Anesthetic patch


Joint pain is a common phenomenon that knocks off a normal rhythm of life and causes discomfort. Anesthetic plasters for joints help to get rid of this. Consider how they act, what are and how they should be properly used.

Are they different? When can and should such a patch be used?

Anesthetic Joint Plaster

These are common questions that are asked in each pharmacy when buying this patch. So, all pain relief patches have one main goal - to remove pain in the joints. And they are the following:

  • Anti-inflammatory. Its difference is that it eliminates not only pain, but also removes inflammation due to diclofenac;
  • Orthopedic. This group is designed to eliminate swelling, relieve pain and normalize blood circulation;
  • Warming This species is very popular, as it, due to pepper dilates blood vessels, relieves pain, but here the distracting effect of irritation plays an important role;
  • With lidocaine. It can be used as an anesthetic.

Please note that a separate group includes Chinese plasters for the joints, which are made on the basis of plant components.

You can use pain relief patches for a variety of ailments, this is because the pain in the joints occurs for a number of reasons. The main indications for use include:

  • Injuries;
  • Changes that are associated with age;
  • Inflammations;
  • Diseases of the autoimmune system;
  • Pathologies that have arisen due to genetic changes in the joints;
  • Metabolic disorders.

Most often, pain in the joints occurs due to overload, in women it can be hormonal changes.

Terms of use that will help to avoid side effects.

What is an anesthetic plaster for joints

Note that the anesthetic patch is good because it is safe and causes a minimum of negative effects, as it acts locally, as opposed to tablet preparations. Plus you will enjoy the prostate using it. So the rules are:

  • Be sure to check the integrity of the patch and not to use it if it is broken;
  • If your skin is damaged, you should not put a patch there;
  • Put the tool on the place where it hurts;
  • Be sure to look in the instructions after what time should remove the patch.

What patches are most often chosen?

One of the most popular is the Voltaren plaster, it belongs to the group of anti-inflammatory drugs, so it will help you to eliminate not only aching pain, but also relieve inflammation.

They also often buy Chinese orthopedic plaster and Chinese pepper plaster, which have proven themselves and in fact showed a positive effect. They will help you get rid of unpleasant sensations, as well as eliminate the edema that has appeared.

They also acquire the Versatis plaster, which contains lidocaine, which acts on the receptors of nerve cells and eliminates pain.

The patch for the joints of happiness is also included in the top of the best, in its composition it has a unique composition of herbs and minerals, so you can quickly forget about the pain that has just arisen.

Painkillers patches were highly appreciated, as they really help relieve joint pain, have a minimum of side effects, are easy to use. A wide range allows everyone to choose the best and suitable tool for themselves. But do not forget to get acquainted with the instructions before use.