Bitter chocolate


Nowadays, we are told a lot about the beneficial properties of dark chocolate. It is also called black. Eating dark chocolate began in 1519, and in the eighteenth century began to produce bars of dark chocolate. But is there really a benefit from its use or is it a trick of the manufacturer? Let's look at the benefits and harms of dark chocolate.

The benefits of dark chocolate

It is known that cocoa beans contain substances that are necessary to improve blood formation in the body. Eating dark chocolate has a positive effect on the nervous system. Bitter chocolate is a powerful antioxidant, that is, it slows down the aging process in the body. In addition, dark chocolate regulates blood pressure.

Regular consumption of black chocolate helps to treat cardiovascular diseases, stabilizes the level of cholesterol in the body, improves blood flow to the brain, reduces the risk of diabetes. It is noted that eating black chocolate can even normalize pressure in obese patients!

  • Bitter chocolate can be consumed in liquid form. Just keep in mind that approximately 45 grams of sugar will kill almost all the beneficial substances contained in a cup of liquid chocolate.
  • The ideal daily rate of bitter chocolate, which will really benefit your body - 25 grams. Black chocolate helps to fight stress and depression, improves mood.
  • Real black chocolate, in accordance with GOST, should have at least 55% of the dry residue of cocoa products and at least 33% of cocoa butter.
  • Bitter chocolate is never produced with fillings. But it can add crushed and whole nuts, raisins, puffed rice, corn, waffles, coconut. Therefore, be careful, do not buy bitter chocolate with fruit and berry fillings. This is a deliberate fake.
  • Bitter chocolate can improve the performance and endurance of the body, prevents the formation of blood clots. Dark chocolate is easily digested, so it does not cause excess weight. Do not completely eliminate from the diet of dark chocolate.
  • Real black chocolate improves memory. Chocolate contains many B, PP vitamins. Many trace elements: potassium, calcium, iron, copper, phosphorus and others!
  • Regular consumption of black chocolate forms the body's defense against various dangerous diseases. Among them - heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, cancer and others. In its effects on the body, dark chocolate resembles aspirin!
  • Bitter chocolate prevents the formation of caries, providing an antibacterial effect. Dark chocolate prevents the formation of various ulcers in the human body, helps to get rid of excess weight. Due to this factor various diets based on dark chocolate were developed.
  • The use of bitter chocolate does not cause acne.

Chocolate is a powerful aphrodisiac! Only one slab of bitter chocolate is equal, in its effect, to six tablets of Viagra! This conclusion was made by scientists who conducted tests in this area. So why absorb chemistry when there is a wonderful opportunity to increase libido in a natural, natural way?

But, oddly enough, there may be some harm from the use of bitter chocolate. What is it?

Harm of dark chocolate

You can not get involved in the excessive use of bitter chocolate. Because, in this case, there will be no benefit from it. And the harm will be expressed in the form of extra pounds.

Nutritionists claim that eating 25 grams of dark chocolate a day can be beneficial. And now from 30 - will harm.

Also, the harm from eating black chocolate can be if a person is allergic to any components of black chocolate or diabetes.

In addition, the harm from bitter chocolate can be in the case when it does not comply with GOST, when low-quality raw materials were used in its manufacturing process. This product will have a pronounced sour taste.

Buying bitter chocolate, wanting it to bring only benefits, pay attention to the price of the product. Too low - says that, most likely, it is a fake.

Thus, the direct harm to the body does not cause bitter chocolate. Just be careful when buying it, and control the amount of food eaten. If you follow these rules, bitter chocolate will bring you only benefits and health!