Swine tongue


Pork tongue is considered one of the most common gourmet dishes. But not every hostess knows how to get a delicate, spicy and fragrant pig tongue. How much time to cook and how tasty to cook this product, you will learn in our article.

How to cook pork tongue until ready?

How to cook pork tongue until ready?

If you want to surprise your household or guests with culinary skills, then try cooking boiled pork tongue. And in order to get the delicious dish spicy, you can make a jellied or salad from the pork tongue. Experienced cooks and housewives prepare this by-product in different ways:

  • in the pan;
  • multicooker;
  • pan;
  • oven;
  • pressure cooker.

To make the pork tongue truly refined and fragrant, you need to know how to cook it properly. Many representatives of the fair sex, especially those who are preparing a similar product for the first time, are interested in a completely natural question - how much boil the pork tongue in time. Generally speaking, the heat treatment time of the pork tongue should be not less than 1.5 and not more than 2 hours.

Beforehand, it is necessary to remove fat from this product, because by virtue of its caloric content, the tongue is not considered a dietary meal. 100 g of boiled tongue contains 16 g of saturated fat and 2 g of carbohydrate and protein components. Let's look at the basic methods of cooking pork tongue.

Cook delicacy in the pan

How to cook pork tongues in the pan?

How to cook pork tongues in the pan? If you are cooking this pork by-product in a pan, it is better to give preference to thick-walled dishes. Already boiled water should be poured into the container and brought to boiling again, and only after that can the pig's tongue be washed out and cleaned of fat. After the water comes to a boil again, it must be salted in accordance with personal taste preferences.

In moderate mode, boil pork by-product until fully cooked. It will take about 2 hours. Readiness pork tongue can be checked with a knife. After the tongue is ready, be sure to dip it in cold water and clean the surface film.

To achieve not only the softness of the pork tongue, but also to get a ready-made savory, aromatic and delicious dish, add peeled onions and sliced ​​carrots to the broth. Pig tongue also goes well with bay leaves and pepper.

Facilitate the process of cooking with the help of multicooker

How to cook pork tongue in a slow cooker?

Practically every modern housewife in the kitchen arsenal has a multifunctional assistant - a slow cooker. Using the technical capabilities of this device, you can effortlessly cook a delicious pork tongue and serve it to the table in its pure form or add it to a cold snack.

Before you start cooking pork by-product is recommended to pickle in the garlic mixture. You can experiment and add any taste to seasonings and dried herbs.

How to cook pork tongue in a slow cooker? The cooking time of the tongue in the slow cooker depends on its capacity and model. You can also select the desired program mode. Many hostesses prefer the following programs:

  • "Multipovar";
  • "Cooking" ("First dishes");
  • "Quenching".

In contrast to the heat treatment of pork tongue in a conventional saucepan, the multicooker will allow you to halve the cooking time. At maximum power in the slow cooker, the language will boil until readiness in literally 60 minutes. It is recommended to pour washed and cleaned from the veins and other impurities of pork by-product with boiling water.

When boiling the pork tongue in a multicooker container, you can add fresh carrots and onions. Laurel leaves will give the finished product an extraordinary flavor. You can serve this dish with any vegetable garnish. Perfectly combines pork delicacy with green peas.

Cooking in a pressure cooker

How to cook pork tongue in a pressure cooker?

Another miracle assistant modern housewives in the kitchen is a pressure cooker. Thanks to her, you can significantly reduce the time boiling pork offal. How to cook pork tongue in a pressure cooker? Its cooking time is clearly impossible to determine. It depends on the type of pressure cooker, the weight of the tongue and its freshness. For example, if the by-product was part of an old pig, then the cooking time would increase significantly, and, respectively, vice versa.

It is recommended that before cooking the pork by-product in a pressure cooker, rinse it thoroughly and chop it into portions of equal size. Put shredded pork tongue into boiling water and boil it in a closed container for 15-20 minutes. Many recipes indicate exactly this cooking time per 800 g of fresh product.

Culinary tips

Before we tell you the secret culinary secrets of experienced chefs, let's dwell on the choice of pork by-product. The tongue must be fresh and bright red. It is best to choose only chilled or fresh frozen by-product. During heat treatment, the tongue will shrink by about half.

So that you can cook a pork tongue that tastes like a true delicacy, check out the culinary tips of experienced chefs:

  • pre-tongue should be thoroughly washed and slightly dried;
  • lowering the offal is better already in boiling water or pour boiling water;
  • in order to give the language refinement and piquancy, it can be marinated in garlic sauce for a period of 1.5-2 hours;
  • it is better to season the pork tongue with salt after the broth boils a second time;
  • after heat treatment, the pork by-product should be cleaned from the film;
  • to make it easier to remove the skin, you need to rinse the boiled tongue with cold water or simply immerse it in a container and hold it for 1-2 minutes in ice water;
  • so that the tongue cooks faster, try to cook it in a slow cooker or cut into portions in advance, given that when cooking it decreases in size;
  • the finished dish can be decorated with any fresh greens, especially parsley and dill;
  • perfectly combines tongue with fried or marinated mushrooms, green canned peas, fresh seasonal vegetables, lettuce leaves and potatoes;
  • You can use garlic, cheese sauce, bechamel, mustard, or canned horseradish to give the boiled tongue savor and unusual flavor.

From pork tongue you can cook a truly royal culinary masterpiece. Now you know all the subtleties and secrets of its preparation. Want to make aspic, do not forget to buy gelatin. Observing all the rules of cooking pork offal, you can easily cook the most tender, soft and fragrant meat. Enjoy your meal!