Borovaya uterus


Borovoy uteruscalled medicinal herb, which is actively used in diseases of the male and female urogenital area. In its application, the work of the sexual sphere is improved, and the grass also has a diuretic function.

The uterus of the uterus became popular recently, although it is an ancient and time-tested tool. In 2003, official medicine recognized the unique properties of the herb and approved the method of its use by regulatory and technical documentation.

Borovoy uterus: use for infertility

Characteristics of boron uterus

  1. In addition to the main name, this natural remedy also has synonyms: Ramishia is one-sided, Ortiliya is one-sided and Orthilia secunda. Grass belongs to the family Grushankov - Pyrolaceae. Traditional medicine does give many names to the plant - borovushka, mother, womb from forty diseases, female grass.
  2. Borovaya uterus is a perennial plant with creeping stems that have annual low branches. The leaves are serrate, ovate, alternate, growing on thin petioles. Small greenish flowers are hidden in a one-sided drooping brush.
  3. It is possible to find a pine forest in the coniferous dry forests of Siberia, where it sometimes kruchkuetsya whole thickets. The plant can be transplanted to the garden plot., since the uterus of the uterus is well accustomed, it is unpretentious in care and does not lose its qualities during cultivation.
  4. Gardeners are advised to choose dry and shady places for planting, preferably separately from other crops. Especially if there is frequent feeding of vegetables with chemical fertilizers, because of this, the chemical balance in the soil can change, which will disturb the composition of the boron uterus. And then the plant can only harm and not help.

Borovoy uterus when planning pregnancy

Borovoy uterus when planning pregnancy

The effectiveness of the treatment of boron uterus with infertility has long been proven. However, do not think that by drinking herbs for a week, you will immediately get rid of such a serious problem. And, of course, using the plant will not give you any guarantee that the disease will recede. If you are determined to fight the problem, then it should be understood that in this case is a psychological attitude. According to statistics, about a third of infertile women suffer from psychological infertility, that is, the whole problem lies in their head.

Of course, even girls with psychological infertility can find objective reasons why they cannot have a child - ovarian hypofunction, endometriosis, hormonal disruptions, etc. But even these symptoms do not indicate a 100% chance of illness, a great number of women become mothers with similar diagnoses.

If you manage to overcome all psychological barriers, then Borovaya uterus necessarily accelerate the onset of your pregnancy. The main thing - be patient. Someone effect is manifested immediately, and pregnancy comes pretty quickly. And someone has to drink grass in combination with other plants - sage, knotweed, red brush, fireweed, plantain and others, and sometimes it takes a long time to wait. It is worth noting that the pine womb is far from a panacea for infertility. Its composition is well studied and its use is recommended by doctors, but all very individually.

How to apply the uterine uterus with infertility?

Quite often, pregnancy does not occur because of endometriosis and endometritis, and it is the pine-forest uterus that helps cure these diseases. Infertility can also often be accompanied by myomas, fibromas and mastopathy, which may be due to hormonal imbalances.

At the same time, this grass can cause a lengthening of the cycle, therefore its not recommended for low estradiol levels. However, this inconvenience can be transferred, since the therapeutic effect of the herb does not decrease at all.

Borovoy uterus when planning pregnancy

In the treatment of infertility there is one important point. Any inflammatory disease is treated through exacerbation. This means that if you started to treat the uterus with infertility, and after a few days you noticed unpleasant symptoms and deterioration of health, then there was a high probability that you still had inflammation, but it was not felt.

  • To begin treatment with grass should be 3-4 days of the cycle from the end of menstruation. If periods are accompanied by prolonged and heavy bleeding, then take no later than the seventh day of the cycle. Ortilia drink 3 times a day in a course of 3 weeks. In the form of tincture should be consumed 40 drops, in the form of a decoction - 100 ml. After that, you need to take a break, until the next period.
  • A full course of treatment of boron uterus is six months., those. only 6 cycles. Then a break is taken for about a month, and treatment can be resumed. For the treatment of infertility, medicine is usually taken along with a winter woman or wintergreen. These herbs can be drunk as tea, brewing 1 tsp. a glass of water and use 2-3 times a day.
  • Borovoy uterus tinctureshould be done using 50-70% alcohol for three weeks. Per 100 g of grass will need a liter of alcohol. Every day, shake the tincture. It is necessary to accept in 3 weeks, and it is necessary to wring out a month later.
  • For decoction need 2 tbsp. l grass and half a liter of water, hold the mixture after boiling on low heat for about 10 minutes or in a water bath, then leave to infuse for an hour.
  • Tincture and decoction of the plant can be used for douching with discharge or erosion of the cervix, which begins with a complication of inflammation. Broth divorced in half with water, and 1 tbsp. l tincture is diluted in a liter of water.

Borovoy uterus: use for infertility

  • Despite all its merits, Borovaya uterus is a potent drug that has a high hormonal activity. Therefore, the use of grass should be very carefully and carefully, observing the dosage.

With infertility, the plant can significantly increase the chances of success of having children, but during pregnancy it is better to abandon the idea of ​​using a boron uterus, as it is not known how it can affect the fetus. It makes sense to continue to take it only when conception occurred against the background of its use, and then for the successful preservation of pregnancy, you can continue this herbal medicine.