Bifiform baby


Our children are the most precious thing we have. That is why all the troubles that fall on the child’s share are very painfully perceived by their parents. Especially when a newborn baby is ill, who has not yet rested from the stress associated with his own birth, and who so far can not do anything for himself, just lie and cry.

Violations of the intestinal microflora is one of the most frequent problems of infants, especially if the mother has such a problem. In addition, dysbiosis can occur against the background of other diseases, and as a result of treatment with antibiotics. The drug Bifiform Baby is able to quickly and at the same time gently eliminate colic, bloating, flatulence, even in very young children. From this article, you will learn what this drug is, how to take it, what consumers think about it.

The composition and method of use of the drug

First of all, it is worth noting that Bifiform is not a drug.

First of all, it should be noted that Bifiform does not refer to drugs, but to biologically active food additives. Both children and adults can take it. This tool consists of 2 strains of probiotics useful for humans and auxiliary components - coconut and palm oil, silicon dioxide and maltodextrin. Remember, if there is intolerance of at least one of the components of Bifiform, it is prohibited to take it.

Bifiform Baby is good because it is suitable for babies with lactose intolerance. Form release means - a bottle with an oil solution, in the lid of which there are bacteria. To activate the bacteria, just click on the cover and turn on the arrow, then they fall into the oil solution. Store Bifiform in the factory, unopened packaging, you need at a temperature not higher than 25 degrees for 2 years. If the bottle is already open, it should be kept in the refrigerator, and the storage time in this case is not more than two weeks. Under no circumstances should an expired product be used. Sometimes sediment or small flakes appear in an already opened bottle - no need to be afraid of this.

In fact, such a package is very convenient both from the point of view of use and from the point of view of storage - the minimum course is for 10 receptions, and the vial contains 7 ml of money, this is just enough for ten doses. In addition, a dosing pipette is attached to the bottle, with the help of which it is very easy to draw the right amount of money.

Before each intake, the bottle with Bifiform must be shaken, and then pipetted to the mark and added to food. One reception per day is enough.

Bifiform Baby: how to give a baby?

Bifiform Baby: how to give a baby?

The drug is taken with meals. And if everything is clear with adults, then there are often questions about how to give medicine to a newborn baby, who himself cannot eat yet. The best answer to these questions about Bifiform Baby is answered by reviews for newborns.

  • Yuliya: When the doctor advised us to take Bifiform Baby, I did not immediately realize how to do it. Firstly, the medicine must be stored in the refrigerator, and I did not dare to give it to the baby cold. Secondly, over time, some particles appear in the solution, which become clogged in the pipette and do not allow to be typed normally. Thirdly, while the baby is exclusively breastfed, add to food is problematic. But over time, the answers were found on all the questions. I take the bottle out of the refrigerator and first warm it in my hand, it is small, it warms quickly. Be sure to shake it well, so that nothing poured into the pipette. And then I first drip Bifiform to the little son in the mouth and immediately immediately give the breast. By the way, the medicine helped a lot, colic was already on the second day.
  • Paula: And I do not warm the bottle in my hand, I immediately drip into the baby’s mouth. In the same place, a tiny dose, this amount and in the mouth immediately warms up, even before the baby swallows it.
  • Olga: In order not to give Baby Bifiform immediately from the refrigerator to my daughter, I take him out for half an hour to reach room temperature. And I drip into my mouth during feeding, I push my chest a bit and put a pipette there, baby, and not notice anything.

Bifiform Baby: reviews

Therefore, reviews of the drug are mostly positive.

Since Baby Bifiform is not a drug, but is a food supplement, it has almost no contraindications (except for the intolerance of its constituents), no side effects, and it is difficult to overdose. Therefore, reviews of the drug are mostly positive. However, there are also cases where the tool for various reasons did not fit.

  • Veronica: Nasdisbacteriosis appeared after otitis cured. Bifiform Bebi we recommended a pediatrician. The tool, though not cheap (a tiny bubble of 7 ml costs 500 rubles), but effective. We completely recovered in a month, that is, three vesicles are gone. But the baby is now sleeping peacefully and feeling good. Now I give her Normobact, it's a bit cheaper.
  • Varvara: The eldest son fell ill with laryngitis, and my two-month-old daughter got infected from him. There was a high fever, I had to go to the infectious disease ward, and antibiotics were prescribed. I immediately became agitated, because antibiotics for such a tiny little one mean problems with the intestinal microflora. She decided to give her something for the microflora. At first, Hilak Forte tried, but it must be diluted with water and given three times a day — the daughter refused flatly such treatment. Then in the pharmacy the pharmacist advised Bifiform Baby, I also consulted with the doctor, he gave the go-ahead. The medicine is produced in a very convenient form - you just type in a pipette and drip in your mouth, and only once a day. We drank one vial, and there were no problems with the intestines, either while taking antibiotics or after. I advise everyone!
  • Augusta: I bought Bifiform Baby to my three-month-old son (pediatrician appointed) and regretted. First, expensive. In a bottle of 10 doses, and the doctor told us to drink 14, it turns out that only four doses have to buy the second bottle, but it still costs about five hundred rubles. Thirdly, I read the composition - and there palm-nuclear oil, which is harmful, cannot be removed from the body at all! Thirdly, after a few days, some powder appeared in the bottle, which tightly clogs the pipette, to collect the required dose - this is all the nerves to spend. Well, I did not particularly notice the result, this is the fourth (although, perhaps, we just didn’t take it very little). So the more I will not make such rash purchases.

As you can see, Bifiform Baby has its advantages and disadvantages. On the other hand, what you can not do for your baby, for his health and good mood. If we talk about drug analogues, then pediatricians often suggest that parents choose either Bifiform Baby or Linex for their baby. The difference is that Linx contains 4 types of bacteria (and not 2, as in Baby Beefiform). On the other hand, Linex contains lactose, which can be a problem for lactose intolerant children. In any case, it's up to you to decide, and if you still choose Baby Bifiform, the instructions for use are your main assistant. Be healthy!