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Having bought in the pharmacy a beautiful colored box of beer yeast, it is always nice to discuss with friends the need for such an acquisition. However, it is impossible to spend the hard-earned money and at the same time at least once not doubt the benefits of the purchased product. In this regard, we decided to highlight the quivering for many women theme - "Brewer's yeast tablets: the benefits and harm."

Avitaminosis, laziness and apathy is dedicated

Brewer's yeast tablets: the benefits and harm, reviews

The clock is 7 am and it's time to get up for work, but there is no strength? It also happens that there is not even a desire to perform elementary actions, such as taking a shower and preparing breakfast. And the usual small joys do not bring an enthusiastic sensation.

Laziness and apathy can be a signal that the body simply does not have enough vitamins. In this case, it makes sense not only to drink the vitamin complex, but also to strengthen the body from the inside, paying special attention to the B vitamins. and semi-finished products.

If the nutrients in your diet are not enough, the symptoms of their deficiency will periodically bother. It is precisely such a "deprived" of vitamins that it is worthwhile for citizens to drink away a course of brewer's yeast. In addition to vitamin doping, the use of yeast complexes will help get rid of a number of problems. For example, due to the active action of amino acids, calcium and phosphorus, which are part of brewer's yeast, the following processes are established in the body:

  • Bone and muscle tissue is strengthened, especially in the thoracic spine. Due to this, the risk of developing serious heart and liver diseases is significantly reduced.
  • There is an active cell renewal and rejuvenation of the body from the inside.
  • Together with the saturation of brain cells with vitamins, the psychological component comes to normal. Nervousness is reduced, the ability to withstand stress increases, and mood improves. That is why beer yeast is recommended for women with pronounced premenstrual syndrome.
  • Chromium in the supplement normalizes the level of insulin in the blood and thus allows you to control the sugar content. This drug can be a discovery for diabetics.

beer is well absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract

  • Digestion improves, appetite and metabolism increases. Due to this, brewer's yeast tablets are recommended to drink for weight gain, while subcutaneous fat does not accumulate, and all the energy received goes into muscle mass.

It is proved that, in contrast to the usual Baker's yeast, beer is well absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract and does not cause side effects in the form of bloating, diarrhea and other bowel disorders.

In addition, yeast vitamin complexes for a long time successfully used in the treatment of low acidity of the stomach. They act as an effective stimulator of the secretory function of the stomach, due to which gastric juice begins to be intensively developed, even more so than by eating rye bread, broths and milk.

What is useful to one may be poisonous to another.

However, it is not always the brewer's yeast tablets have such positive feedback from the medical profession. So, doctors recommend forever forgetting about the existence of a similar drug to the following categories of people:

  • with individual intolerance to the components;
  • with elevated concentrations in the blood, urine and mucous membranes of opportunistic fungi of the genus Candida;
  • gout;
  • if there are stones and sand in the kidneys, as well as during treatment for cholecystitis;
  • during pregnancy and lactation.

Neglect of these recommendations can lead to a number of side effects in the form of an allergic reaction, skin rash, edema, and other unpleasant symptoms.

Consumer opinion: is it important?

Favorable reviews will be found on brewer's yeast with calcium and magnesium

Often when choosing a dietary supplement, many of us are guided by the advice and recommendations of girlfriends and acquaintances. And doctors are always skeptical about this choice, which in most cases is absolutely the right reaction. You can not buy a drop in the nose or cough medicine, based only on the dubious opinions of other consumers. Perhaps the only exception to the rule are only vitamin yeast supplements.

If you do not have the above abnormalities in the body, you do not expect the birth of a baby and do not breastfeed the newborn, it will be quite normal to listen to other people when choosing a drug. So, if you draw a parallel between the various women's forums, you can notice the following pattern:

  • Favorable reviews will be found on brewer's yeast with calcium and magnesium to strengthen hair and nails. Women say that with regular supplements, the hair becomes silky, the hair is less tangled, and the nails are much stronger.
  • Brewer's yeast with sulfur on many reviews will help acne. During the monthly course of the preparation, the skin will significantly clear, redness, peeling and itching will disappear.
  • In addition, many ladies believe that yeast supplement slows down the aging process, reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles and has a peculiar lifting effect.
  • Since the drug contains dietary fibers, it is often used for problems with feces. So, brewer's yeast began to be regularly used by people suffering from constipation and poor digestibility of nutrients.

In conclusion, it remains only to take stock. What won in today's confrontation - benefit or harm? Undoubtedly, brewer's yeast is a biological additive. And like all drugs of this type, they can not be used by everyone indiscriminately, so it is strongly recommended that you consult with your doctor before buying, and possibly also be examined. In general, brewer's yeast is extremely beneficial for the body, especially if you suffer from seasonal depression, loss of strength, or low immunity.

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