Adult eyes peel and fester

If the eyes fester in an adult, you should react as quickly as possible, because this symptom indicates the presence in the body of an infectious pathology. Often, pus discharge occurs as a result of an inflammatory process or a dangerous infection that is rapidly progressing in the conjunctival sac. How to treat it, what to do with such a problem?

What symptoms are observed?

At the initial stage of inflammation, the disease may not be felt. Most people do not pay attention to the minor, as they believe, signs. Meanwhile, if the eyes are festering and watery in adults, there is itching, feeling of an external body, then this indicates serious problems. The discharge of pus makes the eyelids stick together, and this is especially noticeable in the morning. When the above symptoms appear, you should immediately visit an ophthalmologist. It is not necessary to self-medicate, because in order to completely get rid of the problem, you need to undergo an examination and establish an accurate diagnosis. And this can help to make only a qualified specialist. What else needs to be done if you notice such symptoms? Observe precautions and prevent contamination of the healthy eye and other people.

Why do eyes fester in adults?

Adult eyes peel and fester

When eye suppuration is necessary to undergo a series of studies and identify the root cause of the disease. The most common problem that may cause a similar phenomenon is considered to be conjunctivitis. This disease may be allergic, viral or bacterial. Suppuration occurs when bacterial conjunctivitis. In other situations, the patient feels a strong burning sensation, due to which he begins to involuntarily scratch his eyes and infect the infection. Therefore, any form of conjunctivitis may eventually develop into a bacterial one. Why are the eyes still festering in an adult? The cause of the pathology can be different types of allergies, dirt ingress when hygiene is not followed, damage to the mucous membrane, exacerbation of chronic pathologies.

How to treat pathology?

Once an experienced doctor has made the correct diagnosis, treatment should be started immediately. Otherwise, the disease will become chronic, with the result that the patient may lose his sight sharply.

When excreting pus, you can use a local antibiotic - eye drops. This drug is considered quite mild and effective. The list of side effects of such funds is minimal. Such drops as albucide and tobrex are very popular. The duration of therapy is a week, after which the antibiotic is changed to a weaker drug.

If the infection is absent, and allergy, dirt or a foreign body is to blame, then you should thoroughly wash your eyes, remove a foreign object, and eliminate the pathogen. Then make lotion to quickly relieve inflammation.

Is it possible to get rid of suppuration using popular methods?

Traditional medicine helps speed recovery. There are recipes with which you can successfully fight inflammation. So, eyes fester - what to do?


  • in case of strong suppuration, flush the organ of vision with welding. This procedure will help to see better;
  • if the effect of this event is short-lived, and the discharge appears again, you need to prepare a solution of potassium permanganate. The shade should be a pale pinkish. Rinse your eyes periodically - this solution effectively fights infection, will help to restore the sharpness of vision;


  • make compresses from calendula tincture. This tool is characterized by a strong antiseptic effect. It should be used in a highly diluted form. The result will be obvious after carrying out already 5 such procedures;

chamomile decoction

  • Prepare chamomile decoction and thoroughly rinse sore eyes. In case of severe allergies use the drug inside.

If the eyes fester in an adult, this is a characteristic feature of the inflammatory process in the body. It is important to visit the attending physician in time, complete a full course of diagnostic studies, and then take steps to get rid of the problem. Self-medication is unacceptable: due to inexperience, one can only worsen the condition, and one does not joke with sight!

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