Antiviral eye drops. instructions for popular drugs for

Conjunctivitis, keratitis - common diseases of the organs of vision that cause viruses. Antiviral eye drops are widely used for their treatment. When they are appointed, who should not use them and what could be the side effects? Knowing this is important, because the eye is a thin substance, and the drops are sold without a prescription.

What are antiviral eye drops?

What antiviral eye drops are capable of

The purpose of these drugs is to reduce inflammation in viral eye lesions. They act locally. The mechanism of their impact is that they activate the immune defense and eliminate the causative agent of the disease, which is often the adenovirus. Antiviral drops contribute to the development of special proteins in the mucous membrane of the eyes - interferons. They suppress viruses and stop their growth.

If treatment with drops is started in a timely manner, after a few days the patient will feel much better, and then all the symptoms of the disease will disappear. Drops are prescribed only for inflammation of viral etiology.

A child has conjunctivitis - what medicines will help to recover?

Eyes inflame in children often. Conjunctivitis is often brought to kindergarten by sick children. Sometimes pathology develops during a cold. The safest treatment in such cases is antiviral eye drops for children based on human interferon. They boost immunity by activating the formation of antibodies to the viral pathogen.

For young patients, the following drops are most suitable:

  • Ophthalmoferon;
  • Poludan;
  • OftanIdou;
  • Aktipol;
  • Gludantan.

The instillation must be preceded by washing the eyes of the baby. For these purposes, you can take boiled water or a warm decoction of chamomile flowers.

When is it forbidden to resort to such means?

Antiviral eye drops

Viral ailments of the eye - a serious problem. Therefore, only a specialist can determine which drug to use for a particular patient. A general contraindication to the use of such agents is the individual intolerance of its active ingredients, which can provoke an allergic reaction. In addition, there are a number of other contraindications, namely:

  • low levels of white blood cells and platelets in the blood;
  • pathology of the kidneys, heart and liver;
  • mental disorders;
  • epilepsy.

Although the drops are applied externally, they can cause side effects. This apathy and drowsiness, a sudden rise in temperature, increased sweating, intense headache, fatigue, anxiety.

Eye Drops Ophthalmoferon: instructions for use for adults and children

A medicine like Ophthalmoferon belongs to interferons. He earned the most dignified reputation and is considered the most effective. Drops are allowed to use both adults and children.

The drug is available in plastic dropper bottles, their volume is 5 and 10 ml. It produces a double action - fights viruses and bacteria. In addition, Oftalmoferon has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties. It relieves pain, removes discomfort in the eye and regenerates the affected tissue.

Drops are used not only to eliminate conjunctivitis, keratitis and keratoconjunctivitis, but also for dry eyes, in order to prevent complications after ophthalmic surgery.

At the initial stage of the disease, the drug is instilled in the conjunctival sac 8 p. per day. When the patient's condition improves somewhat, such manipulations repeat 2-3 p. in a day.

Eye drops Aktipol: instructions and subtleties of use

Eye drops Aktipol: instruction

The release form of this medicine is a handy bottle with a dropper cap. The main component of Actipol is para-aminobenzoic acid. It produces antiviral, immunomodulatory and antioxidant effects and influences:

  • restores the cornea;
  • heals all sorts of eye injuries;
  • returns to normal water-salt balance;
  • relieves swelling.

Actipol is indicated for the treatment of burns, removal of eye fatigue, coronary infectious genesis, reconstruction of the cornea and retina. The drug is allowed pregnant and lactating (after consulting a doctor). It should be instilled into the conjunctival cavity 1-2 drops of 3-8 p. in one day. This is the standard layout. The exact dosage is determined by the doctor. After the onset of clinical recovery, it is necessary to continue instillation of 2 drops 3 p. per day throughout the week.

How does Poludan work?

Another popular antiviral for the eyes - Poludan. High efficiency of the drops is achieved due to the presence of polyriboruidyl and polyriboadenylic acids.

This medicine is mainly used to help adults. Its components have a strong stimulating effect on the immune system and eliminate the virus. The main difference of the described ophthalmologic agent from others is that its components very quickly penetrate into the tissue and are also promptly removed from the body.

The course of treatment with Poludan usually ranges from 7 to 10 days. If the disease is severe, the eyes bury from 7 to 8 p. per day, then the frequency of processing is reduced.

Do I need to connect the "heavy artillery" - drops with antibiotics?

antiviral therapy is enhanced using antibacterial eye drops

Antiviral drugs are enhanced with antibacterial eye drops. This is necessary if an eye infection progresses, the bacterial flora joins the viral company and the cornea and conjunctiva are affected.

Today, the most effective antibiotics used in ophthalmology are fluoroquinoline preparations with a wide spectrum of action. Babies are most often prescribed Albucidum (at the early stage of the disease), Tobradex, Fucitamiq and Maxitrol. But their independent use is unacceptable.

An adult doctor may prescribe Albucid, Tsipromed, Tobreks, Levomycetin, Vitabact.

No need to convince anyone of how important the function of the eyes. Therefore, if it was not possible to protect them from infection, then at least take care not to aggravate the condition with the wrong treatment. At the first sign of eye damage, consult an ophthalmologist. And only then with a list of appointments go to the pharmacy for drops.

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