3 varieties of food

"We are what we eat," or rather our health and quality of life directly depends on what kind of products we consume. In order for a person to feel fit and healthy, he must eat live food. To better understand what is live food and how it differs from the dead, we divide the main foods into 3 varieties.

3 varieties of food: learn to be healthy!

All that surrounds us is various forms of the unified energy of the sun, including man. And in order to maintain their livelihoods we need solar energy. So, there are people who eat only light, and some have enough 2-3 energy fruits a day to get enough and feel great. But, unfortunately, the food industry does not want to talk about these facts, otherwise they will lose all their income. But we'll talk more about this, but now let's get back to the products.

Products 1 grade

so to grade 1 we will assign products that grow under the rays of the sun and carry the living energy necessary for high-quality human life. itvegetables, fruits, herbs, roots, cereals, grains, seeds, legumes, nuts. All these products can rightly be called living and useful, ideal for human nutrition. And the sooner you pick a fruit or a nut after harvesting, the more energy you will receive.

Products 2 grades

2 grade - thismeat,milk, fish, eggs, honey. These products are processing, conversion of products of 1 grade. Raw foodists and vegetarians are of the opinion that it is absolutely unnecessary for a person to use them.

3 grade products

But there are also products 3 varieties, which also can be attributedmeat,milk, fish, eggs, honey, only other content. And when considering in detail the difference between the 2nd grade and the 3rd grade, it will be possible to draw certain conclusions for ourselves and decide what we can afford to eat. So, let's talk about each product in order.

Difference of products 2 grades from 3 grades

Meat home and personally caught fish(Grade 2) will differ significantly the same products, only purchased in stores (grade 3). After all, it is not known under what conditions the owner of the meat you buy was kept.

Milk and products derived from it. may be the same shape, but carry a completely different energy. So, if a cow grazes on a clean meadow, the owner loves her and cares for her, and you are offered a cup of fresh milk, then you will no doubt receive only benefit and pleasure from such a treat. This is what a product looks like, which we attribute to Class 2. Now imagine how they get the milk you buy at the supermarket. Its extraction is made by iron milking from exhausted, sick cows, which stand in stalls all their lives, feed on solid chemistry and do not see the meadows and the sun. Then this milk passes through common tubes, preservatives are added to it for long-term storage, then dried and a powder is obtained. To restore the milk to the powder, something is added again, diluted with water, it is not known what quality, they make it the necessary fat content and put it on the window called “Milk”. We will attribute such a product to the 3rd grade, since there is absolutely no solar energy in it, simply speaking it is empty.

3 varieties of food: learn to be healthy!

Next, take egg. We are now reflecting on those people who eat eggs, syroeda and vegetarians do not eat this product, they do not need it. So, imagine a chicken, freely walking on green grass, pecking grains, and living a happy life with its chosen one - the rooster. As a result of such a life, the chicken gives us eggs, a completely balanced, energetic product, which we attribute to the 2nd grade. And now we take a chicken that is grown in incubators, but yes it is grown, but does not live. It is difficult to call life such a life, because chickens are fed only with dead feed with various hormonal additives to speed up body growth, they do not walk and have never been in the sun, and the rooster for such chickens is an impossible dream. But in chickens, the laying of eggs is programmed, and now they lay eggs, completely different from eggs, 2 varieties, in which all the experiences of the chicken are laid. Such eggs we carry to the 3rd grade of products. Again, the same name, but completely different content, think about what kind of eggs you eat. Maybe you should buy eggs not at the store, but at home, and even better, if there is such an opportunity, to start your own chickens, which will please you with fresh, high-quality eggs every day?

Honey, who collected bees from flowering meadows, natural, purchased from familiar beekeepers, will be fundamentally different from the one that is diluted with water with sugar and various additives, sold in stores and from speculators.


It is very important what kind of products you use, because everything you eat becomes a part of you. And to live longer with excellent health,try whenever possible to use the most lively food, namely those that we attributed to the 1st grade. In dead products, limit yourself as much as possible or exclude them altogether. But if you still use them, choosing between 2nd and 3rd grade, of course give preference to products of the 2nd grade, better and more useful. Natural, live food - it is very tasty, and most importantly useful. If you want sweet, eat a handful of dates, instead of cake, which contains 3 types of "white death": flour, sugar and salt.

3 varieties of food: learn to be healthy!

Eating living products you will soon restore your health, change priorities and the world will shine with new colors!

We wish you smiles and unlimited happiness!

Especially forwomeninahomeoffice.com.ru- Olga

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