How to make ryazhenka at home - in the oven and multicooker

A modern city dweller hardly sees the difference between ryazhenka and kefir, considering them dairy products of the same type. However, this is absolutely not the case. Kefir is obtained as a result of fermentation of milk and kefir fungi, and ryazhenka at home is fermented from warm baked milk and sour cream. How to cook it using the oven or - in a more modern version - the multi-cooker?

What is useful ryazhenka?

What is useful ryazhenka?

Ryazhenka is a product that is rich in lactic acid bacteria useful for the body’s work. It is especially needed for people who suffer from calcium deficiency. The fact is that, being a derivative of milk rich in this mineral, ryazhenka after heat treatment "enhances" its concentration.

Also this tasty dairy product perfectly satisfies hunger, helps to clean the intestines, improves the condition of blood vessels and can even become an excellent basis for face masks. And those who like to drink are aware of one more “magic” ability of fermented milk - to relieve a hangover. But to use this drink is not recommended if you suffer from gastritis or increased acidity of the stomach, as well as obesity.

What you need to cook ryazhenku home?

What you need to cook ryazhenku home?

Shop ryazhenka consists of milk and pure cultures of lactic acid organisms, that is, yeast. Homemade should contain milk and sour cream. At the same time, both products should be as fresh and fatty as possible. The higher the fat content of milk, the thicker the ryazhenka will be and the more beautiful will be its color. By the way, the real rural "natural products" are eaten with spoons, and to taste it is much richer than the modern drinking option.

And, of course, home production is different from industrial. First of all, the warmth and mood that you invest in the preparation of dairy foods. In addition, preservatives are added to the store drink, which is necessary for its long-term storage.

It is also very important set of dishes, which is used to make ryazhenka at home turned out tasty and healthy. For the preparation of hearty delicacies will need:

  • ceramic pot or earthen pot;
  • a tablespoon (preferably wooden - then, when mixed, it will not damage the ryazhenka ruddy foam);
  • glass jars for storing the finished product.

How to make ryazhenka in the oven?

How to make ryazhenka at home in the oven?

Home ryazhenka cooks quite easily. The only thing that can deprive the desire to enjoy the dairy dish is the time needed for cooking. It is about 14 hours. The classic option is considered ryazhenka at home in the oven. For a liter of product you need to take 2 times more milk.


  • milk with a high percentage of fat - 2 liters;
  • sour cream (homemade is better) - 2 tbsp. l

The amount of sour cream is taken at the rate of 1 tbsp. l for every liter of milk.


  1. In a ceramic or enamel saucepan, boil the milk, leave to simmer for 5-7 minutes. Then it will not run away during heating in the oven.
  2. Pour the milk into a pot or a ceramic pan and set in an oven preheated to 150 degrees.
  3. Milk is "heated" in the oven for 1.5-2 hours. At this time, several times it will be necessary to pierce or heat the foams formed.
  4. After heating, we get milk and cool it to 40 degrees.
  5. Gently move the foam away, add sour cream, mix thoroughly. It is important that the temperature of baked milk be neither higher (sour cream bacteria will die), nor lower: lactic acid cultures will not be able to multiply.

    How to make ryazhenka at home in the oven?
  6. We wrap up with a towel and put it in a warm place, but not near the heating devices: Hot air is not useful for the ryazhenka.
  7. After 8-11 hours we check the readiness of ryazhenka. If it is freely separated from the walls of the pot or pot in one piece, then the product is ready.How to make ryazhenka at home in the oven?
  8. Shifting ryazhenka in glass jars and send in the refrigerator. After two hours, it can be served on the table.

Cooking delicious ryazhenka in a slow cooker

How to make a tasty ryazhenka in a slow cooker?

Do you want to please your loved ones with the taste of a rustic delicacy? Make ryazhenka for them, but in the most modern way. As already mentioned, this dish is quite time consuming. But ryazhenka at home, the preparation of which you entrust the slow cooker, will require a minimum of effort from you. The product is gentle, very airy and delicious.


  • milk - 3 l;
  • sour cream - 3 tbsp. l


  1. Pour milk into the bowl of the multicooker, select the mode "Extinguishing" and set for 6 hours.
  2. Cool the baked milk to 40 degrees, mix the milk with sour cream and whisk the mass with a whisk.
  3. We set the multicooker timer for 30 minutes in the "Preheat" mode.
  4. Turn off the multicooker. After 6-8 hours, beat ryazhenka using a mixer and shift into glassware for storage.

What to feed ryazhenka?

What to feed ryazhenka?

Both adults and children love Ryazhenka for its delicious creamy color and a pleasant, sour taste. This is a very useful product that can be an excellent option for breakfast or a light dinner. In the morning it can be served with toast, scones, sandwiches or scrambled eggs. Evening ryazhenka will be perfectly combined with a piece of casserole or pancakes. It can also be sprinkled with herbs or served with a special sauce of olive oil, spices and herbs.

Culinary Tricks

Tricks cooking Ryazhenka

Ryazhenka is a wonderful dish in itself. But if you add it to the dough for pancakes or cake, it will turn out very gentle, with a stunning aroma. By the way, professional culinary specialists recommend making an omelet from eggs on ryazhenka - it will turn out to be a lush and without sour taste, which gives kefir. But, to make a delicious homemade ryazhenka, you should consider a number of nuances:

  • milk should be boiled over low heat so that whey will not form (especially if it is fatty, homemade);
  • if you like skins on ryazhenka, then in the process of cooking you can take them off, and after you mix the baked milk with sour cream, put them up - the delicacy will turn out even thicker;
  • It is also permissible to use purchased melted milk, but with fat content not less than 4%. Then, in order not to spend a lot of time preparing ryazhenka, you can pour into it special lactic acid bacteria, which are sold in pharmacies. The taste is practically no different from ryazhenka from milk with sour cream;
  • Store the finished dish in the refrigerator and not more than 3 days.

Having appreciated the taste of homemade ryazhenka, you will definitely want to make this dish a frequent guest on your table. Of course, its preparation is not a quick affair. But after all, the main part of the work for the hostess will be made by sour cream bacteria and kitchen equipment - an oven or a slow cooker! In addition, the output is a natural dairy product, with which the store will not be able to compete either in good or in taste.

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