Antibiotics for pneumonia


According to the medical definition, pneumonia is an inflammation of the lungs, which is a serious disease that requires an accurate diagnosis and treatment under the strict supervision of a physician. When the diagnosis is confirmed, hospital treatment is prescribed; in exceptional cases, pneumonia can be treated on an outpatient basis, under control and with the obligatory fulfillment of the doctor's recommendations. Antibiotics have been and remain the main remedy for the treatment of pneumonia. different spectrum of action and different groups.

Recommendations for the treatment of pneumonia with antibiotics

In order to avoid unpleasant and dangerous health effects, it is not possible to prescribe antibiotics and buy them yourself. Such drugs without a prescription can not be purchased at the pharmacy, and you should not do it. In order to choose the right complex of antibiotics, you need to be guided by a sufficiently large knowledge of antibiotic therapy and the necessary physiological health indicators. Such information may have only a doctor.

Treatment of pneumonia with antibiotics

Self-treatment of pneumonia can be the cause of complications and the loss of susceptibility by microbes, the causative agents of this disease, even to strong antibiotics.If earlier during the course of some treatment, intolerance to penicillin derivatives was established, or treatment with very strong antibiotics has been done before, then antibiotics are selected on the basis of laboratory tests and the individual characteristics of the organism.

Types of antibiotics for the treatment of pneumonia

  1. For the treatment of pneumonia, doctors usually prescribe antibiotics such as Augmentin, Amoxiclav, Amoxicillin, Ampicillin. These antibiotics belong to the penicillin series.
  2. Other commonly used antibiotics are the fluoroquinol group: Moksimak, Moxifloxacin, Levofloxacin, Avelox. But they are usually prescribed when there are bacteria already resistant to the first group of antibiotics, or for individual intolerance to penicillin.
  3. If a complication has occurred during pneumonia, macrolide or cephalosporin groups are prescribed from antibiotics. Among the macrolides, Azitrox, Hemomitsin, Azithromycin and Summamed are prescribed. From the cephalosporin group antibiotics, Axetin, Zinatsef, Zinnat, and Cefuroxime are used.

How are antibiotics prescribed for pneumonia?

  • The duration of treatment and the necessary doses of antibiotics for each are selected individually. Doctors try to prescribe antibiotics with a wide spectrum of action, after determining the sensitivity of pathogens of pneumonia to them.

How are antibiotics prescribed for pneumonia?

  • Very often, 2 types of antibiotics belonging to different exposure groups are immediately prescribed. The duration of the course of their reception is determined solely by the attending specialist, who can correctly assess the course of the disease, tests and changes in the patient's condition.
  • To improve pneumonia, in addition to antibiotics, immunomodulators such as Derinat may be prescribed. It helps reduce the likelihood of serious complications, speed recovery, enhancing immunity.
  • As soon as the acute symptoms are removed and the temperature is normalized, physiotherapy is prescribed, which is contraindicated during the development of the acute phase.

To enhance the effect of antibiotics, you can drink some herbal teas, but only after consulting a doctor.

How to drink antibiotics for pneumonia?

  • When prescribing antibiotics of the penicillin group, the course of use is 10 days. Their dose is prescribed depending on the weight of the patient. The frequency of antibiotics is 4 times a day. It is advisable to observe the same time intervals between meals, for example, after or one hour before meals.
  • Antibiotics belonging to the fluoroquinolone group are most effective for the treatment of pneumonia.. They are usually prescribed to drink for 2 weeks. Antibiotics of this group are strictly prohibited during pregnancy and in pediatrics.
  • Antibiotics belonging to the group of cephalosporins, taken 3 times during the day. The duration of application depends on the recommendations of the attending physician and the general condition in case of pneumonia, but usually it is 14 days. Such antibiotics should be taken only after a meal, while squeezing it with plenty of water.

How to drink antibiotics for pneumonia?

  • If a drug is prescribed, which is based on azithromycin, you need to drink it 10 days 1 time a day. This antibiotic can be drunk either an hour before a meal, or 2 hours after a meal.
  • If the treatment does not bring the desired results, the next time you visit the doctor, antibiotics can be replaced by another group.

Pneumonia can be triggered by a variety of pathogens, and it occurs in everyone in a certain form, but in any case, antibiotics are key in its treatment. They help to deal with this serious disease. For information on how to detect pneumonia, see the article Signs of pneumonia in adults. Remember that when pneumonia occurs, you cannot self-medicate, only a qualified doctor can prescribe the correct group of antibiotics and their required dosage. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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