Jelly for dessert

Multi-colored desserts will be a great decoration for your table. Their main advantage is that they don’t have to give up dessert for the sake of a slim figure, they are low-calorie, and the substances contained in gelatin will help excrete toxins and toxins from the body.

Jelly Oranges

The best form for such a dessert is hard to imagine. What could be more fun than these bright orange slices ?! Such a dessert will always help out with its originality.

Jelly Oranges

To do this, we stock 6 oranges, and maybe more, I think, in the process, a couple of oranges will go for sample. Gelatin (25-30g) pour immediately into a small saucepan, you can into an iron bowl, pour a glass of cold boiled water and leave for 1 hour, gelatin should swell. An hour later, the grains will blur, set on fire and heat, stirring constantly the gelatin with a spoon, otherwise it will stick to the bottom. And most importantly - do not bring to a boil, if a couple of grains are not dissolved, simply do not remove them with a spoon.

Oranges washed out and cut along into two parts. Using a knife, carefully remove the pulp from the halves, taking care not to damage the skin. From the pulp, which we took out of oranges, squeeze the juice and filter it through a sieve. Pour 200 ml of water into a clean saucepan, pour 6 tablespoons of sugar, put orange pulp and set everything on fire. After boiling, boil broth for 6 minutes and strain.

Then decoction, gelatin and orange juice mix. Fill the halves of oranges with the resulting decoction and put in the fridge until it solidifies: the jelly should tremble, but not pour out.

And now several recommendations:

  • It is convenient to fill the oranges by putting the peeled halves down on the glasses
  • to cut the frozen halves nicely, they need to be turned upside down
  • if you do not have time to cook jelly, take a dry portion in sachets
  • so that the jelly does not freeze well
  • To make the fruit inside the slices, cut them into cubes and put them in orange halves, and pour jelly on top.

Milk Coffee Jelly

We already know how to make fruit jelly, and now we offer a recipe for a more delicate dessert with an invigorating touch of coffee. To achieve beautiful even layers, you have to be patient, but this dessert is worth it.

Milk Coffee Jelly

For a puff dessert, we need to prepare a light and dark jelly. For light jelly, we take 15 g of gelatin and soak it in 100 ml of cold boiled water. We boil two glasses of milk, add three tablespoons of sugar, a little vanillin. Cool milk a little and put dissolved gelatin in it, mix it thoroughly and let cool.

For dark jelly, we also take 15 g of gelatin and soak it in 100 ml of cold boiled water, when it swells after 40 minutes, it should be poured into coffee. And we make coffee at the rate of 2 tbsp. spoons on 2 glasses of water, add 3 spoons of sugar. When the coffee is combined coffee with gelatin, stir and let cool.

Next, choose a beautiful shape and pour layers of jelly: pour a layer of light, put it in the fridge, it is slightly frozen, add a dark layer, and so several times. Then leave the jelly in the refrigerator until it hardens.

Before serving, hold the jelly form for 1-2 minutes in warm water. Then turn the form over and put the jelly on the dish.

Gelatin can be soaked in one plate for the whole dessert (not 15 g each, but 30 g per 200 ml of water at once), but the main thing is to distribute the amount of gelatin evenly so that both layers are well frozen.

Jelly is not only a bright dessert, it is also a source of valuable substances necessary for our body. Gelatin itself contains substances necessary for bones, joints, and it also has a beneficial effect on nails and hair. And if you add fruits and berries to jelly, you will provide yourself with vitamins.

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