requirements for appearance, in others they give free choice. One way or another, a woman working in a business field should know the basic rules of business dress code. They relate not only to clothing, but also to the appearance as a whole.

Business dresscode: features

The presentation of the appearance depends on the hairstyle. Business dress code dictates neat styling, no frills. Make-up should be as natural as possible, without accents, emphasizing natural beauty. You must learn to use decorative cosmetics in minimal quantities, preferring soft pastel shades. Pay attention to manicure. It should be neat, nails - not long, and lacquer - a neutral shade.

Dress code requires that elegant and discreet accessories be used. In short, they should not attract attention. On the face do not allow piercing.

Clothing is focused on a strict classic style, implying the absence of transparent fabrics, deep cleavage, shorts, mini-skirts and open shoulders.

Business style in clothes is a classic that will always be in fashion. He goes to everyone, without exception, and is valued in society. The rules of business style are not so difficult, the main thing to remember the basic principles and follow them.