Blood sugar

Optimal blood sugar is vital for women.. Its too high level provokes the occurrence of diabetes mellitus, and the lack of can cause frequent fainting and general weakness. In order to prevent at the early stage all possible problems caused by sharp fluctuations in the level of sugar in the blood, it is necessary to monitor it, periodically testing for sugar and know its rate for women.

A timely visit to the doctor if the blood sugar level deviates from the norm and helps the woman to avoid many health problems..

Normal blood sugar in women

The level of sugar in the blood for a woman is considered to be between 3.3 and 5.5 mmol / l. After eating, its level may increase to 7 mmol / l, therefore, blood measurement for sugar is carried out only on an empty stomach.

Normal blood sugar in women

To measure the level of sugar in the blood is used most often millimoli per liter of blood, a little less than milligrams per deciliter of blood, so you should not worry if the tests contain 33 mg / l.

According to therapists, in women, the blood sugar level is ideally 5.5 mmol / l.. This value is the upper limit of the norm, if a woman on an empty stomach donates blood in the morning. At the same time in the analysis of urine traces of sugar should not be detected.

Features of blood sugar in women

The blood sugar level of women varies quite often, depending on body weight, age and nutrition. In denser women blood sugar level is slightly higher and this is also considered normal. With the onset of menopause, jumps begin to occur, as in the reproductive age, female sex hormones help stabilize the sugar level, preventing its sudden changes.

Features of blood sugar in women

General maintaining a certain level of sugar in the blood is directly dependent on the work of the liver. If the body receives a lot of sugar, its surplus is initially deposited in the liver cells, and only after that enters the bloodstream of the body. All carbohydrates in the liver are in the form of glycogen, which, with a lack of sugar in the body begin to break down into a state of glucose, giving the body additional energy. Being in the liver, glycogen maintains between food the necessary concentration of glucose in the blood. When starch is eaten, women’s sugar levels do not noticeably change. If about 200 g of sugar is ingested in the body at a time, its level in the blood rises significantly.

With blood sugar level 8 - 10 mmol / l, it begins to be eliminated through the kidneys. Excess sugar quickly removed from the blood and does not cause any disruption to the body. With blood sugar level of 11.3 mmol / l and disruption of the pancreas in humans, there is a disease of diabetes.

How to maintain normal blood sugar in women?

So that blood sugar does not hesitate a lot, you need to keep track of the food that a woman eats. The very first factor that can help can be precisely the restriction of the consumption of sweets and foods containing large amounts of sugar in the composition. It is most important to limit the consumption of such products to pregnant women and women who have overstepped the threshold of the fiftieth anniversary during changes in hormonal levels.

Blood sugar: the norm in women

Pregnant women may experience hyperglycemia due to a change in taste preferences, but it passes without a trace for the organism of the future mother and child. But anyway do not abuse sugar.

The rate of sugar in the plasma and in the blood does not match, both does not match in venous and arterial blood.

Despite the fact that the norm of sugar in the blood of a woman is considered the interval from 3.3 to 5.5 mmol / l, its value may vary. It depends on the characteristics of the body of each woman and her age. A significant role for the normal level of sugar in the blood and plays the time of day, and diet. The reason for the change in the norm of sugar in the blood becomes a disturbance in the activity of the pancreas, which leads to a loss of the ability of the liver to retain sugar. Watch your diet, limit your sugar intake and be attentive to your health. So you can save not only health, but also your beauty.

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