Burning in the right side


Sometimes for unknown reasons, some unpleasant sensations begin to appear in the entire body of a person. With age, they become more and more, but in younger years no one is insured from them. It can be pain, cramps or tingling, at best disappearing after a while, and at worst becoming stronger and more painful. Such unpleasant symptoms include a burning sensation in the right side.

The human body for most of us remains a mystery. Therefore, in order to know how to deal with burning sensation in the right side, it is first important to get acquainted with the possible causes of its occurrence. It is equally important to be aware of the consequences of this condition that may arise if you decide to refuse to seek medical help, despite the fact that this is necessary for any painful symptoms and conditions.

Burning in the right side

Causes of burning in the right side

  • Burning in the right side may be caused by abnormalities of the internal organs. It can occur due to diseases of the liver, biliary tract, duodenum, diseases of the urogenital system and pancreas.
  • A burning sensation in the right side, localized in the lower abdomen, most often occurs due to appendicitis or female diseases.
  • Causes that can cause a burning sensation in the right hypochondrium include bowel disease, in more complex cases, hepatitis. If the burning sensation is caused by hepatitis, then after eating a meal there will be pain.
  • Diseases of the gallbladder and liver can cause a burning sensation on the right and in the upper abdomen.

In the event of a burning sensation or pain in the right side, it is necessary to consult a doctor. In most cases, they can be caused by dangerous diseases that require immediate intervention and the necessary medical procedures. Only an accurate diagnosis and the correct method of treatment can cope with such diseases.

Burning in the right side is a sign of cholecystitis

The occurrence of a burning sensation in the right side can be caused by such an unpleasant disease as cholecystitis. Its clinical manifestations are associated with pain in the right side of the aching character, which usually does not reach a high intensity. The severity and burning is its equivalent. Burning may intensify after ingestion of fried or fatty foods, carbonated and cold drinks, eggs.

Burning in the right side: causes

Constant burning, spreading throughout the area of ​​the right hypochondrium and aggravated by bending or turning the body, is already one of the main symptoms of pericholecystitis. With these diseases, vomiting can occur, and sometimes itchy skin itching. Burning sensation in the right side, referring to stoneless cholecystitis, is accompanied by fatigue, increased irritability, asthenia and general weakness.

Chronic cholecystitis is accompanied by burning in the right side, as well as heartburn, flatulence, decreased appetite, diarrhea or constipation. Usually this disease develops gradually, starting from adolescence. Its main symptom is a burning sensation in the right side, sometimes it shifts to the upper half of the abdomen and left hypochondrium. In some cases, pain gives to the heart, lumbar and subscapular region. Burning pain is usually caused by abnormal diet, hypothermia, alcohol, emotional overload, vibration or exercise. With exacerbation of the disease, except for a strong burning sensation in the right side, there is an increase in temperature and chills.

Very often, on the background of the disease, vegetative-vascular dystonia develops. Burning and painful attacks are accompanied by sleep disturbances, palpitations, weakness, sweating. If, in addition to cholecystitis, the patient is allergic, her symptoms may worsen.

Against this background, women are likely to develop premenstrual tension syndrome along with symptoms of exacerbation of chronic cholecystitis. Only a doctor, a therapist or a gastroenterologist, with a burning sensation in the right side, can make an accurate diagnosis, since the manifestations of chronic cholecystitis are very diverse, and the burning may be caused by other equally serious reasons.

How to remove a burning sensation in the right side?

In order to alleviate the condition and reduce the burning sensation in the right side, first of all, it is desirable to revise the usual diet. It is necessary to increase the number of products that reduce cholesterol and improve the flow of bile.

  • It is necessary to refuse products that contain high content of fats of animal origin: lamb, fatty fish, smoked meats, cakes, mayonnaise, cakes, pork, duck, fried foods and sausages.
  • Vegetables are best to refrain from garlic, radish, mushrooms, peas, beans, raw onions, spinach and sorrel.
  • Because of the burning of burning beverages can cause coffee, alcoholic beverages, cocoa, concentrated juices, carbonated and alcoholic beverages.

Burning in the right side: cholecystitis - diet

  • For the prevention of cholecystitis, the main disease that can cause a burning sensation in the right side, you should follow a diet for a long period of time, where the amount of fried and fatty foods is limited. It is also better to switch to frequent fractional meals and take a gradual decrease in body weight. If there is a burning sensation in the right side and other symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor, as in a state of neglect, the disease can lead to complications.

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A burning sensation in the right side can be caused by absolutely unseemly reasons, therefore, if it occurs, it is better to visit a doctor. Timely treatment to the doctor will save you from unnecessary expenses and complications. Take care of yourself and watch not only for your health, but also for the health of loved ones!