Acetone in the urine


In the modern world, people are increasingly beginning to suffer from an unpleasant smell appearing in the urine. Few people know that this is due to a violation in the work of the human body and the fact that acetone appeared in the urine.

Most write off the unpleasant smell on food or consider that this is a normal phenomenon inherent in human physiology. But any deviation from the norm, even the appearance of an unpleasant odor requires an appeal to a doctor. It is precisely the timely testing and examination that can prevent possible adverse effects that may be caused by the causes responsible for the acetone in the urine.

Acetone in the urine in an adult

Acetone in the urine

The appearance of acetone in the urine in adults may be associated with the state after anesthesia, food poisoning, dehydration or fever.

The appearance of acetone in the urine of pregnant women is very dangerous.. Not always its appearance is associated with diabetes mellitus, until today it has not yet been established until the end of the causes of this phenomenon. Scientists are prone to the fact that this condition is associated specifically with environmental pollution, reduced immunity, the strongest psychological stress experienced by a woman before pregnancy at any age, a huge number of products, which include preservatives.

Acetone in the urine may appear due to severe toxicosis and frequent vomiting. If this is the reason, and the pregnancy is accompanied by constant vomiting, it is necessary to restore the water-salt balance in the body, drink water in small sips. If a pregnant woman feels well, then when acetone appears in the urine, you first need to just retake the analysis. Only with a positive result in the second analysis it is necessary to go through other studies to establish the cause of the appearance of acetone in the urine.

The smell of acetone in the urine: causes

Acetone in the urine during pregnancy

The appearance of the smell of acetone in the urine indicates its discharge along with it. By itself, acetone belongs to the ketone bodies produced by the human body during violations in its work. Normally, in the urine of a healthy person, the smell of acetone should be absent. The reasons for this state are a variety of factors, among which there are several main ones:

  • Diabetic ketoacitis
  • Medium or severe diabetes
  • Eclampsia
  • Stenosis of the pylorus and esophagus
  • Lack of carbohydrates, excess fat and protein in food
  • Breaking the diet
  • Stomach cancer

The most common cause of the smell of acetone in the urine is diabetes mellitus type one, as well as long-term disease of diabetes of the second type, which caused the development of absolute insulin deficiency. If patients with diabetes mellitus do not absorb the amount of digestible carbohydrates, the smell and the amount of acetone in the urine increases.

When treating without insulin, reducing the amount of carbohydrates and the usual amount of fat begins to stand out acetone. Treatment with insulin does not cause a similar phenomenon, but the prescription of drugs must be carried out by a doctor who can help eliminate such unpleasant phenomena as the smell of acetone in the urine.

The occurrence of acetone in this disease is an alarming signal, indicating a possible approach of coma. Along with a strong odor of urine, other signs are also present, for example: mental depression of the patient, smell of acetone from the mouth. This condition requires immediate hospitalization.

Acetone in the urine of a child

  1. The appearance of acetone in the urine in children belongs to the symptoms that require treatment to the pediatrician. Common causes of this phenomenon includeeating fatty foods, unbalanced or unhealthy diets. Not always the presence of acetone in the urine confirms the diagnosis of diabetes. On average, up to 12 years in children occurs the formation of the pancreas, which can also cause the appearance of acetone in the urine.
  2. The suppression of the pancreas, which causes the occurrence of acetone in the urine, is due to reasons such as a large number of vaccinations that children need to do from the moment of their birth, catarrhal diseases, antibiotics, stressful and emotional stress at home and at school, eating disorders - for school snacks, too many sweets, sodas, preservatives and sweeteners.

Acetone in the urine of a child

Due to the lack of enzymes produced in the pancreas, food is not completely digested, undergoing putrefactive processes. As a result, various fermentation products enter the blood, then the kidneys, and then they are found in the urine, therefore urine smells like acetone.

Any violation in the human body is associated with the onset and development of various painful conditions and diseases. The slightest deviation from the normal state should be alerted and forced to seek help from specialists. The appearance of the smell of acetone in the urine also belongs to the same unpleasant phenomena.

It requires the help of a physician to prevent the development of diseases preceded by the smell of acetone in the urine. But do not immediately panic much. The causes of acetone in the urine can be different, therefore, first of all, it is necessary to find out the exact diagnosis. If the presence of acetone in the urine is detected for the first time, retake the analysis. If the smell of acetone in the urine is present for a long time, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment, which you have to strictly follow, not forgetting to follow the diet and the day regimen.