Lula kebab from lamb

The kebab is quite a bit inferior in popularity and popular love to the famous kebab. But if the kebab is tasty or not so good for everyone, then everything is much more complicated with kebabs. Can take and fall into the coals in the midst of cooking! In order not to deprive yourself of a delicious dish and not to be considered as a cultivator, the crazier, it's time to learn the secrets of cooking a real lamb kebab from lamb!

Lula kebab from lamb

Grill or grill?

Connoisseurs of oriental cuisine and barbecue masters like to say that if your kebab fell for the third time from a skewer into a bonfire, give place to a fire mate. There may be some truth in this, but only if you have fully understood the theory and have consistently followed it in practice.

Many of those whose kebabs repeatedly fell into the fire, despair and follow the path of least resistance - put skewers on the grate. This is also delicious, but it is already something else. This master contemptuously calls such a dish lamb cutlets. It's a shame, right? So let's learn.

We will also tell you how to cook kebabs in a frying pan, on a wire rack and even in an oven. But the real kebab and aerobatics of its preparation is only a brazier!

Lamb kebab: a recipe

Lamb kebab: a recipe


  • 1 kg of fresh lamb;
  • 150 g fat tail;
  • 2 onions (150 g);
  • 1 tbsp. l without a hill of salt;
  • 1/2 Art. l zira;
  • 1/2 Art. l ground black pepper;
  • 1 tbsp. l ground coriander.


  1. At the first stage, the most important thing is the choice of lamb meat. It should be fresh or, at worst, chilled. No frozen meat for lula kebab is good!Lamb kebab: a recipe
  2. Fat fat should take a third of the weight of the meat.
  3. We proceed to the main preparatory action - cutting meat. For the correct kebab meat should be chopped. Using a meat grinder gives you two big minuses at once. It deprives the kebab of delicious juice and repeatedly increases the risk that meat will fall into the fire. Therefore, let us in this case give up this invention of mankind.
  4. So, lay out the meat on a large board or stump. If the stump is not made by hand, chips can fly off of it. To avoid this, lubricate its surface with pre-grease.
  5. Take 2 heavy cleavers or 2 hatchets and start chopping meat. Keep the knives to be parallel to each other. Periodically turn the board 90º. In order to avoid sticking of fat to knives, we recommend periodically lowering the blades in hot water.Lamb kebab: a recipe
  6. Well chopped meat folds into a large container.
  7. Finely chop fat tail and add it to the meat.
  8. Stir the meat very thoroughly. This is one of the guarantees that the meat will remain on the skewer, and you can bring your kebab to the table. It is necessary to knead for a long time, until complete adhesion. In the meat are formed binding protein threads.Lamb kebab: a recipe
  9. Finely cut the onion and add it to the meat.

    Lamb kebab: a recipe
  10. In no case do not skip the onions through a meat grinder or chop the combine! In this case, the vegetable will prematurely give juice, which "will help" the meat to fall. Knead again.
  11. Add the remaining spices to the minced meat and knead it for the last time.
  12. Capacity with ready stuffing close the foil or cling film, in which we make several holes. Put it in the cold for a few hours. This is necessary to ensure that the fat, melted under the warmth of our hands, is properly frozen. At this preparatory stage is over.
  13. Starting stringing meat on skewers, place a container with hot water next to you. The optimal weight of minced meat for one skewer is 120-150 g. Moistening your hands with hot water, we take a lump of minced meat and make it well. There should not be a single crack inside or outside this coma! On the outside, it can burst, and in the inside, meat juice will accumulate. When boiling it will tear the meat, and the kebab may fall.
  14. We put a skewer into the molded meat ball. Turning the skewer with one hand, the second carefully distribute the meat throughout its length. Very well we press the edges of the meat on a skewer.meat on skewer
  15. Look at the photo. Such cracks in the meat should not be!Lamb kebab: a recipe
  16. Put the lamb kebab from the lamb on the grill and nowhere else we move. Skewer should be rotated continuously. Remove from heat as soon as the surface starts to turn red.
  17. If everything is done correctly, inside the meat and onions will give a delicious juice only after the crust grabs on top. And your kebab will turn out whole and perfectly juicy.Lamb kebab: a recipe
  18. Serve lula kebab best on pita bread. It will absorb the juice flowing from them.

Yes, kebab loves skillful hands. But most of all he loves respect for his rules. Do not rush the process, chop and knead the meat with zeal. Undertook the eastern dish - be eastern calmness, wisdom and patience! Otherwise, to cook a real lula kebab from mutton will not help any recipe.

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