How to fry patties

Cutlets, despite the simplicity of preparation, often become a real signature dish for one or another hostess. They can be just fried, stuffed with cheese, seasoned with greens and special spices. Unfortunately, novice chefs do not always cope with their frying. Like any other dish, cooking meatballs has its own secrets.

How to fry meatballs?

Most often, the patties are fried in a pan, although there are recipes for cooking this dish in the oven.

Much depends on the quality of minced meat. Of course, you can buy it in the store, but many people prefer to twist the meat on their own. So you will be sure of the quality of the finished dish.

You can fry meatballs from one type of meat or from a mixture of minced meat. A great combination - pork and beef. Such burgers will not be very fat, but, on the contrary, will be juicy. They are also fried from chicken and turkey minced meat.

The taste of meatballs depends on the spices. Vfarsh can add green onions, dill and other herbs. As for spices, there are seasonings, emphasizing the taste of a particular type of minced meat. It is recommended to add tarragon (tarragon) to chicken meat patties. As a result, the finished dish has a very refined taste, reminiscent of the aromas of French cuisine.

How to fry meatballs?

Juicy scramblers from minced meat

Usually additional ingredients are added to the mincemeat so that the burgers turn out juicy and do not fall apart. Most often it is bread, raw potatoes, beaten egg. Crush is better to take a stale white. It is cut into medium pieces and poured with small amounts of milk to soften it. The amount of bread depends on how much stuffing. Usually 600 gr. meat take about 1-2 slices.

After the bread is softened, it is passed through a meat grinder and mixed with minced meat. In the same mixture add 1 potato, which is also crushed almost to the state of mashed potatoes. Some housewives add minced egg or whipped protein for fluffiness.

Another secret to tasty meatballs is the special use of onions. Most often, it is simply ground in a meat grinder and mixed with minced meat. Use onions can be different. To do this, add 1/3 of the raw, and the rest finely chop and fry until golden brown in vegetable oil. Fried onions will give the dish a savory taste.

If you have a little stuffing, and cutlets need to fry a lot, then use one of the tricks used in dining rooms. Some cooks add finely chopped cabbage to cutlets for economy. Its quantity can vary, but approximately makes 1/3 of the weight of minced meat.

Traditional recipe for meatballs

How to fry meatballs?


  • Stuffing 600 gr.
  • Bow 1 pc.
  • White stale bread 100 gr.
  • Milk 150 ml.
  • Salt 0.5 tsp.
  • Egg 1 pc.
  • Pepper to taste
  • Flour to taste


  1. Cook the minced meat: soak the bread in milk. Pass through a meat grinder. Crush the onion. Add some of the onion to the mince, another - fry on a small amount of butter. Add fried onion and raw egg to the mixture. Salt and pepper, mix thoroughly.
  2. After you have prepared the mince, you need to form the patties. The mixture should not be very liquid. If the cutlets crawl when molded, place the stuffing for 1-2 hours in the fridge. It swells and becomes less liquid.
  3. Sprinkle a chopping board with a small amount of flour or crushed rusks. Form the cutlets with your hands, slightly beating them with your palms (they will be more lush). Roll them in bread crumbs or flour. Set aside. Continue to form cutlets, after putting the pan with oil on the fire.
  4. Put the patties on the pan and fry on all sides for 10-15 minutes. Check the readiness for the selection of clear juice.

How many fry patties?

Like any meat dish, cutlets can not be overcooked and kept for a long time on the stove. It is very important to follow the rule that also applies when cooking kebabs - try not to overdry the dish. Therefore, the issue of cooking time is as important as the quality of minced meat.

Often in recipes you can see the allowance - fry until ready. Indeed, the exact cooking time for different types of meatballs can be different. It depends on what kind of meat you used and what additional ingredients were added to the stuffing.

How to fry meatballs?

Readiness can be determined in a fairly simple way. After you have fried the cutlets on all sides, pierce one of them with a fork or cut them in the center with a knife. The finished dish inside should be juicy and give off a light-colored liquid. If the juice is pinkish, then it is better to hold them a little more on the stove.

Usually medium-sized patties reach readiness in 15-20 minutes. However, some varieties of this dish can fry much faster. Mostly in less time, white chicken, turkey meat and minced fish cutlets are ready. Their readiness is also determined by the color and secretion of clear juice.

Features cooking frozen cutlets

In the shops you can often meet ready-made frozen patties. Such semi-finished products need to fry on a certain principle. Before you break into the preparation of frozen meatballs, they should not be thawed. When frying in melted form, they eventually just fall apart. In addition, it will take you a lot of time to defrost.

Frozen meatballs roast for 10-15 minutes longer than usual. To prepare the required optimum temperature.

Put the pan on a medium heat and pour some oil into it. When it warms up, and the bubbles "will hiss", put the patties. Fry them on medium heat until golden brown on one side and turn them over. It usually takes 5-7 minutes. Then reduce the heat, making it minimal, and continue frying until the lower part also becomes golden. The second side is fried in a pan for about 10-15 minutes.

In this way, it is possible to cook not only store frozen semi-finished products, but also self-made pre-cooked and frozen burgers.

Kiev-style cooking machines

How to fry meatballs?

Chicken Kiev cutlets are considered a real restaurant dish. Indeed, they are very refined. It is believed that for the first time these burgers were cooked in one of the merchant clubs. Then they became so popular that they moved to the menu not only Russian and Ukrainian restaurants, but also to French and American restaurants.

Chicken Kiev cutlets are made from chicken breast. Meat bounces, and a piece of frozen butter mixed with greens is wrapped in it. As a result, the cutlet turns out to be very juicy - when cut, fragrant oil with juice flows out of it.

Unfortunately, for the first time, the Kiev cutlets may not work out due to improper frying. Often, the oil melts and flows into the pan, and the meat does not hold the form. Therefore, it is very important to understand how to fry chicken Kiev cakes. When cooking meatballs should be very well breaded. To do this, lay out cold butter and greens on chicken meat, wrap the billet and put it in the freezer for 5-7 minutes. After that, breading is prepared - beaten egg and ground crackers in a separate container. Frozen cutlet dipped in an egg, and then roll in breading. After that, it can again be placed in the freezer. Then, the Kiev cutlet is again dipped in the egg and crackers several times.

Fry the formed dish also in a certain way. Oil should be enough. Then the crust will turn out crispy. Some housewives use to make fryer. It can be replaced by a small saucepan in which the vegetable oil is poured so that its level is 3-4 cm.

Chicken Kiev cutlets are fried over medium heat until golden brown, then turned over and lowered. Do this so that they are fried. Because of the thick layer of breading and the use of fillets instead of minced meat patties roast about 20-30 minutes.

How to fry meatballs? First of all, control the level of fire. It should be average. With such frying, you will get a golden crust on the outside and a juicy middle. Too much fire can dry patties. Another frying rule is to adjust the amount of oil. If the patties are made from very fatty mince, then its amount is better to reduce. These two basic principles of frying will help you to prepare a hearty meal in just 20 minutes!

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