Turmeric - a product overseas.This spice is obtained from the root of the plant of the same name.. In India, it is very popular, it is added to almost all dishes. In the homeland of turmeric, it is considered a means of preserving youth and beauty. This spice is part of the curry, and can be used in pure form. Just do not forget about its sharpness. If you add turmeric to dishes, try not to overdo it. A large amount of seasoning can spoil the food..

You can add turmeric to meat dishes and broths, light sauces, omelets, vegetable salads. Seasoning gives dishes a beautiful color, promotes salivation and is good for the stomach..

The composition of turmeric. Treatment of turmeric in medicine

If you have never used such seasoning in cooking, or simply do not like spicy food, you can keep the spice in the house for other needs. For example,turmeric can be taken pure, as medicine. With diabetes, you need to eat a third of a teaspoon before each meal with a glass of water. But if you want to normalize the balance and cleanse the body, drink a glass of milk with honey and a pinch of turmeric for the night.

Calcium, iodine, phosphorus, vitamins B, C, K, B2, B3- helpful helpers that are found in turmeric.

Turmeric has a strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and choleretic action.. When used, turmeric increases the activity of intestinal flora and digestion.

These are not all pluses. Turmeric cleans and warms the blood, strengthens the immune system, supports the body after chronic diseases, prevents diabetes, fights obesitym. Also increases metabolism and lowers cholesterol. Drinks for weight loss based on turmeric help to gradually get rid of extra pounds without harming the body. Curcumin is also capable of one of the wonders - a yellow dye that is part of turmeric. It can slow down the reproduction of HIV.

Eat and lose weight with turmeric

Turmeric - a great salad dressing, Excellent substitute for mayonnaise. You can invent your own recipes and surprise your family and friends. Perfectly combines turmeric with dishes from legumes. You can try to cook a very beautiful and healthy dish. It takes 15 minutes.

Beans with walnuts and turmeric

Walnuts should be baked on a dry baking sheet at 180 degrees for 8 minutes. Boil a kilogram of green beans in salted water for 5 minutes, until soft. Next, rinse in cold water, let it stand on the table for a while.

The next thing you need to do is melt 2 tablespoons of butter with a small amount of vegetable over high heat. Add the beans, stir for about 5 minutes. Season with salt and turmeric, add a glass of walnuts, parsley and mix.

Drinks with turmeric for weight loss

This is the most common tea, black or green, of your choice. Just add turmeric, kibur, ginger, lemon to couscous. Combine your favorite ingredients. It will turn out not only tasty, but also with advantage for a waist. Also the product can be combined with milk or kefir.

It is worth trying this recipe: 100 grams of milk, 50 grams of water and turmeric. Mix everything and add a spoonful of honey. Such a drink can be your "morning coffee" - it will invigorate and help to become slimmer.

If you decide to lose weight using this spice, do not rely only on it. It can be combined with loads and proper nutrition. And for people with diseases of the kidneys, stomach, intestines and pregnant women taking turmeric is completely prohibited.

Now you know that turmeric can be added to various culinary dishes. It all depends on your imagination. One thing is for sure: if you want to have an Eastern party or spice up a familiar dish, you know what to do! Good luck!

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